Pokemon Legends Arceus Announced for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Earlier today, you may have seen the rumours about an open world Pokemon game set in a feudal version of the Sinnoh region. This game would be the focus of the Pokemon Presents presentation alongside some Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and New Pokemon Snap. It was an enticing rumour, and one which we desperately […]

Have Two Pokemon Games From Today’s Pokemon Presents Leaked Early?

Pokemon Leak 1

As you know, a new Pokemon Presentation is airing today. This presentation will cover various upcoming games and media based on the franchise, with rumours stating that talk of both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and a new mainstream Pokemon game are going to be featured there. It’s a big deal, and it’s one we’ll […]

Sakurai Will Host Pyra/Mythra Presentation Next Week

Battling With Pyra/Mythra

Last week, a major Nintendo Direct aired online. In that Direct it was revealed that The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword would be remade in HD for the Nintendo Switch, that Mario Golf would see a comeback with Mario Golf: Super Rush, and that Splatoon 3 would be released sometime in 2022 among other announcements. […]

New Super Mario 64 Hack Mixes Mario With Golden Sun

Golden Sun 64 Title

Back in the olden days of Game Boy, Camelot worked on an interesting RPG series called Golden Sun. Starring a plucky team of adventurers as they try to prevent then release alchemy into the world, the series was notable for numerous creative mechanics, including the ability to transfer your party from the prior game and […]

New Wii Sports Glitch Lets Players Go Out of Bounds

Wii Sports Out of Bounds

Admit it folks. When you picture a game with lots of glitches and an active speedrunning scene, what do you think of? The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? Super Mario Odyssey? Maybe a Pokemon game? Either way, it’s probably some sort of adventure game. The type of game where the player can go […]

IGN Retweets Fan Made Splatoon 3 Trailer as Official

Splatoon 3 IGN Tweet

When it comes to standards for video game journalism, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to realise they’re generally not on the higher end. After all, dozens of gaming sites used dubious screenshots to represent Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 in articles: Many more took a random tweet about Link in Mario Tennis […]

Mario Golf: Super Rush Announced for Nintendo Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush Artwork

It’s golf time again in the Mushroom Kingdom! Yup, after nearly 7 years, Nintendo have announced a new game in the Mario Golf series, due out on Nintendo Switch in June 2021: As you can see, it’s an interesting one in many ways. On the positive side, it seems like the developers are really trying […]

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