Why Games as Service are a Horrible Idea

Stadia Controller

Earlier this week, Google announced Stadia, a streaming game service where you can play games by streaming them from Google’s servers across the internet. It was a bold move from the tech giant, given the competitive nature of today’s video game industry, but also one that could theoretically pay off should Google replace Sony, Microsoft, […]

Cuphead is Headed to the Nintendo Switch

Cuphead Nintendo Switch

As announced today at GDC 2019, Nintendo have announced that 30s cartoon style platformer Cuphead will indeed be released on the Nintendo Switch. Due for a release on April 18th this year, the title maintains all the same content as the versions on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, offering fans another chance to take on […]

Mario Kart DS Mod Remakes Mario Kart 7 and 8 Courses for the DS

Mario Kart DS Deluxe

When it comes to mods for the Mario Kart series, what’s the first game that comes to mind? Well if you’re like most people, it’s probably Mario Kart Wii. That game’s received thousands of custom tracks, hundreds of custom characters and more other mods than you can shake a stick at. Or maybe it’s Mario […]

Dwarf Fortress is Coming to Steam, Complete With New Art Style

Dwarf Fortress Banner

For those who aren’t aware, Dwarf Fortress is an… interesting experience. Designed by a two man company called Bay 12 Games, the title pits you in the role of a chieftain running a fortress filled with dwarves in a randomly generated world. Well that’s the simple way of explaining it. The more accurate explanation is […]

Bianco Hills is now a Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey!

Bianco Hills Mario Odyssey

Ever since Super Mario Odyssey was released back in October 2017, fans have wondered when the game would be receiving a major DLC pack. After all, it did incredibly well in both reviews and sales, and Nintendo themselves have stated that DLC support for their major Switch titles would be a thing for years to […]

Nintendo Announces Labo VR Kit

Labo VR Kit

Ever since the failure of the Virtual Boy, there has been a ton of speculation about when Nintendo would next try out the technology. We’ve seen stories about how the Wii may make use of it, with Virtual Reality adding an extra bit of immersion to the motion control setup. We’ve seen comments about how […]

New Donkey Kong 64 Mod Adds Character Switching at Will

Switch Anywhere DK64

Released for the Nintendo 64 back in the bygone days of 1999, Donkey Kong 64 was an extremely popular title in its day. Meant as a successor to Rare’s Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES, the game offered a 3D collectathon platformer with tons of interesting worlds to explore, characters to play as and […]

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