Become Staff!

Here at Nintendo 3DS Daily we’re always looking for new members of staff to write for the site on a regular basis given how quickly news gets released, so do you think you’re up to the task?  If you think you are, here are the requirements to become a staff member here:

  1. A decent level of writing skill.  Now, you don’t have to be amazing writer to become staff here (it is a fan site after all), but what we do want is someone who can actually spell most of their words correctly, make as few grammar mistakes as possible and doesn’t write in either text speak or overly broken English.  This shouldn’t be a difficult requirement to meet.
  2. An interest or passion in Nintendo.  This is because many of our non news articles are incredibly indepth (like the Mario or Nintendo trivia ones) and only the most die hard Nintendo fan is able to write something of that caliber.
  3. Dedication and willingness to submit work on at least a weekly basis.  See that name?  Visitors at Nintendo 3DS Daily expect at least one new article (by any member of staff) per day, so any writers here should be willing to contribute a significant amount towards that basic target.  If you’re going to write two or three pieces and then stop, please don’t apply.
  4. A sense of ethics.  We like our content to be original to the site and not just stolen from whatever random source you can find like is the case on all too many video game news sites.  No plagiarism is tolerated here.

That’s all there is in terms of staff requirements.  Still want to apply to be a writer at Nintendo 3DS Daily?  If so, fill out the form linked below with the subject as ‘staff writer application’ and a sample of your work in the main comment area.  If you’re accepted, we’ll contact you by e-mail and tell you where to go from there.

Good luck!

Click here to apply to be staff at Nintendo 3DS Daily

Nintendo 3DS Daily Staff FAQ

What Benefits are there to becoming a writer or member of staff at Nintendo 3DS Daily?

Some of the benefits of writing for the site are the following:

  1. Your work will be on the front page of both a popular Nintendo news site and an active forum community dedicated to discussing Nintendo’s games and consoles.  This means it will likely be read by a good few thousand people and be highly ranked in search engines.
  2. You can also link back to your website (regardless of whether it’s a personal or business site) at the end of your article or in the header, and this link will be set to ‘dofollow’.  Not that you should be taking this role for SEO purposes, but it could be a good way to get your work seen by more people and your name out there.
  3. If any are sent to us and they’re relevant to a piece you’re working on, we will send you any review copies or download codes for free eShop games that are needed for your articles.
  4. A special usergroup, title and other benefits over at Nintendo 3DS Community (the official forums for the site)

Does this mean additional powers at the Nintendo 3DS Community forums?

No, Nintendo 3DS Daily and Nintendo 3DS Community have seperate teams of staff. You will get to be part of a staff writer usergroup and get a custom title as well as access to some staff only sections, it’s just that we’ve got enough moderators already and don’t need another few.

Are any staff here paid?

No, all staff roles at Nintendo 3DS Daily (and Nintendo 3DS Community) are volunteer roles and are not paid.  Maybe that will change if the site gets popular enough, who knows.

Do I get review copies or marketing material from companies?

At this point in time it’s rare, but we do sometimes get offers of free review copies from companies and download codes for eShop games to be used for review purposes.  As for marketing materials and contact from video game developers and publishing companies, we get that all the time.

So yes, we do get some stuff sent to us from companies and individuals in the industry.  And yes, Nintendo’s own marketing companies and groups send work and (likely) monitor the site too.

What other roles are you hiring for?

If you don’t want to be a writer, we’re also hiring for the following:

  1. Graphics designer.  If you know how to design new logos or icons, then you’re just the type of person we’re looking for here. 
  2. Social Media manager.  This is to run the official Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages for Nintendo 3DS Daily and Community.  If you want to apply for this, make sure that you have some experience in marketing websites on social networking sites as well as making videos on Youtube.
  3. Programmer/coder.  New features are always needed here, and someone who can master the technical side of this website would be very much appreciated.

Those are all the roles we’re looking to hire people for, so think about applying if you’ve