New Super Mario Bros U; More Level Footage!

More interestingly, one of the levels being shown off in these videos is the starry night level that seems like it was based on a Vincent van Gogh painting, the one shown way back at E3 when the game was announced as New Super Mario Bros U.  Here’s a video of it:

Unfortunately, Nintendo kind of killed the mood with their choice of music.  Really, the ghost house theme from New Super Mario Bros Wii? That doesn’t fit the scene at all and just comes off as lazy.  No, what you need for a level like that is something semi artistic and Final Fantasy like.  Such as one of these:

Or Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI.  It worked pretty well in one of the games raocow played recently, where it set the scene for a calm snowy village almost days before Christmas:

The level looks well designed, it’s just the choice of music is kind of lame.  It’s a bit like using Wario Land Shake It’s Bad Manor music for anything overly serious or Donkey Kong Country 2’s Haunted Chase theme playing as Mario jumps through a happy upbeat seeming grass land, and illustrates why new music is so important.

Here’s another preview video of New Super Mario Bros U from Games Radar:

This one looks good as well, and the music seems perfectly well fitting for the scene this time around.  I do like the new Lakitu that throws done Piranha Plant seeds that hatch where they land, it’s a bit reminiscent of the Nipper spores in Yoshi’s Island.  And even better is how they lob a shell at Nabbit to knock him down and catch up. That’s some pretty good strategy for a gaming publication.

So that’s it with the new footage.  It makes New Super Mario Bros U generally look pretty good,

Oh, I forgot.  Nintendo also uploaded some new official art to their site.  Here’s the new artwork:


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