Nintendo Takes Down Commodore 64 Port of Super Mario Bros 1

Super Mario Bros 64 Images

A couple of days ago, a fan made port of Super Mario Bros 1 was released for the Commodore 64. Titled Super Mario Bros 64, the game brought the entirety of Nintendo’s classic title over to the system, keeping everything intact in the process. It was an impressive project really (especially given the Commodore 64’s […]

Super Mario Land DX Brings Colour to Classic Game Boy Title

Back in [year], Super Mario Land 2 DX was released online. Designed to turn the original Super Mario Land 2 into a Game Boy Color game, the hack added full colour graphics to the classic Game Boy game along with a whole host of other neat things, like Luigi as a playable character. It was […]

Mario Tennis Aces Updated to Version 3.0

Mario Tennis Aces 3.0

Mario Tennis Aces has received a steady stream of updates since its release in 2018. From new characters to modes, the game has seen numerous additions that all serve to make it just that bit less barebones than it was back at launch. And today another major update was released for the game. Namely, version […]

Reggie Retires from Nintendo, Sets up Twitter Account

Reggie Twitter

As you likely all know, today was Reggie Fils-Aime’s first day. Indeed, after 15 years as Nintendo of America president, Reggie is now no longer at the company, having decided to step down in order to enjoy his retirement. But that doesn’t mean Reggie isn’t going to be online any more. Oh no, while he […]

The Unused Luigi’s Mansion 2 Song That Made an Arcade Comeback

Luigi Mansion Arcade Artwork

Over the years, we’ve discussed some strange unused content in all kinds of games. From those humanoid cats in Paper Mario to the unused ghosts of Luigi’s Mansion and the disturbing Guardian concepts for Breath of the Wild, it’s crazy to see some of the insane things left lying around a game’s files or in […]

Accessibility, Games and Author Intent

In the last few years, accessibility in video games has become a much bigger topic than ever before. From videos like Mark Brown’s Designing for Disability to articles on accessible game design, there’s now a huge focus on making sure games are playable by a much larger audience, including those with issues regarding their vision, […]

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