Pokemon Gen 2 to 3 Transfer Tool Released!

It’s something I got sent a link to earlier today, and something I definitely thought was worth mentioning on the site.

Basically, remember how a while back I mentioned a tool that someone was working on to transfer Pokemon from gen 2 (Gold and Silver) to gen 3 (Ruby and Sapphire)?  Well a user calling themself Alex B (aka Metropolis on Projec Pokemon forums) sent a link to another such tool, which has already been released.

Want to know the link?  Well, you can find out after the break!

First up, here’s the link:


I’ve not personally tested it (I don’t even own a game from gen 3 to do so), but it seems kind of legitimate if you ask me.

So yeah, if you’re a fan of the Pokemon series and want to bring your Pokemon from the first two generations over to the later games, here you go.  One free tool to help you do just that!


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