Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Isn’t Cancelled (Sort of)

A few weeks or so ago, we mentioned on this site how Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (a mega crossover game with characters from many different universes and Mario style gameplay) had been cancelled by the developers due to lack of interest.  However, after reading a new announcement on the Fusion Fangaming website, I can now officially confirm that the game is technically not cancelled.

What do I mean by technically not cancelled?  Well I think linking you to Lars Luron’s announcement makes it clearer:

To put it simply, the game isn’t so much cancelled as is it feature locked, with any unnecessary content scrapped.  Or in case you need a summary, this stuff has been scrapped:

All ‘extra’ levels that haven’t been started already in the included worlds.

The entirety of world 0 bar a single final level.  In other words, the nightmare levels, Abomination, the ‘true’ final level and all normal levels in world 0 have been scrapped, and will be replaced with a single castle stage with a single final boss.

Any extra characters that were planned but haven’t been worked on.

All extra features, including the massive engine overhaul/new game engine that was planned.

Meanwhile, these things haven’t been scrapped:

Any levels necessary for the game (aka the world boss levels)

Said world bosses needed for said world boss levels

Cutscenes and story elements, which will be left until the last minute instead.

Any levels the devs have put a great deal of work into.

They also may or may not decide to add Kirby and Samus as playable characters, even though all the other ‘additional’ characters have been scrapped.

All in all, I guess it’s accurate to say that this game hasn’t really been cancelled and is still going to get a version 1.0 release, albeit with most of the more ambitious ideas removed.

Are you happy with this news?  Happy Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is indeed not cancelled and will technically be finished?



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