Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Walkthrough; Treacherous Mansion

Treacherous Mansion

With five of the six Dark Moon pieces already in our possession and four different mansions cleared of spooks, the end game and King Boo are in our sights. Unfortunately for Luigi (and us) however, between us and this point is the Treacherous Mansion, the longest and most difficult mansion to complete in the entirety of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. Can we explore it and retrieve the last Dark Moon piece? Stop King Boo? Save Evershade Valley? Of course! Here’s how to get through Treacherous Mansion…


E-1 Front Door Key


Wow, this place sure does look intimidating!  So to start out, head through the ominous looking gate to reach the broken stone pathway leading to the mansion.  You know the drill here, cross those beams while using the gyroscope to counteract whatever ways Luigi is falling.  It’s kind of like the instances in Gloomy Manor or the Old Clockworks, except arguably even shorter and easier.

At the end, you’ll see a short scene of the pathway collapsing into the abyss (trapping Luigi on the ‘island’ with the mansion), so move on and try to unlock the door.  After all, we’ve got the key from Professor E Gadd, so this should be a piece of cake…

Damn Polterpup!  Yes, that ghost dog that’s been quite literally hounding us throughout the entire adventure is back, and he takes the key down to the basement of the mansion in yet another of his wild chases.  Oh goody, just when I thought I could stroll right in and confront the villain…

And now the mission changes to a Polterpup hunt.  Also, those walls to the left and right of the entrance move back too, so we can finally have a look into the mansion itself.  On the left, a few bored Greenies messing around with a helmet.  And on the right?  King Boo gives us a pretty good idea of what he’s capable of by trapping some innocent Toads in paintings.  Yeesh, and Professor E Gadd STILL doesn’t realise this guy’s the villain?

But enough said about the story, let’s go down to the cellar and get that key back!  So head left and down the steps towards the garden, at which point you should see a well to the left.  Shine the Dark Light on this well to make a red ball on a chain appear, then grab it with the Poltergust to have Luigi lower himself down into the well.

Down here, the first thing you need to do is head right past the spiders into a hallway with some suits of armour.  You’ll see the Polterpup charge through the north wall ahead, but unfortunately there’s no door or route that allows you to directly follow him.  Instead, pull on the vine in the brick wall and attempt to pull it down.  This will summon some Strong Greenies and a Strong Slammer, so defeat both of them to unlock the rooms exits again. Now pull down the brick wall with the vine like you did back in Haunted Towers.

This will lead you to a cliffside with a door and a gate.  Using the Poltergust on the wheel will lower the gate, but stopping will cause it to lower down again.  So what you’ll need to do is stand with your back towards the door and gate, and then use the Poltergust on the wheel while walking backwards to quickly get through the gate before it drops. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and thankfully isn’t even remotely a puzzle.

Behind this door is a long passage going to the right.  There’s also a torch and a spider web on the ceiling.  So go all the way to the right to reach an ominous ‘ceremonial chamber’ with various suits of armour and torches, and look down to the left to see a spider web ball.  Pick this up and head back left up the passageway to the torch to light it on fire, and then use it to light the fuses under all the candles in the ceremonial chamber room.

This will cause a scary looking knight like figure on a throne to be raised up from the basement.  Luigi approaches it expecting a fight…

And then a completely different suit of armour gets up and marches ominously towards him!  Yeah, this game is pretty good with the whole ‘bait and switch’ thing in these cut scenes.  And so the fight with the suit of armour begins.  How do you defeat such a foe?

Simple, lead him onto the rug in the middle, and pull it out from under his feet when he stands on it.  This will cause the armour to fall and break apart, revealing a Strong Greenie.  Catch it as normal, and then take down the OTHER suit of armour that’s now gotten up off the throne you revealed earlier (well, it did look suspicious for a reason…)  Once both are defeated and captured, examine the throne to enter the first set of Catacombs.

This place is a maze.  How it works is pretty much identical to every other ‘maze’ area in a game (The Lost Woods, Forest Maze, Big Boo Battle), where taking the wrong path boots you back to the first room.  So follow these directions to get to the next area:

  1. Go South
  2. Then go south again
  3. Go East
  4. And go East again
  5. Go North
  6. Go north again (past the knights/suits of armour)
  7. Go east
  8. Go south
  9. Finally, go east for the door

This leads you to the Haunted Laboratory.  Wow, this place really looks like a scene from a horror movie doesn’t it?  You almost expect to see Frankenstein’s monster brought to life while a mad scientist shouts its alive here.  Thankfully though, that suit of armour on the table does absolutely nothing of importance throughout the entire rest of the game.  What you do have to fight instead though are two Strong Greenies with sunglasses.  Much less trouble these two, deal with them like you would any other Greenies with sunglasses.

Once you’ve done that, move the arrow on the dial on the back wall to the other side to make the levels Boo appear.  You know the drill here, shine the Dark Light to make him ‘solid’, then bounce him around the room like a pinball.  Boos never change attack pattern in this title.  Once this is done though, have a look below for how to get a gem here:

Gem 1: Grab the helmet that fell from the suit of armour on the operating table, then shoot it at the glass jar with the gem inside to grab it.

Afterwards, exit through the door on the right side of the room.

This brings you to another set of Haunted Catacombs. Yep, it’s another maze.  Unfortunately though, this maze has a few gems and other things hidden in it, so you’d better read on to find out how to pass…

First of all, if you just want to exit, go south once and west twice for th door.  However, for the gems, read on…

Gem 2: In the Haunted Catacombs (the second ones), follow the directions the knights are pointing to reach a torch and spider web ball, then bring it to a giant spider web and burn it to reach a gem.  To see where the knights are pointing, examine the suits of armour with the X button.

Gem 3: Follow the suits of armour to reach where the spider web was, then go in the opposite direction from it to find a door leading back to the Cliffside. Out here, pull the gem off the vine it’s hanging from.

Now in the Dungeon Cells.  To start off, examine the shaking plant to find a Strong Hider, who you should capture to light up the room (and get him out the way).  Now, walk towards the back, and then left past the jail cells.  The last one here will have those fake bars you can either pull off or walk past, so enter the cell and pull the chain on the wall to flip the painting round. Next, go to the door of the cell to the right and shine your Dark Light on the painting of a bomb to make one fly out and destroy the wall, then enter the jail cell with the painting and check the barrel to find the Polterpup.  Catch him and retrieve the Front Door Key.

And that’s all for this mission!


E-2 Double Trouble


Finally, we get to go inside the mansion itself!  After seeing the creepy scene where King Boo appears behind Luigi and likely scares the wits out of the player, you’ll end up in the strangely deserted lobby of the mansion.

Now basically, here’s how this mansion design and mission works.  You’ve got four exhibits based on the first four mansions in the game.  What you have to do is explore each of these exhibits and use a combination of the warp portals and various objects to solve puzzles and free the Toads trapped within the mansion.  It’s a bit different than usual (as Mario Wiki notes, Treacherous Mansion has zero locked doors in its interior and hence very little of the previous mansion’s progression structure), but it’s a very interesting level design and arguably one of the most entertaining missions regardless.

So let’s begin.  Technically, you can go either way here, your first priority should be clearing out the enemies in the exhibits.  Let’s head through the East corridor first.

This leads to the Jungle Exhibit, a room filled with plants and wildlife roughly in the style of Haunted Towers.  There’s also a Toad trapped in a painting above a stream/waterfall.  So let’s try and free him with the Dark Light…

At which point a carnivorous plant will appear in front of the painting and two spear wielding Greenies will appear from nowhere!  Deal with the ghosts now you would normally, but leave the plant for a minute, since we need an item from another exhibit first.

So now, quickly run past the plant (you can strobe it to stun it for a second) and take the vine/rope like thing to the right to drop down the lower part of the room.  Down here, you’ll see a warp portal in a cave behind the waterfall.  Activate it with the strobulb, but don’t go through it.  Instead, go towards the lower left of the room and use the red flower to bounce Luigi back up to the upper level.  Exit through the North door to end up in another hallway.

Here, go down to the end and through the door to the Ancient Exhibit.  This part of the mansion is basically a shout out to the underground section of the Old Clockworks, the part you explored in ‘C-2, Underground Expedition’.  First start off by using the Strobulb on the statue’s eyes to drain the sand away…

And then use the vine like thing to smash down the wall and reveal the portal (it requires three hits).  This will cause a whole bunch of Mummies to attack.  You know how to deal with these, either lure them to the fire to burn off their bandages or make ’em hit a wall and pull them off with the Poltergust, defeating the Greenies revealed.  Once they’re all defeated, activate this warp portal as well and head back to the Lobby with it.

That’s cleared out the right side of the ground floor, now it’s time to head to the left side.  So go through the left door in the Lobby to enter a corridor, then through the door at the end to enter the Dark Ages Exhibit.  This room is very much medieval themed and a huge reference to Gloomy Manor (hence the mansion 1 style remix of the Treacherous Mansion theme played here).  Open the chest to reveal a book, and place it in the gap in the Northmost bookcase to reveal another portal.  Some more ghosts will attack here, so deal with them as normal.

Once that’s done, activate the portal but don’t go through.  Instead, exit out the North door in the Dark Ages Exhibit to enter ‘Grand West’, the corridor leading up to the Ice Age Exhibit.  Watch the scene involving a run away trolley flying down the corridor (it doesn’t hit Luigi), and then enter the door to the Ice Age Exhibit.

In here, it’s basically a giant reference to the Secret Mine and the ice themes found within.  So first of all, enter the Igloo and activate the portal, then either enter or get the gem listed below.

Gem 4: Pull the Mammoth’s trunk (yes this museum somehow has a live mammoth in the modern day, don’t ask) and it’ll blast Luigi to the roof.  Here you’ll see a constellation shaped like a star in front, and some missing points.  So take the star lying around and shoot it at one of the missing points in the constellation.

The other two stars needed are in the mouth of a gargoyle (blast it with the strobulb to make it drop the star) and falling past in the sky (use the Poltergust to make it fall to the ground).  Use these two stars to complete the constellation and you’ll get a gem for your efforts.

Either way, now we’ve got all the portals working, it’s time to use them to save the trapped Toads.  So take the portal from the lobby to the Dark Ages Exhibit, then pick up the bucket you find with the Poltergust.  Carry it through the portal back to the lobby, then go to the Jungle Exhibit by the warp portal to the far East.  Head beneath the waterfall to fill it with water, then go left and water the plant.  This plant grows those spiky fruits you used to take down Carnivorous plants in Haunted Towers, so grab once of those with the Poltergust and go back to the upper level of the room.  Defeat the Carnivorous Plant by shooting the fruit at its mouth, then use your Dark Light to rescue the first Toad.

Now with him saved, it’s time to go after the next one (yes, E Gadd sent two Toads here and managed to forget about one of them, he really is going senile).  So head back to the Foyer somehow (any way works), then use the portal back to the Jungle Exhibit.  You can now either get a gem or continue…

Gem 5: Take the water filled bucket through the portal to the lobby, then go to the Ancient Exhibit.  In here, walk up to the higher level of the room via the long slope and water the plant for another gem.

Once you’ve either got the above gem or just skipped it altogether, you want to take a log from the Jungle Exhibit to the lobby via the portal.  Once you’ve done this, head to the Ancient Exhibit and set the log on fire via one of the torches lying around.  Now carry it through the portal to the foyer again…

And then go through the final portal to the Ice Age Exhibit.  Use it to melt the ice blocking the cave section to the right, and free the final Toad from its painting prison with the Dark Light.

This will cause some enemies to attack.  Take care of them as usual, and then make another decision.  You can either head back and collect some missing gems…

Or you can skip to the last part of the mission.

If you want the gems, read on:

Gem 6: From the Ice Age Exhibit, go through the south door and then head down the right side corridor in Grand West.  You’ll see a door in the North wall just prior to the courtyard entrance, so enter to find yourself in the kitchen.  Now open the cupboard door to reveal a Carnivorous Plant standing behind it, then head to the stove and pick up the chicken with the Poltergust. Shoot the chicken at the plant to defeat it, then head to where it was standing for another gem.  You can also enter the fridge to the left for a mini game.

Gem 7: Now exit the Kitchen and cut across the courtyard to the right.  In this area, two doors lead to the Toilets (Restrooms in the US version).  Inside the left part of the room, you’ll find the gem hidden in a toilet.  So pull the chain to literally flush it out.

Gem 8: Finally, head back to the lobby.  Use the Dark Light near the gargoyle to the right of the stairs to reveal a chain, then pull it to reveal a hidden safe under the stairs.  Strobulb the door to open it, then defeat the Strong/Super Slammer who appears to lower the mystical barrier blocking the safe and get the gem.

Once all this is done (or if you didn’t go for the gems listed above), head for the courtyard (it’s the room in the middle, the outside area with the fountain). Here, shoot the Toads into the cages held by the fountain to make a Boo appear.  Unfortunately, this will also make some Sneakers appear alongside him.  So defeat both the Sneakers and Boo at the same time (while trying not to get hit too much), then use your Dark Light to make the fountain appear.  Throw the two Toads in the cages to make some strobulb icons appear, then blast all four with the strobulb to make some stairs appear from the ground.  Go up these stairs to reach the pixelshifter device, and then press X like usual to warp the Toads to the lab and end the mission.


E-3 A Train to Catch

Something is happening in the Train Exhibit and Luigi has to get there to stop King Boo!  Unfortunately, as the sheer length of this section should tell you, reaching this room is not the easiest thing in the world.

So to begin, put the gears in the machine in the courtyard.  This lets you move the stairs around to access the three different parts of the 1st floor.  Hence line the stairs up so you can access the East Corridor.

In here, the Train Exhibit is the first room to the right.  Unfortunately for us, this ‘door’ is a complete fake/trap that leads nowhere, so walking straight in is immediately out the question.  It does cause a few ghosts to attack us though and give us a way to light up the corridor afterwards, so this mistake isn’t a total loss.

So keep going down the hallway and enter the bottom right door to reach the Nautical Exhibit.  You’ll see a Slammer moving a ship wheel to the left, which itself is causing a portal to flip between being in the Nautical Exhibit and the Study.  So use the L button to blow shut the porthole on the wall to stop the mist coming in, then suck up all the mist/fog with the Poltergust.  This lets you blast the Slammer with the strobulb like normal and capture him, clearing the room.  Now activate the portal with a strobulb blast.

At this point, you have yet another chance to get a gem.  Do you want to get one? Follow the instructions below.  Don’t want one?  Skip over the next section.

Gem 9: Take the portal to the Front Entrance, then go to the Jungle Exhibit.  Now pick up a log with the Poltergust and take it back to the Front Entrance, then through the portal back to the Nautical Exhibit. Place it on the switch near the back of the room to lower the ship wheel and enter the door.

Out here is a pirate ship with a few crows and a treasure chest, so open the treasure chest for a gem.  Collect it and head back the way you came.

Now, you’ll need to flip the portal round so its in the Study.  To do this, use the Poltergust on the wheel on the left wall so the compass on the floor points north, and the portal will now be inside the Study.

In theory, we could just skip right ahead to the last part of the mission now.  After all, we only need to activate a scene in the Study and fight a mini boss to near enough finish the mission.  But before we do that, let’s explore some of the other rooms and get the remaining gems and Gold Greenies.

First things first, take the Balloon Berry from the Study into the portal that you moved into the room.  This will let you bring the fruit back to the Front Entrance and into the other exhibits.  Now do the following for the gems…

Gem 10: Go to the Jungle Exhibit, and use the Balloon Fruit to reach the top of the room.  Up here is a Gold Fruit, so pick it up and collect the coins that appear to make the gem appear in a treasure chest on the upper level.

Gem 11: Now take the fruit to the Ice Age Exhibit and go up to the top of the room here to find another Gold Fruit.  Pick this one up with the Poltergust like usual, then collect the coins that appear to make another gem appear in a treasure chest.

But wait!  Now you have a Balloon Fruit, go through the portal to the Dark Ages Exhibit and fly up to find another Gold Fruit.  This one makes some coins appear in the shape of a Boo… hmm, wonder what this could be?  So collect them all and open the chest to find the Boo for this mission (named Booreaucrat).  Defeat and catch him like normal.

Now that this part is done, it’s time to go money hunting!  So head back to the Jungle Exhibit and pick up a wooden log.  Take it to the Ancient Exhibit via the portal and light it on fire, then go to the Space Exhibit. Light the fuse on the rocket near the door, then quickly leave the room.  You’ll then hear a very loud crash as the rocket smashes back into the room, so enter to find a stunned Gold Greenie floating near the ship. Catch it like usual for even more cash!

This however isn’t the only Gold Greenie to be found hanging around the museum.  So now exit the Space Exhibit, and go up the corridor, entering the next room in the right side of the mansion.  This place is the Archives, and at first glance looks rather empty.

However, the boxes at the back hide a secret.  Examine them in the following order:

  1. South West
  2. North East
  3. North West
  4. South East

This will make a Gold Greenie appear.  Catch it like normal, then move on.

Finally, it’s time to put the missing book back in the bookshelf in the Dark Age Exhibit for the next gem…

Gem 12: So go to the Study again, pick up a Balloon Berry, then take it through the portal to the Front Entrance. In here, fly up to the right to find a ledge and a gargoyle with a blue book in its mouth, then use the Strobulb on it to make the statue drop the book. Float back to the floor, pick up the book with the Poltergust and take it through the portal to the Dark Age Exhibit. Slot the book in the bookshelf and get the gem that pops out.

Done with the diversions?  Right, return to the Study.  If you decided not to go for the optional stuff… well, I hope you didn’t leave the Study and go off wandering around in the meantime. Either way, use the Dark Light on the empty table to make a book appear.  Pick up this book and slot it in the bookshelf…

And the Strong Poltergeist/Boffin will appear!  Oh great, the one enemy that was already pretty much a mini boss gets a stronger form!  He’ll then flee to the Space Exhibit.  You know what to do, take the portal over and follow him!

In here, look into the telescope to see the Poltergeist/Boffin holding the book on a distant planet.  Turn away from the telescope and…

You somehow end up in outer space on the same planet as the Strong Poltergeist/Boffin! Yep, it’s another mini boss battle, and this time you’re in one hell of an interesting environment.  Here’s how to beat him:

Boss: Strong Poltergeist/Strong Boffin

HP: 300

Basically, he starts off by flying around and launching stars in your direction.  So look around for a shaking star (that’s about to be tossed in your general direction) and aim that way with the Strobulb to stun him, sucking him in as normal.

However, there’s a very good (not sure if 100%) chance he’ll escape, after which something quite… cool and rather strange happens.

The planet you’re on spins around and bombs start flying out from the middle of it!  Dodge the array of explosives being flung in all directions, blast down any flying bugs that pop out from absolutely nowhere and go hunt down the Poltergeist among the stars again.

And there’s pretty much all there is to this battle.  If you need help healing or are in trouble, just blast away the bugs with the Strobulb when they appear and take their dropped items.  And as for the bombs, relax, they don’t cover most of the arena and give you plenty of room to dodge.  Not to mention their explosion radius is much smaller than you’d think.

Note: The above text was copied from my boss guide on the forums

Now he’s done, we can recover the book and bring it back to the Study.  So pick up the book with the Poltergust like you did earlier, and enter the portal, then use the other portal to reach the Study.  Slot the book in the bookcase to open the door to the Train Exhibit.

This place has a few ghosts to take care of, namely two Super Hiders and a Super Sneaker. Take care of them all (it’s best you stun at least one Hider and one Sneaker at the same time to avoid getting hit by projectiles while sucking in a ghost), then decide whether you want the last gem or not. If you do want the last gem:

Gem 13: Use the Dark Light to make a missing piece of train track appear.  This will cause the train to enter the exhibit from the left side and the door to lower. Walk into the train and ride it round through the tunnel for the final gem. This gives you all 13 gems in Treacherous Mansion.

After you do that (or if you don’t want said gem), then…

Look into the view thing on the case in front of you to see what the Boos are up to, then exit this view to end the mission.


E-4 Ambush Manouvre


Make the first train carriage in front of you turn visible by shining the Dark Light there.  This causes a cut scene where the Big Boo will appear and a boss battle will begin.

Now this entire mission is literally a battle with Big Boo.  Here’s how to beat him:

Boss: Big Boo

HP: ?

Boolossus in all but name, this boss is basically one big throwback to the original Luigi’s Mansion.  Here’s how you defeat him.

First of all, he’ll either do one of the three things:

  1. Charge at you normally.
  2. Jump/bounce around trying to crush you
  3. Dive into the ground, come up halfway and charge from a portal.

What you need to do is manipulate him into hitting the drill on the front of the train moving around the arena.  So if he bounces around, just dodge him until he gets tired, pull back on his tongue and fling him into the front of the train.

If he goes into the ground, stand in front of where the train is heading and quickly dodge out the way, which should cause him to hit the drill at the front on his own.

If he charges, do what you did in point 2, although it’s kind of hard to line up properly.

Either way, once he hits the front of the train, he’ll pop and explode into a bunch of smaller Boos.  Now, what you need to do is grab the tongues of as many Boos as possible, and launch them into the train cars as it heads around the track.  This will trap/lock them in and take them out the fight, causing the Big Boo to be smaller when he reforms.

After this, the Boos will turn invisible and charge at you.  Now, shine your Dark Light around to make them reappear, then launch a few more in the train cars.  Of course, you still have to dodge the charging Boos (their charge is based on your initial position, so if you move literally an inch after they begin to attack you’ll dodge effortlessly), so avoid that while launching as many as possible.  After five or so charges, the Big Boo will reform.

And then you just repeat the process. Dodge attack, make him hit the train, launch Boos into cars/carriages, repeat.  Once he’s down to one he won’t even become a Big Boo, he’ll just charge at you.  When this happens, just dodge out the way as he heads towards a train car to lock him in and end the battle.


E-5 Paranormal Chaos


One of the most difficult missions in the game, this one is a bit of an interesting one compared to the others you’ve came across so far.  Remember how most missions involved mostly puzzle solving?  Well this one doesn’t.  Instead, it’s basically near non stop combat while trying to avoid the entire universe collapsing.  Hope you know how to take care of ghosts quickly!

To start off, head to the Aviation Exhibit. This is the room in which the mission’s Boo can be found in, and leaving it until after the mission ‘truly’ begins is pretty much going to make it ten times more difficult. So head in, then use the Dark Light on the giant missing balloon in the centre of the room to make the Boo appear. Catch him, then exit back through the West Corridor to the Inner Courtyard

Now head through the door to the Terrace.  You’ll see a scene where King Boo opens an ominous looking portal to the ‘Paranormal Dimension’ and an absolute ton of ghosts fly out into the various rooms of Treacherous Mansion.

So what you have to do is thus; head to all the rooms marked on your map and defeat all the ghosts within to clear them.  To make this harder however, the sheer amount of ghosts is apparently causing the whole dimension to reach breaking point, so these ghost filled rooms will change colour from green, to orange to red as time goes on.  Once they change to red, then a timer starts with two minutes on the clock.  Run out here and you get a game over.

So you’d better hurry to the first infested exhibit, the Nautical Exhibit.  In here, take care of the Slammers and Super Slammer to clear out the room, then take the warp to the Front Entrance.  Take the portal to the other side to the Space Exhibit and defeat the Super Greenies.  E Gadd will then ring and say another four or so rooms have become ghost infested.

These are the four exhibits on the ground floor, the kitchen and the toilets.

So let’s begin with the Dark Ages Exhibit.  Some Greenies will brandish weapons to attack, so either dodge or use the Dark Light to make them turn vulnerable to the strobulb, and catch them like normal.

Next up, maybe go to the Ice Age Exhibit.  Here Sneakers and Super Sneakers are the main theme, so watch out for their trails on the snowy floor and try and capture as many as possible at once.  Keep in mind that if you’re not hurrying, the timer to dimensional collapse may just have started, so clear out these rooms as fast as possible.

Once you’ve taken care of the ghosts here, exit via the south door and go right to reach the Kitchen.  This place is full of Hiders (all Super/Strong variants), so it can be quite difficult to deal with.  Reveal them and catch them while avoiding the projectiles tossed by the others, and then exit through the Courtyard to Grand East.

Head north here to the Ancient Exhibit.  Just one guess what enemies make a reappearance.  Yes, Mummies again!  So head down to the bottom of the room and defeat the Mummies and Greenies to clear out the area.  Head through the portal to the Front Entrance.

And then go to the Jungle Exhibit.  Here you’ve got just one enemy.  Unfortunately, said enemy is a Super Gobber, one of the most annoying to kill monsters in the game. So take down it’s health while slowing moving left and right to dodge its spit attacks.  Hurry, the timer might have appeared again!  And this guy has about 300 HP…

Once he’s done, go to the Toilets to find some Creepers.  Thankfully, there’s no other ghosts (and even more thankfully, there’s no such thing as a Super Creeper), so just get them all in one blast. That’s all the visible enemies gone, so head back to the Terrace…

And begin to fight the horde!  No seriously, an absolute ton more ghosts come out the portal and you have to fight them all at the same time!  Greenies, Slammers, Sneakers, Gobbers, Super Greenies, Super Slammers, Mummies, Super Sneakers… you name it, it comes back to fight you! It can be a pretty hard fight (after all, these enemies are all getting in the way of your attacks and each other), but it’s one of the best parts of the game regardless.  Take care of all the ghosts (the armed Greenies and Super Gobber usually mark the end of the battle), and the mission will be complete!


E-6 Stop the Knightmare


When you begin, Luigi will be automatically sucked into the portal and end up in a mysterious mansion like room in a ghostly void.  There’s not much to see in here now, so go straight forward to the Dark Moon shard to begin the boss battle with the Tough Possessor.

Boss: Tough Possessor

HP: Infinite

Here’s how to defeat this boss:

To start, he splits into multiple ghosts and takes over the suits of armour around the room, which then try and kill Luigi with their weapons.  So how do you get him vulnerable?  Just lure all the attacking knights/armour onto a rug and pull it away from under their feet, like you did in the first knight battle in the Treacherous Mansion Ceremonial Chamber!  This will drive the Possessor out the armour, and cause his clones to all recombine into one again.

Now, just dodge him like you did the other Possessors, strobe him and suck him in.

Repeat this pattern once more, and then something very interesting happens…

Cue the gigantic fifty foot suit of armour/knight that steps over the wall and starts trying to crush you with a massive sword!

This form has to be beaten in a different way.  So what you need to do is to get one of his feet to step onto each of the rugs (you can move around by a foot to make it try and crush you, then lure it to stamping on the rug), and then pull each of the rugs away under the knight’s feet.  This will cause him to fly backwards and come crashing to the floor, at which point the Possessor is driven out and fights like he did before.  Just dodge his attacks, hit him with the Strobulb and suck him up to win the battle!

P.S. If you need hearts, various mice will run across the floor.  Hit them with the Strobulb to make them explode into either hearts or spare change.

Once he’s done, collect the Dark Moon piece.  Unfortunately, a shocking twist is about to occur… Click this link to find out what happens…

The Shocking Twist is…


E-Bonus Terrifying Invasion


The final bonus mission of the game, it’s another run through ‘random’ rooms with ‘random’ ghosts.  There’s not much I can advise as far as strategy here (since it’s six random rooms from Treacherous Mansion that you have to clear out and the strategies required for all enemy combos would take up another full article), so just follow your map carefully and try and max out your A Pull meter to get the most money possible from each ghost.

Good luck!