Blaster Master Hyper fan made Blaster Master game!

This game is a love letter to the original 8 bit classic Blaster Master made way back in 1988. I was in 3rd grade when I saw this game for the first time in a video game rental store. I picked it up and wanted to try it out not knowing what this game was all about. I fell in love with this game in so many ways that it drove my imagination so wild that I dreamed of making my own Blaster Master game. I would pull out notebooks and design my own worlds. Were talking around 30 years later Im about to write about a Blaster Master game that I designed and coded all myself using the same 8 bit graphics and music. I poured a ton of heart and soul as I created this game and it may never be finished just because I may find different things to change in this game.
So this is Blaster Master HYPER. This is for the most part a LOT like the original game. It plays the same way, tho I added a few different game play mechanics that I think makes the Blaster Master formula better such as Jason having sub items like healing power ups to refill your life. A fire shield and limited number of grenades you can carry. Weapons are designed a little different. Sophia gets new and different upgrades. The story is different as well. I hope any Blaster Master fans that play this game enjoythis!                                                                


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