Banjo Kazooie Returns; An Awesome New ROM Hack of a Classic Game!

As you probably know from some of other other articles, we have a certain fondness for fan games and ROM hacks here at Nintendo 3DS Daily.  URA Zelda, A Tribute to Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Star Road… we’ve posted about quite a few of those projects over the last few years, and many more besides.

So we just couldn’t not post about this.  Behold, Banjo Kazooie Returns.  The first ever full hack of Rare’s Nintendo 64 classic:


It’s going to have all new levels, what appears to be a new plot and quite a few other new things besides, making it the ideal substitute for an official sequel given Rare’s complete reluctance to do anything with the franchise. What’s more, it turns out that it’s actually being made by someone we know! Yep, author Super Zambezi is the owner of Nintendo fan site Mario Party Legacy, a place which Nintendo 3DS Daily and Talk Nintendo have been associated with for quite some time now.

So yes, there’s Banjo Kazooie Returns for you all. If you want to find out more about it… well, there’s an interesting topic on ROM which is absolutely filled with pictures, and the author is apparently posting about it on Twitter to. You can find links to those in the sources section after the post.

What do you think of this game?


Banjo Kazooie Returns Topic on ROM

Super Zambezi’s Twitter Account


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