The Ura Zelda Restoration Project is Cancelled

Well, this sucks horribly. Remember that awesome Ocarina of Time ROM hack this site mentioned a while back?  The one which had such cool music as this:

The one which was going to add new dungeons, bosses, items and other awesome elements?  It’s now officially confirmed dead and cancelled for good.  The official Youtube channels and videos have been shut down and removed, the project leader Zeth has left the entire Zelda ‘hacking’ scene altogether and  everything has now been lost forever.  Damn.  I was seriously looking forward to seeing the end result of this whole project and have supported it on Nintendo 3DS Daily and Community for ages, and it even made it into my top ten fan projects list:

Here’s the official news post about it on the GCN:

So there you have it.  The Ura Zelda Restoration Project is now officially no more and will never be released.  It’s disappointing for many Zelda fans, but I do have to admit I foresaw this coming for months now (especially with the constant excuses for non progress by the team).

Is anyone else disappointed this project is now no more?  Did anyone else wish to see a fan sequel to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time with new content?



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9 years ago

Well damn, this is depressing, Ive been following this project since the beginning. It looked like it was going to be so good

Michael Schaeffer
Michael Schaeffer
8 years ago

Not that anyone cares… but the Ura Zelda Restoration Project is now officially back!