Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses Joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Byleth Intro

Here’s presentation showcasing them in action, courtesy of game director Masahiro Sakurai: As well as the trailer provided on the official site: For those who don’t recognise them, Byleth is the main character in Fire Emblem Three Houses, the main title in the series that was released on the Switch back in July 2019. They’ve […]

A Pokemon Direct is Coming This Thursday

Since Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release on the 15th November 2019, Nintendo news has been pretty slim on the ground. We saw a few glimpses of their upcoming theme park deal with Universe thanks to on site photos and deisgn leaks. We got Terry Bogard as the fourth playable character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate […]

Mother 4 Game Officially Rebranded, Revealed as ‘Oddity’

Oddity Title Screen

Back in 2013, a rather interesting fan game was announced. Titled Mother 4, this game tried to build on the mechanics and style of the Mother/Earthbound games, with a new story and characters that fit the themes of Shigesato Itoi’s earlier works. It was an impressive project, and one that got a lot of attention […]

WWE 2K20 Crashes… When Played in 2020

WWE 2K20

Edit: The issue is now fixed, as 2K points out on Twitter here: This issue has been resolved. Please make sure to restart your #WWE2K20 game to automatically download the fix. If you continue experiencing issues, please open a support ticket here: Thank you again for your patience! — 2K Support (@2KSupport) 1 January […]

Happy New Year from Gaming Reinvented!

Well, the 2010s have been and gone, and now 2020 is upon us. That means a whole new decade for games and gamers, and hopefully all kinds of fantastic new titles are on the horizon. So here’s us wishing all of our readers a happy new year, as well as giving a few of our […]

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