I think Ubisoft’s Ambitions for Watch Dogs are a bit high…

They seriously think this game will be as big as Call of Duty or FIFA.  Which if you don’t know the obvious, are two of the biggest third party franchises of all time, selling many millions of copies per installment (FIFA has sold over 100 million games total and Call of Duty has sold more than past til 2011 alone).

Unfortunately, I’d like to give Ubisoft a nice reality check.

Namely, this:

Every single series in recent history has been billed as a ‘Call of Duty killer’.  It’s why about half of all recent games on Microsoft and Sony systems have been most grim first person shooters set in real world modern day settings with online multiplayer as the main focus.

But guess what?

At least 90% have failed miserably.  Indeed, out of all the FPS franchises out there at the moment, I’d say only the likes of Halo and Battlefield (in recent years) have generally competed with Call of Duty.


Yeah.  Pretty much nothing else in the sports genre sells at those numbers.  Except Madden, which is pretty much as popular in the states as FIFA is in the UK for obvious reasons (people from each country like the sports featured in each series).

If you think your new Watch Dogs game will start a series as popular as those two… well, good luck to you I guess.  Just keep in mind that maybe about ten franchises total (Mario, Pokemon, Call of Duty, FIFA, Wii, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Tetris and Final Fantasy) have sold around the 100 million copies mark.  If you want Watch Dogs to be as big as Call of Duty or FIFA, you’re basically saying you want it to sell at Mario or Pokemon numbers.

I just hope you haven’t bet the farm on this Ubisoft, because if so, you’re facing very stiff competition and could well be in a situation that’s destroyed many franchises and many companies in its wake.

Anyone else agree here?





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