Nintendo 3DS Daily’s Super Secret Page

Oh hey there!  Looks like you found our super secret page here at Nintendo 3DS Daily, the one which we never told anyone about for ages!

You see, in the old days of fan sites (way before any of these new fangled news blog thingy majigs and such stuff as Twitter and Tumblr), there was this old tradition called ‘the secret page’.  This was a secret part of the site which was hidden away in the source code and only accessible to those few people who managed to figure out an obtuse series of clues in order to get to it, sort of like a treasure hunt for the terminally bored.

The Mushroom Kingdom (a Mario fan site which you can find by typing that name into Google) was one of the main examples of a site having one, but others such as Super Mario Bros HQ (who did a really shoddy job hiding it because they forgot to stop Google indexing it), Super Mario RPG Legacy and the Cave of Dragonflies (a fairly well known Pokemon fan site) also had them too.

And so in the tradition of days gone by, we at Nintendo 3DS Daily thought we ought to add a secret page, just to see how many bored people would come across it due to having too much free time and no sort of personal life whatsoever.

Still, you’ve obviously found your way here, so leave a comment below stating how you found the page and what your thoughts on this mostly extinct website concept are.  And while you’re at it, you may also want to try our super difficult ‘secret forum’ challenge over at Nintendo 3DS Community.  This one has you find various clues hidden in different places (including a fan game on a completely different website and a password at the end of a special quiz) to open up a secret part of the forums with more general discussions and content you can’t find elsewhere!  Here’s a topic discussing it:

List of People who found the Secret Page

  1. CM30/Nin3DS
  2. Milo
  3. Hideyoshi
  4. Martin