Enter the Spring Cross Community Tournament

Want to enter our Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament next Saturday? Just fill out the form below, and you’ll be all ready to go!

Enter the Spring Cross Community Tournament

  • Enter your Discord username here (with ID)
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  • Enter an email we can contact you with if Discord doesn't work

In case you forgot, here’s a list of the communities participating in the tournament:

Plus a list of rules for the tournament:

  • Mode: 150cc Grand Prix
  • Teams: No Teams
  • Items: Normal Items
  • CPU: Normal CPU
  • Vehicles: All Vehicles
  • Smart Steering: Allowed
  • Active: Fixed Period
  • Start Date: 20th March 2021
  • Start Time: 8pm (20:00) GMT
  • End Date: (see start date)
  • End Time: 23:30 GMT
  • Races: 32

If you need more info than this, you can see it in the news article here.

Good luck everyone!