A Tool to Transfer Pokemon from Generation 1 and 2 to 3?

As any Pokemon fan should probably know by now, it is impossible to transfer any Pokemon from the first two generations to generation 3 and beyond due to differences in the data structure and how the games are setup.  But while Nintendo themselves hasn’t ever rectified this, it seems hope may not all be lost for those wanting to move their first gen favourites to the latest games.  Read on to see a story about someone who’s actually ‘figured out’ how to do the impossible…

Yes, just read this topic on Jul (a game ‘hacking’) forum for a minute.


Someone’s actually figured out how to make a tool to transfer Pokemon from Gold and Silver to Ruby and Sapphire, and has managed to bring a Pokemon from their gen 2 team into one of the gen 3 games.  Here are some pictures showing the Pokemon before and after the ‘transfer’:

Pokemon transfer

As you can see (click the picture to see the text more clearly), it’s pretty much a perfect ‘copy’ in both cases, complete with the same trainer ID and OT, same moves, mostly the same stats, same gender, experience required, level, etc.  And while a couple of the stats are a tad off (due to both the addition of natures and the change in how EVs worked between generations), it’s not by more than 7 or 8 points at the most, meaning that it’d be mostly unnoticeable for most players.

So transferring Pokemon from generation 2 to 3 is indeed technically possible as a concept.  And in theory, if the script used above was released, anyone with an emulated version of the third gen game could theoretically transfer their Pokemon from 2 to that, and then somehow across to the ‘legitimate’ modern games again via stuff like online trading.

Perhaps there’s still hope that we might see Pokemon transferred from the oldest games to the newer ones?  And that if Nintendo ever does release the first two generations on the 3DS Virtual Console, that we could also see them edited a tad to work with Poketransfer or whatever and said Pokemon brought over to the generation 6 games.

But what do you think?  Would you want to see a tool released to transfer Pokemon from gen 2 to gen 3 and beyond?  Is there a possibility that Nintendo could be persuaded to try this sort of thing on an official basis, restoring backwards compatibility between all six generations?



9 thoughts on “A Tool to Transfer Pokemon from Generation 1 and 2 to 3?”

    1. you realize it broke the original games and made them unplayable for a lot of people. also there is NO data on missingno in x and y. the only reason they existed in the first games is because they were pokemon they were gonna add but decided 200+ for the first game is too much. the missingno pokemon were generation 2 pokemon ghost data

      1. It has been proven that Missingno. does NOT break your game. Yeah, it can cause glitches, but the most that will happen is that you’ll need to reset your game. It doesn’t corrupt your save file. Yes, there were people who lost their save and was unable to save again after that, but that was not caused by Missingno. It was caused by – get this – the battery in the cartridge dying. Long story short: yes, it can glitch the heck out of your game, but it in no way made it unplayable.

        1. Not that it matters any more, there’s actually a different Missingno type placeholder for the number 0 slot in the Pokedex in most recent Pokemon games. So I assume if it was traded, it’d end up as whatever that thing is with the moveset of the original Missingno, and wouldn’t even really glitch the game at all.

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