Nintendo Announces Fitness RPG Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

It’s been quite the week for weird theme and genre fusions hasn’t it? First we got a KFC dating sim where you date Colonel Sanders, now we’re apparently getting a Nintendo made fitness RPG utilising a new Nintendo Switch peripheral. Here’s the trailer for it if you want to see it for yourself: As you […]

KFC is Publishing a Dating Sim Starring Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders Game Title

If we told you that KFC was publishing a video game, what kind of game do you think you’d expect them to make? Maybe it’d be a platformer, like the old McDonalds titles of yore? Or maybe it’d be a cooking game, like Cooking Mama and its various clones. Hell, perhaps if you’re really unlucky, […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets a New Mode, More Content Reveals


As expected, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct featured some new information about Luigi’s Mansion 3. There wasn’t much of it mind you, but there was enough to be interesting none the less, with some of the teasers actually giving a fair few interesting tidbits about the hotel’s other floors and inhabitants. Here’s the trailer if you somehow […]

September 2019 Nintendo Direct – Our Liveblog

Nintendo Direct September 2019

Well, it’s that time of year ago. Tonight at 11pm Nintendo will host an all new Nintendo Direct, complete with 40 minutes of information about games such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s going to be amazing tonight, especially given how many new games the company could be about to reveal […]

Nintendo Announces a New Nintendo Direct is Coming September 4th

Nintendo Direct September 2019

Ever since they started back in the Wii era, it’s been a tradition for Nintendo to have a Nintendo Direct each September. Indeed, from 2012 up until, there’s only been one year where Nintendo didn’t hold a presentation in that month, with 2015 having a surprisingly long gap between its July summer Direct and its […]

Mario Kart Tour is Launching September 25th

Mario Kart Tour Available on September 25th 2019

With the game launching on iOS and Android devices on that date, with pre-registration having just opened earlier today. Here’s Nintendo’s announcement about it on Twitter: Pre-registration for Mario Kart Tour is now available! For more details, please click here: will be available on 9/25. We hope you're looking forward to getting behind the […]

Dr Daisy, Dr Wario and Dr Waluigi Have Been Added to Dr Mario World

Dr Mario World Characters

Given the numerous character pictures datamined from the game’s files, it was always clear that Dr Mario World was going to get new characters. After all, that’s how all Nintendo mobile games work nowadays. Whether it’s Pokemon GO or Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp or Super Mario Run, the pattern always goes like […]

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