WhoLetsPlay Campaign Launches; Encourages Developers to Allow LPs!

As people likely now know, the future of Lets Plays on Youtube is under jeopardy with the content ID system interfering with video monetisation and the rumours of the site being harsher on partners than it was a few years ago.  But now, we have hope!  Yes, a new campaign has launched called ‘WhoLetsPlay’, with the focus being to encourage game developers and publishers to support the video making community rather than crack down on it!

What are they doing?  What do companies get for supporting this campaign?  Well, read on and you’ll find out!

Here’s their website (still under construction):


As you can probably tell, it’s far from done at the moment (and needs to move to a professional wiki system or such like as quickly as possible), but it makes the goals clear regardless.  Basically, they want to encourage developers to allow and support fan videos rather than do things like block monetisation on them, as well as fix the other common problems that interfere with these videos (by getting devs to outright buy or secure exclusive rights to music used in their games rather than just licensing it).

They also want to make developers come clear about the issue and actually show their support for the videos, posting official statements in support of fan made videos and giving the Youtube personalities ammunition to use against unjust Content ID claims on said site.  There’s a much better blog entry ilustrating the campaign’s aims here…


So that’s the gist of things here.  Now let’s hope Nintendo themselves come out in support of the concept and cause, which would do a lot to help the fan community out there.


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6 years ago

People who make let’s plays shouldn’t be getting paid they played a game good but did not make the game and their commentary is lame anyways I’m down for nintendos antilp