Pokemon X and Y ‘Pokemon Editor’ Released, Hacking Draws Ever Closer

Pokemon X and Y ‘Pokemon Editor’ Released, Hacking Draws Ever Closer

Just a few days ago on Gaming Reinvented, we wrote an article about how Pokemon X and Y hacking wasn’t too far off due to the format of the Pokemon files being dissassembled and documentation now being available online to tell you what things to change to edit a Pokemon’s attributes.

However, now it seems the same community has gone even further, and released a basic tool to edit Pokemon files for Pokemon X and Y!  Find out more in the full article!

Here’s the basic editor for PKX files.  Released by an individual called codemonkey85 on GBAtemp, it lets you edit a whole bunch of basic things about a Pokemon X and Y creature by editing its files, like its IVs, EVs, experience, level, Pokedex ID and more.

PKX Editor

You can then apparently intercept the data sent from the 3DS and the PC to insert the custom code generated via the above, and hence get the edited Pokemon sent to Pokemon X and Y.

All in all, it looks like the days of no hacked Pokemon in the series are coming to an end, and that sometime in the next few days or weeks we should start seeing some actual hacked Pokemon ‘transferred’ in generation 6.   Still, at least we might get to see what the three hidden event legendaries look like thanks to the tools being able to edit the National Pokedex ID.

What do you think?  Does this news worry you?  Will hacked Pokemon soon become as common in generation 6 as they were before, especially when people figure out how to hack other things like stats and abilities?