Code for Nintendo 3DS OS, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Leaked Online

Mega Charizard Artwork

As you know, Nintendo’s seen a lot of leaks in recent weeks. Indeed, from Pokemon demos to console development info, Nintendo files have been leaking online left, right and centre at the moment, likely in part due to a Nintendo business partner seeing their servers compromised beforehand. And the pattern is apaprently continuing today too. […]

Familiar Faces Return in Mario Kart Tour’s Jungle Tour

Here’s the trailer showing the update in action: Which as you can see, has a more interesting selection of characters this time around. Cause you see, for better or worse, Mario Kart Tour has been pretty disappointing on the character front. Oh sure, it’s nice to see Pauline in a few more spinoffs, or to […]

Paper Mario The Origami King Has Been Announced for Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario Origami King Banner

Well, it’s finally here. After much speculation about a new Paper Mario game for the Nintendo Switch, Paper Mario: The Origami King has now been announced for the console. Featuring a new storyline where Mario faces off against Olly, the titular Origami King, the game is set to release worldwide on July 7th. Here’s the […]

Footage of a Cancelled Prince of Persia Reboot Surfaces on YouTube

YouTube success is a fickle thing. With the difference between success and failure being a mere coin flip away, and popularity not correlating with quality, it’s surprisingly easy for amazing videos to slip through the net and get buried without a trace. And nothing shows that better than today’s leak. Why? Because despite being footage […]

Super Mario 64 Has Now Been Ported to PC

Super Mario 64 PC

Over the last few years, there have been numerous fan projects based on Super Mario 64. From full blown ROM hacks based on the original like Super Mario 64 Star Road and Last Impact, to online multiplayer hacks and remakes in Unity, it seems like every day we see an amazing fan project that reimagines […]

Five Interesting Scrapped Ideas Planned for Luigi’s Mansion 3

Early Foyer Concept 2

As you all likely know from this site, Nintendo’s games always leave a ton of interesting concepts over on the cutting room floor. Whether it’s Breath of the Wild’s unused Divine Beast and Guardian designs, Super Mario Odyssey’s scrapped kingdom and NPC designs or the hundreds of cut Pokemon from the Spaceworld demo, their games […]

Report: Nintendo Won’t Be Holding a Nintendo Direct in June 2020

Nintendo Direct Logo

As you know, it’s tradition for Nintendo to host a Direct every June. It’s a replacement for the on stage presentations they used to do in the olden days, but for the internet age. However, it seems that trend might be breaking this year. That’s because according to a VentureBeat report, Nintendo is telling its […]

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