Nintendo Go Mobile; New Campaign to get Nintendo to make phone games?

We’ve had a lot in the way of crazy Nintendo fan petitions and operations over the years.  There was Operation Rainfall to get the likes of Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and the Last Story localised. Operation Moonfall to get Majora’s Mask 3D.  Heck, there was even an Operation Pika to get Nintendo to localise the Pikachu special edition 3DS console!

But now we’ve got another crazy fan movement going.  This time, it’s a bunch of people trying to get Nintendo to make games for mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones!

Here’s their website:

Unlike the other fan petitions though, I don’t think this one’s going to go anywhere fast.  For one thing, their site already crashed with a database error the moment even the slightest amount of traffic hit it.  And more importantly, Nintendo fans aren’t exactly fans of the whole premise that Nintendo should make games for smart phones, the reception on even their official Facebook page has been akin to that on Capcom’s page when Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled.

There’s also the terrible, terrible logic behind their arguments.  Nintendo not being able to compete with smart phones?  Give me a break, the 3DS is already selling in huge numbers and the DS and Wii did well in an era which had the very same threat in the background.  Don’t people remember how back in the early 2000s people feared the DS and Wii would fail because of the iPhone?

Or how Nintendo’s games have never been matched by titles offered on the app store, most of which control rather poorly and end up being shallow in comparison.

Heck, most of the ‘mockups’ on this site look as cheap as many of the rip offs already found on the app store.  Like this Mario dash game, which looks like something done by a bedroom coder in two days:

There’s also the minor matter that this is the same type of argument made by industry analysts and people trying to make Nintendo look outdated.  Could it potentially be an issue of astroturfing?  Could this whole thing be a sneaky attempt to try and get Nintendo to leave the industry, maybe by a marketing company associated with Sony or Microsoft?  I mean, the website does look awfully slick for a fan made campaign site, doesn’t it?

Do you think Nintendo should make games for mobile phones like this ‘fan’ made campaign states?  And more interestingly, do you think this actually is a fan made campaign?


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