New Nintendo Switch Model With Extra Battery Life Coming This Autumn

Nintendo Switch Icon

However, it’s not the Pro version often spoke of in rumours. Instead, it’s a revision to the normal one, which significantly increases the system’s battery life while leaving everything else the same. Here’s the announcement about it courtesy of Nintendo on Twitter: [任天堂HP]バッテリー持続時間が長くなったNintendo Switchの新モデルに関するお知らせを掲載しました。 — 任天堂株式会社 (@Nintendo) 17 July 2019 As you can see, […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Being Released This Halloween

Luigi's Mansion 3

Yesterday, you may recall how we posted a release date rumour about Luigi’s Mansion 3. Inspired by an Amazon Mexico pre-order email, the rumour stated that the game would be released on October 4th, with the time of year presumably being chosen to tie into the Halloween spirit. Today though, we can confirm that’s not […]

Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon Coming to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Halloween 2017

Update: Some examples of Shadow Pokemon from the game can be seen in this Imgur gallery. Ever since its release in 2016, Pokemon GO has seen a steady stream of extra features and content. From Pokemon introduced in later generations to raids, to missions and trading, the game has gone from a barebones tech demo […]

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Banana Blitz HD

Earlier this year, rumours started spreading that Sega would be making a new Super Monkey Ball game. Given the high regard the series is seen in, this excited quite a few people, especially given Sega’s history of ignoring their franchises outside of Sonic the Hedgehog. And earlier today, said rumours were confirmed. Super Monkey Ball […]

Is Luigi’s Mansion 3 Releasing on October 4th?

Luigis Mansion 3 Title

Later this year, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released. A follow up taking the best parts of the original game and Dark Moon, the title has Luigi and his friends visit a hotel called the Last Resort, with the latter quickly being captured by King Boo as part of a plot to get revenge on […]

Cuphead Gets Netflix Adaptation

The Cuphead Show

In the last couple of years or so, it seems like every video game series under the sun got a TV show or film to its name. You’ve got Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, both of whom are receiving movies in the foreseeable future. You’ve got the likes of Castlevania and the Witcher, both of […]

Nintendo Announces Switch Lite!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Here’s the offical announcement video showing it in action: As you’d expect, it’s a handheld only version of the Switch. This means you’re able to play all games in handheld mode, but unable to disconnect the Joy-Cons (since they’re replaced with built in controls) or connect it to a TV. Additionally, the system’s also a […]

Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong and Others Found in Dr Mario World Code!

Dr Mario World Doctors

Earlier today, Dr Mario World was released for iOS devices. Based on the classic Nintendo puzzle series from yore, the game features Mario, Luigi and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom all donning their white coats in an attempt to stop the viruses from infecting the entire Mushroom Kingdom. It’s your typical Dr Mario game […]

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