June 29, 2017 5:38 am

Capcom Removes The Great Ace Attorney Sub Videos from YouTube

For the most part, Capcom has been pretty good when it comes to fan projects. They haven’t taken down any fan games, like those based on the Mega Man series. Stories of fan animations and movies being removed based on their games are pretty rare. And heck, sometimes they even make fan works official! Like […]

Nintendo Announces the SNES Classic!

Well, it’s been rumoured for a while now. There have been articles about it. There have been comments from Gamestop managers. Heck, just about everyone with connections in the industry has been going on about the rumoured SNES Classic for months. But now it’s finally happened. Nintendo has announced the SNES Classic! Here’s their post […]

An Update on the Starr Mazer DSP Situation

A couple of days ago, I posted a story about a musician called Alex Mauer who sent questionable DMCA notices to anyone who posted videos of a game called Starr Mazer DSP. It was already a pretty insane situation, given how said composer was ‘doing it to draw attention’ to how she supposedly wasn’t paid […]

Beyond Good and Evil 2: First In Engine Demo Footage

For the last few months, we’ve been hearing a lot about Beyond Good and Evil 2. We’ve heard how it takes place in a large, procedurally generated universe. We’ve heard comments about its epic scale and scope, or how the physics go beyond anything else seen in the medium. But we haven’t seen much actual […]

Luigi Has Been Made Playable in Super Mario Sunshine!

As anyone who’s played Super Mario Sunshine likely knows, Luigi isn’t present in the game at all. He’s not playable in any form. He makes no cameos like he does in Galaxy 1. Heck, the characters in the game don’t even mention his name! It’s basically the one Mario title Luigi has the least to […]

Are Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Coming in 2018?

Earlier today, speculation grew that Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon for Switch would be releasing in 2018. This was based on an interview GameBeat did with Nintendo’s Charlie Scibetta, where he commented that: We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid 4. 2018 will […]

Super Mario Odyssey Will Have 30-50 Moons Per Level

Given the wide open sandbox style feel of the game, it’s pretty obvious Super Mario Odyssey will have a lot of content. I mean, it’s basically a given for the genre. You can’t get a 3D platformer with less than a hundred collectables. It’s the law. But as Nintendo has revealed today, Super Mario Odyssey […]

Super Nintendo World Concept Art Illustrates Nintendo’s Theme Park Plans

Back in late 2016, Nintendo and Universal announced that Nintendo attractions would be coming to Universal’s parks. These attractions would be part of a new ‘land’ called Super Nintendo World, with artwork and patents indicating that Mario Kart and Donkey Kong rides would be part of the mix. Since then though… the two companies have […]

Mario Kart Arcade VR Announced!

Have you ever wanted to play a Mario Kart game in Virtual Reality? Felt like a headset such as the Oculus Rift would work really well for this sort of game? If so, you may be in luck. Kind of. Because while Nintendo hasn’t announced any home console Mario Kart games based on the feature, […]

Nintendo Releases Major Nintendo Switch Update

We normally don’t write much about that system updates on Gaming Reinvented. That’s because for the most part, they’re usually kind of uninteresting to all but the most pedantic fans and followers, with the average update being nothing more than a few bug fixes to increase stability. But today we’ll make an exception to the […]

Raid Battles and New Gym Features Coming to Pokemon GO!

As many Pokémon GO fans likely know, gyms have always been one of the weakest aspects of the game. Lacking in features found in the key titles and mostly overtaken by bots in many parts of the world, the system is seen as a bit lacking compared to the rest of the game. But now […]

Blizzard is Remastering StarCraft, Warcraft III and Diablo II

For the last few years, Blizzard has been mostly known for their multiplayer games. World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Starcraft II… Basically, eSports and MMORPGs have become the company’s bread and butter. But it didn’t used to be like this. Oh no, before these games came out, Blizzard was well known for their strategy games and […]

Max Brass Confirmed as First DLC ARMS Character

Tomorrow, ARMS officially launches on the Nintendo Switch. It’s been in development for a while now, been present at multiple E3 events and had two Nintendo Directs dedicated to it, but the game is now finished and ready to be played by Switch owners worldwide. But finished doesn’t mean Nintendo’s done with the game altogether. […]

More Details Emerge About Breath of the Wild’s DLC

As anyone who owns The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (or has been watching Nintendo Directs) knows, the game is getting two DLC packs in the near future. One of these adds Hard Mode, the Trial of the Sword and other minor changes, and is planned for the summer. Whereas the other apparently […]

Super Mario Run; A Decent Though Slow Mobile App

Earlier today, Nintendo finally released their second in-house mobile app, namely Super Mario Run. It’s been worked on for months, advertised like the second coming on the iTunes app store and had legions of analysts act like it’ll be the best selling, most successful mobile app of all time. Basically, expectations have been through the […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon; Great Games With a Slight Linearity Problem

It’s been about a week since Pokemon Sun and Moon have been released for the 3DS. And boy have they done well in that time frame. They’ve scored 87% on Metacritic. Boosted 3DS sales in all regions by a significant level. Heck, they’ve even managed to become Nintendo’s biggest ever UK launch successes, with their […]

Super Mario 64: Last Impact; A Genuinely Great Mod of a Classic Game

Two weeks ago, a technically impressive mod called Super Mario 64: Last Impact was released. Developed by a guy called Kaze Emanuar and featuring a ton of custom content, the game quickly became a massive phenomenon on the internet and was covered by all manner of sites. Like GoNintendo. Or My Nintendo News or Nintendo […]

Paper Mario Color Splash; A Decent Game Stuck Between Worlds

As you probably know by this point, I’ve not exactly been the biggest Paper Mario Color Splash fan since it was announced. I’ve tweeted comics about how Miyamoto killed the Paper Mario series. I’ve posted on the Paper Mario subreddit lamenting the franchise’s direction. Heck, I even used to constantly tweet under the hashtag #MakePaperMarioGreatAgain […]

Pokemon GO; A Decent Game Marred By Glitches

It’s been out for a while now, and it’s already become a massive success in the process. And so with all the hype Pokemon GO has been getting, I thought it’d be time to finally review the game as a whole. Does it really live up to the idea of real life Pokemon collecting and […]

Super Mario Maker; A Good, if Limited Level Editor

Well, after many level playthroughs, a good few weeks messing with the level editor and all manner of testing, we’ve finally completed Super Mario Maker enough for a review!  Okay, it’s a game that pretty much everyone was going to buy anyone (it’s a Mario level editor, how can any Nintendo fan not care for […]

Luigi’s Mansion; An Underrated Mario Classic

With Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon being so popular and the possibility of a Luigi’s Mansion 3 always being around the corner, it’s best not to forget about the title where it all started.  Released for the Gamecube in about 2001, Luigi’s Mansion was a comedy survival horror game set in the Mario universe, where Luigi […]

Super Mario 64; A Classic that Defined 3D Platforming

With how 3D platformers and games in general have improved in the past few years, it’s very easy to think Super Mario 64 has gotten a bit dated. Heck, after the likes of the Banjo Kazooie series and Super Mario 64’s very own sequels, the original must really seem a bit archaic to gamers who […]

Super Mario 3D Land; A Good Game, but not Galaxy Caliber

Super Mario 3D Land is an unusual game. On the one hand, it’s technically a 3D game made by the same people behind Super Mario Galaxy, and hence has all of the tricks and game mechanics found in those titles, while on the other it’s about as close to classic 2D Mario as you can […]

Wario Land 4; An Underappreciated yet Classic GBA Platformer

Note: Since this review was released, the game has now been added for purchase on the Wii U Virtual Console.  If you have a Wii U, we would hence really recommend that you buy this game, since it’s absolutely fantastic and deserves all the promotion it can get. When it comes to game quality, the […]

Yoshi’s Island DS; A Kaizo Game Made Official

Not in a satanic or literal sense mind you, but more in a ‘this game is actively trying to sabotage your attempts at winning’ one. Yes, Yoshi’s Island DS is pretty much the nearest thing Nintendo have ever made to a kaizo style ROM hack, and seems to be designed by someone who thinks the […]

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Review; The Best Mario RPG in History!

As of a few days ago, Mario & Luigi Dream Team was released in Europe, giving me the chance to play it through to the ending. It had a tough job following up on Bowser’s Inside Story (thanks to its predecessors high quality in general), and some people were skeptical it could. After all, other […]

Kid Icarus Uprising Review; A Fantastic Game!

It’s by a guest writer of sorts this time, known as re11ding on the Nintendo 3DS Community forums.  He said we could post this up as a review, and since it seems the better of the few reviews the game got on the forums, it’s now an official one for Nintendo 3DS Daily. There’s also […]

Mario Kart 7 Review; An Excellent addition to the series

As the years have gone on, it seems like a fair amount of reviewers have begun to get tired of Mario Kart. With all the other Nintendo series getting regularly changed up and gimmicks being thrown in all over the place, the Mario Kart series has begun to seem like a series which merely makes […]

New Super Mario Bros 2 Boss Guide

Having trouble with the bosses in New Super Mario Bros 2, however unlikely that may seem? Well help is at hand, since here is how to beat all the game’s different boss battles including the Reznors and Koopalings. Reznor There are lots of different fights with Reznor in this game, and truth be told none […]