Are SNES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online

As you know, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t exactly have an eShop. Instead, the monthly charge you pay to access the console’s online service gives you access to a wide assortment of ‘free’ games, with you getting access to a whole library’s worth rather than just whatever ones you personally bought. It’s a neat enough setup, […]

Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets March 29th Release Date

Ever since its announcement at E3 2017, Nintendo’s been a bit vague about when exactly Yoshi’s Crafted World would launch. Oh sure, it was inevitably always going to be in the next few years or so, but the actual month and day aspect was always a bit of a mystery, with the game seemingly missing […]

Clanker’s Cavern Has Been Ported to Super Mario Odyssey

Clanker's Cavern Mario Odyssey

Ever since Super Mario Odyssey mods first became a thing, we’ve seen a lot of rather professional ones released for the game. There was the Bob-omb Battlefield remake, which aside from a few minor quibbles may well have been a Nintendo level. There was the Zelda one based on Dragon Roost Island, which did a […]

The Klonoa Movie Has Been Cancelled

A couple of years back, we covered an upcoming anime movie adaptation of the Klonoa series. It was an interesting announcement, not least given the series hadn’t seen a new game since 2008’s Wii remake of the original. Could Klonoa really be getting an adaptation 8 years after it died? Would the character’s franchise really […]

WarioWare’s Pyoro Has Been Remade as an N64 Homebrew Game

Pyoro N64 Gameplay

Ever since the start of the WarioWare series, there’s been a side game included. Named Pyoro (or Bird and Beans in its European eShop release), the game involves a bird called Pyoro eating various objects with his tongue to rack up as many points as possible, with the game ending whenever he screws up and […]

New Spirits Have Been Added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

River Survival Spirit

Starting today, new spirits are now available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Based on the Mario Party series, these spirits are event based, and will be available in the game until January 2nd 2019. Here are some details for each and every one of them: Dice Block Support Spirit Power: 1900 Type: Grab Class: Novice […]

Unused Cat Creatures and Hidden Areas Found in Super Paper Mario!

Unused Cat People

From the dawn of gaming, unused content in games has cast a fascinating light on what could have been. Whether its unused levels and areas like in the Mario or Zelda series, scrapped Pokémon and trainer fights like in that series or even whole mechanics like Bottles Revenge in Banjo-Tooie, games have always had tons […]

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