Is Nintendo Planning to Remaster Its Classic 3D Mario Titles?

Super Mario Galaxy Artwork

Oh boy, this is going to be quite the rumour isn’t it? According to a new post on the VG Chronicle website (and backed by sources from sites like Eurogamer and Kotaku), Nintendo has some truly insane plans for the Nintendo Switch this year, with a whole host of games being planned to tie into […]

Nintendo Releases Surprise Nintendo Direct Mini!

Nintendo Direct Mini

Well, isn’t this is a lovely surprise? Just hours after we all thought a new Nintendo Direct was off the table, Nintendo have proven otherwise, releasing a brand new Nintendo Direct mini to lighten up everyone’s day in the process! Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it already: As you can tell, there’s a […]

Gaming Reinvented is Now on Discord!

Gaming Reinvented Discord

As you may have noticed, there’s now a Discord link in the site’s main menu. That’s because like so many other sites and YouTube channnels online, we’ve decided the time is right to launch a Discord server for Gaming Reinvented. So you’re able to join and take part in discussions about various things covered on […]

New App Turns Your Smartphone into a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Joy-Con App Thumbnail

Do you have problems with Joy-Con drift on your Nintendo Switch? Feel like you need a new Joy-Con, but haven’t found any shops willing to sell you one cause of the coronavirus? Have a party going on later, but need a few extras for some late night Mario Kart or Smash Bros multiplayer games? Well […]

LEGO Super Mario Officially Revealed by LEGO and Nintendo

LEGO Mario Logo

Here’s the trailer showing it off that they shared online: As you can see, it’s a bit… different from your standard LEGO set. This one’s got a fair bit of interactivity involved in it, with the Mario figure changing his expression, playing sound effects and doing other things based on how he interacts with other […]

E3 2020 is Cancelled

For many years, E3 has been a permanent fixture on the gaming calendar. It’s the biggest event in the entire industry, and one where all the major announcements get made, whether they be new console reveals or trailers for major triple A games like Super Mario Odyssey. However, it seems things are changing in 2020. […]

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