Super Metroid was originally included in Metroid Prime

As in, the whole game was originally going to be a bonus unlockable in the original Metroid Prime.

You’d be able to play the whole thing from the menu, after unlocking it via the GCN to GBA connector and what not.  So why was it removed?  Let’s have the owner of Unseen64 (a notable beta content website for the gaming community) explain why:

So that was the reason.  Apparently, code from a third party emulator was used for running the game, and Nintendo were so against the idea of third party video game emulators that they didn’t want to include Super Metroid simply because the person who programmed in it used a third party emulator as a base.

But what do you think?  Kind of petty or what?  Personally, I’d be extremely annoyed if I was a Nintendo investor, because their obsessions with emulators and culture and other crap are causing them to lose money and the respect of their audience.  If I heard this, I would honestly call for the CEO at the time to be fired and the company told to get over it and stop being so pathetic.



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