Eternal Darkness 2; Some Amazing Concept Art!

Remember Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube?  A tad disappointed that Shadow of the Eternals never became a reality?  Well, if so, you might be a bit more depressed now you’ve seen these amazing pieces of concept art based on the game, since it shows just how much thought was originally put into making a proper sequel for a past Nintendo system.

Here’s a sample:


Want to see more?  If so, head inside to see all the great Eternal Darkness 2 artwork from the game that unfortunately never was!

And here it is!  There’s quite a few pictures here (about twenty in total), so you may want to take your time viewing them…

eternaldarkness2screen11 eternaldarkness2screen10 eternaldarkness2screen9 eternaldarkness2screen8 eternaldarkness2screen7 eternaldarkness2screen6 eternaldarkness2screen5 eternaldarkness2screen4 eternaldarkness2screen3 eternaldarkness2screen2

So yes.  As you can see, it was certainly a unique, ambitious looking survival horror/action game.  I mean, creepy ancient looking tombs and dungeons?  Zombie apocalypse outbreak in the Napoleanic Wars?  Terrifying looking, wrecked towns devoid of life and presumably overrun by demons and the undead?  Those are absolutely fantastic ideas, and the artwork above just makes them look even better!

But what do you think?  Are you depressed we never got this game?  Do you desperately wish that Nintendo would revive it as a Wii U exclusive or something?



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