Modder Disassembles Dozens of Classic SNES Games

When it comes to ROM hacking, one of the best things a community can have is a disassembly of the original game. Created by reverse engineering the original game’s source code, this lets them figure out how things work on a code level, as well as make modifications to the game at its source rather […]

Item Rain Has Now Been Added to Mario Kart Tour

Item Rain

As anyone who watches the likes of TWD98 or Mayro probably knows, the Mario Kart series is known for its mods and custom content. Wherever it’s Mario Kart DS or Wii, or Mario Kart 7 or 8 Deluxe, every game has its share of insane mods, including new tracks and characters that put even Nintendo’s […]

Nintendo Buys Next Level Games

Luigi's Mansion 3 Banner

Nintendo has announced they’ve acquired Next Level Games, the studio behind such titles as the Luigi’s Mansion series, Mario Strikers series, and Punch-Out for the Wii. This deal is expected to become official on March 1st this year, and will mean that the company will become a wholly owned subsidary of Nintendo from that point […]

A Super Nintendo World Direct is Coming Later Today!

Super Nintendo World Direct

Well, this is an unusual situation isn’t it? It’s not often you see Nintendo Direct style events for non video game related news announcements, especially not at random times like this one. But that’s exactly what we’re getting, since Nintendo is holding a Direct (of sorts) for Super Nintendo World later today. Airing at 11pm […]

Online Multiplayer is Coming to The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask!

Majora's Mask Online

If you’ve been around the Nintendo world for a while, you may remember Super Mario 64 Online. Designed to give the N64 classic online multiplayer, the mod allowed players to tackle the game’s courses and missions in a group, complete with various options for alternate playable characters. It was a great experience at the time, […]

Among Us is Now Available for Nintendo Switch

Among Us Bannner

Earlier today, Nintendo aired another Indie World Showcase presentation. In that presentation various games were announced for the console, including Spelunky 1 and 2, Super Meatboy Forever and Grindstone to name but a few. It was a neat set of reveals, and included quite a few interesting games we didn’t expect to see on Nintendo’s […]

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