Let’s Interview: Breath of the Wild YouTuber Mety333

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Let’s Interview: Breath of the Wild YouTuber Mety333

With over 168,000 subscribers and 50+K views per video, Mety333 is a familiar name in the Breath of the Wild community. Known for his videos on glitches and tricks, he’s done all sorts of crazy things in game. He’s boarded Divine Beasts early, being one of the first people to reach Vah Medoh outside of its battle with a flying machine. He’s flew across Hyrule with mine carts and Bokoblin bounces, having mastered the air as much as the ground.

And with his Four Links series and other story videos, he’s shown a creative side. So much so in fact, he’s taking on a game development project of his own, with a title called Heavenland that aims to be its own Zelda esque experience under an original IP.

So today, we’re gonna talk to him and see just what goes into running such a successful channel. Or at least we will, right after we get a bit of personal background for ol’ Mety here.

Who are you Mety? Who are you in real life anyway? What’s your personal background here anyway?

I am a gamer who is motivated by epic ideas. I have been independent in the field of technology ever since i remember myself. From android apps to website design, graphic design and computers knowledge.

And how did you get into playing video games anyway? Were Mega Man or the Legend of Zelda the first series you played games from?

Ever since I was born my big brother worked in a Video Game store so by the time i was 2 years old I already started playing Game Boy; Tetris, Super Mario Land, Ninja Turtles. I basically had unlimited access to video games across all platforms until the Playstation 1 Era.

I believe I played Mega Man X & Zelda A Link to the Past at the same period time of my life. When I got my Super Nintendo. They were both very dear to me as epic adventures.

Onto Mega Man now. You seem to run a site called Mega Man Ayla. How did that start up? What made you decide to open a site based on the series?

Mega Man Ayla, Mety’s Mega Man website

MegaManAyla is one of my childhood projects when I was 14 years old. When I finally had access to internet at 2002 I saw a potential to create something and show it to the world. I visited many fan websites of Megaman X and Zelda so I thought why not make my own and learn from it HTML, graphics and the sorts. I always loved self teaching.

The reason I chose Megaman over Zelda is because there were many Mega Man games being released than Zelda so there were more active news and games to cover.

Heck, what’s the status of the site anyway? The news page says it’s ‘still alive’ but the actual site itself seems to be missing a lot of pages and what not…

So I had MegaManAyla online for 3 years from 2002-2005. Then in 2009 I thought about resurrecting it since the Megaman series was still alive and kicking.

It’s been online ever since and even though I don’t update the website there are MANY MANY guides, info, media and cool stuff on there related to Megaman.

Besides, how many websites do you know that has a secret page? (Click on the MegaManAyla logo on the banner (;

Either way, it seems your YouTube channel is now a bit more famous than the website. Why did you decide to start it?

I have been writing a story that I wanted to make as a video game and I wanted to create a big community of people who would be interested and appreciate what I want to create. Gamers who want to play a game created by a Gamer who played all the gems in the history of video games.

Where did the name come from? What does Mety333 actually mean?

Mety is a random keyboard press nickname i gave myself when i first got access to the internet. I used it for online games and forums back in the day. Mety sounds cute and catchy xD

The numbers were random but they have meaning…and one day i’ll know them.

Said channel seems to be much more heavily based on Zelda Breath of the Wild than Mega Man. What encouraged you to make that shift?

A month after playing Zelda Breath of the Wild NONSTOP I saw videos of people doing random stuff in the game and it looked really fun to post videos of pure gameplay without voice commentary or overly editing a video.

How about the idea of trying random things in the game in general? Because most of your more popular videos seem to be based on premises like “What if I try and board this Divine Beast early?” or what not.

YouTube player

When I play a video game I always try things. I mess with the game mechanics, I try to connect them with themselves or with world objects and the sorts. Even pressing random buttons or noticing when you change a character state, what each button or action does at that exact situation.

So how do you decide what exactly to make a video about? Breath of the Wild has a lot of possibilities for glitches and sequence breaking after all…

To find a video idea I simply start playing the game. This game has a certain magic where things happen and then you ask yourself a question: What if…?

This kind of thinking on top of the physics and the many game mechanics in the game really makes up a ton amount of possibilities. Of course some of my videos are known glitches found by many players around the world and especially the glitch hunters community & random pro japanese players! Quite a few videos of mine were Viewers’ ideas or requests.

And are there any ideas you had that didn’t pan out? Like, just weren’t interesting enough to record?

Yeah many. I don’t cover every glitch or every new finding in the game. Only if I can create a fun scene for it in my head I record it and make fun of it in the most epic way I can.

What about your favourite videos? What Breath of the Wild findings did you think turned out to be the most interesting?

Basically every episode of my Zelda Series called Four Links Adventures. (I watched the Epilogue more than 100 times!)

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My most interesting finding was taking the flying machine to the top of the world. I stumbled upon it on by 2 players who discovered it but none of them went UPWARDS WITH IT! I tried it right away and then paraglided the whole map which ended up being a viral video that sparked my passion into doing more epic stuff like that on videos.

And of course that relatively new glitch of sky surfing aka bullet time bounce… probably the coolest thing you can do in a video game!
(which is funny because shield surfing by itself took that award when the game came out)

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Any future plans here? Like say, for things in Breath of the Wild you want to test, but haven’t got around to doing yet?

My main project is my video game project Heavenland 2nd. I cannot wait to show the gameplay demo for it!

Regarding Breath of the Wild, when the game got released I had a list that kept growing and growing with question and stuff I thought of doing in the game. I was actually able to upload a video everyday but today that list is getting shorter and shorter.

One idea that can of course be endless is continuing my Zelda Series: Four Links Adventures which takes quite a while to play it, edit it, come up with the story and all the scenes.

I should be releasing the long awaited Prologue 3rd very soon!

Either way, how does it feel knowing 160,000 people subscribed to your channel because of your videos? Did you ever expect to get so much of a following?

A month before my first viral video of paragliding the whole map I could only fathom about having such a big loving community which grew rapidly pretty much in an instant.

The comment section in all my videos always showed me how much people can show love when they like a person through his creations.

I feel humbled and blessed to have such a big following and I cannot wait to show them the next epic thing!

Have you considered trying to make money off that popularity? Maybe opening a Patreon or monetising your channel?

I did end up opening a Patreon which mixes support for my channel and even more so my video game project; Heavenland 2nd. My channel is monetized and that allows me to make giveaways & contests with my viewers and even fund development for my video game project.

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As you probably know, there are two Breath of the Wild DLC packs coming soon. Are you planning to try them out?

We need a 3rd one for Multiplayer heh

Zelda Breath of the Wild Multiplayer 2

Bet Mety wishes this mod was real…

So a video about the Trial of the Sword or Gold Lynels could be coming soon?

It was not fun enough to be awarded a video unfortunately.

However, what about after Zelda? Because as good as Breath of the Wild is, it won’t be the most popular game forever. Have you found other Nintendo games you want to start making videos about?

Zelda Breath of the Wild has a certain charm to it that translate amazingly into video as pure gameplay. I have trouble replicating it in other games because rarely you have a game that lets you create your own adventure without any type of objectives. At least not with the charm and the amazing character control BotW poses.

What about Super Mario Odyssey? That seems to be going for an open world structure as well (to a degree)?

I loved it and did a few video on it as well as an endless livestream. I always prefer open ended games rather than linear routes and I hope they keep Mario that way. Just have multiplayer on it again ala Super Mario 3D World, that was a blast to play with friends.

Do you think you might make more Mega Man videos too? Like, if Capcom actually announced a new game in the series?

Mega Man 11 was really fun even though i did not make much big deal off of it.
I just wait for the day I see a new Mega Man X9 game… then you’ll see my geeky side of excitement even more.

And do you have any plans for other types of videos? Like Let’s Play videos, editorial videos, podcasts, etc?

I did have a few chances to collab with other youtubers but some ideas did not end up happening. (2 player hyrule race with nesis)
Regarding video content, I always try to come up with different approaches or something that is different from what others are doing.
The idea of me putting MEME like text on my videos to give a voice for me & Link’s thoughts came from the fact I always loved writing, MEMEs and taking the situation on screen to a silly context all together.

Finally, what advice would you give anyone wanting to setup a successful YouTube channel?

Find your niche, your style;
deliver your personality and fun into the videos you create;
upload a video every day;
reply to EVERY comment on your channel!

At the end of the day…
All you have to do is what you love, and the people who share that love with you will find you.

Well, that’s one way of saying it. You definitely need to be passionate about your channel’s topic to succeed on YouTube.

But we can’t agree that’s all you need to succeed on the platform. It’s a start sure, but it’s only one factor of many, albeit a fairly important one.

No, you also need luck, skill and timing too. Luck for getting your work in front of the right people, and finding that initial fanbase who’ll promote you till the cows come home. Skill, in that only someone who knows what they’re doing will succeed online. And timing because… well being relevant and posting on a regular schedule are both things that’ll greatly help you out in the eyes of the algorithm. It’s like real life really. Passion helps a lot, but being good at something and knowing how to market it helps even more.

So find your passion, get good at it and learn how to market it. That’s where success comes from, and that’s how you become a YouTube sensation too.

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