Become Staff!

Edit: This page is now obsolete. Gaming Reinvented now uses a simple membership system where anyone who registers an account can post content on the site.

So if you want to write for Gaming Reinvented, do not contact us via the contact form. Instead, click this link to register an account and start posting whenever you feel like it!

But why should you register an account? What benefits are there here?

Well, the following really:

  1. Firstly, your work will be featured on the home page of our site, which gets a significant amount of visitors everyday.
  2. It will also be posted to the Gaming Latest forums for members to comment on.
  3. Be automatically sent to Google News and Apple News for others to read
  4. As well as automatically get posted on sites like Twitter and Facebook under our account name.

You will also be in with a chance of winning any site related contests over at Gaming Latest too. These happen at least a couple of times a year, with prizes ranging from Steam codes to hundreds of dollars in cash.

However, I understand you may a few questions. In that case, here’s a handy FAQ about the benefits of writing for the site…


Does this mean extra powers at Gaming Latest

No, the forums there have a different staff team.

Are staff here paid?

Not directly. Instead, you can earn a percentage of the ad revenue for your article by entering a code in the user dashboard.

In future we’ll expand this to bitcoin payments and a cut of any subscription fees your article may bring.

Do I get review copies or marketing material from companies?

At this point in time it’s rare, but we do sometimes get offers of free review copies from companies and download codes for eShop games to be used for review purposes.  As for marketing materials and contact from video game developers and publishing companies, we get that all the time.

So yes, we do get some stuff sent to us from companies and individuals in the industry.  And yes, Nintendo’s own marketing companies and groups send work and (likely) monitor the site too.

Are you hiring for any roles?

Depends what you mean. We’re not hiring for writers or content creators right now, since the user based content submission system works fine.

However, if you want to design graphics, work on social media or help code the site, contact us via the contact form.

Enjoy the website everyone!