An Update on Nintendo 3DS Daily and Our Network…

As you may have noticed in recent weeks, activity here on both the Nintendo 3DS Daily site and Nintendo 3DS Community forums has been kind of low.   But while some of this is due to me having an actual job of sorts nowadays and only about four hours worth of free time per day, there’s actually another reason the sites have been a bit inactive recently.

Basically, I’m trying to both relaunch Super Smash Bros 4 News ( and a new site based on the Wario series.  And as you can guess, the website design/development takes away a significant amount of my remaining time.

Still, I hope when the sites are launched I can be more active in posting news here (and posting news on the other sites too), and that both of the sites become a launch pad for more active communties based around two series I really think don’t quite get enough discussion online.

So what do you think?  Are you interested in my new Smash Bros 4 site when it launches, or the Wario site I’m launching alongside it?


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