Give a Welcome to our new Staff

Some of the new staff have already made their introductions on this site already (see JohnWaluigi’s articles) and Link 70222 has written his first article as well.  But those aren’t all the new staff we have here.

For one thing, NintenDan is now an administrator here like he is at the forum, and he’ll help me figure out how to customise the site style.  Expect the random character based banner from the forums to be put up here as well.

We also now have Dev, FillFall, Servbot and MrL as writing staff as well, so welcome them once their first articles have been posted.

Hopefully this will now let us cover far more games than ever before and write all kinds of interesting articles on a daily basis, now we have enough staff to keep up the site. Also, check out Nintendo 3DS Community ( where everyone is a member as well.


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