The Return to Dreamy Wakeport

Last time, we collected the five parts of the Ultibed and found Bedsmith’s pillow in the basement of a house in Wakeport, using it to enter the second Dreamy Wakeport Dream World. But how do you get through this new place and free Bedsmith?  Read on to find out!

Starting at the Dream Portal, head right to the next screen.  You’ll soon see the Nightmare Chunks holding Bedsmith, but they’re trapped in what appears to be a clocktower like building.  As you may have guessed, you can’t break them free from this side, so you’ll have to travel through the entirety of Dreamy Wakeport to find how to get them out via some ! blocks on the opposite one.  With that said, head down and to the right, going into the entrance below the one leading to the Dream Portal.

In this blank room, just head right again.  Not much to see here.

The next area however actually has something important in it though, a Luiginary Work!  Yes, this is the Luiginary Sneeze Wind thing you’re used to already, so switch the commands with L or R, and then press B when Luigi starts glowing to make him activate the work.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll probably notice some red blocks in the distance.  The gimmick here is simple; making Luigi sneeze in the real world causes any red or green blocks in the foreground to be blown out the screen and replaced with a set in the opposite colour.  So make Luigi sneeze to bring the red blocks to the foreground and climb up them to get the first Attack Piece.  Once that’s done, head across the orange/yellow/green jump through platform to the exit on the left side of the room.

This place has a heck of a lot more blocks of different colours in strange formations.  So first of all, climb the two ledges in front of you, then make Luigi sneeze to bring the red blocks to the foreground.  Climb up to the left to get on top of these blocks, and then go right.

Keep going across the red blocks until you enter the next screen.

In here, you’ll come across some enemies.  These are Cocoknight Rs and Krubbishs.  The former work much like the standard Cocoknights from Big Massif’s dream, so deal with them the same way.  The latter?  They have some new attacks and strategies…

Enemy: Krubbish

Places Found: Dreamy Wakeport (second visit)

Description: A pink rubbish bin with teeth and angry looking eyes.  Often found as an extra enemy alongside groups of Cocoknight Rs, but they also appear on the map themselves.

HP: 83

EXP Gained Upon Defeat: 160

Coins dropped: 45


Items Dropped: Refreshing Herb (10% chance), Rookie Gloves (5% chance)

And for the heck of it, here are the stats for the Cocoknight Rs…

Enemy: Cocoknight R

Places Found: Dreamy Wakeport (second visit)

Description:  A purple coconut like creature holding a tribal spear.

HP: 101

EXP Gained Upon Defeat: 20

Coins Dropped: 5

Items Dropped: Ultrasyrup Jar (1% chance)

With the enemies in here defeated, head to the top right of the room to get Attack Piece 2 for Dreamy Wakeport.

Once you’ve got this, head back down to the bottom righ of the room, and go back to the room with the Luiginary Sneeze Wind and different coloured blocks.

Make Luigi enter the Luiginary Work as usual, and then make Luigi sneeze to bring the red blocks to the foreground again.

Next, head tight until you’re underneath the N shape made of green blocks.  Have Luigi sneeze to bring these to the foreground, and drop down, heading to the right to get another Attack Piece.  Once this is done, head back up to the ledge to the left, where you entered from the room with the enemies and second Attack Piece.

Here, make the red blocks come to the foreground and head up and to the right (getting another Attack Piece along the way), where you should see some green blocks forming what looks like stairs in the distance.  Here, line up Mario so he’s standing opposite the lowest row of green blocks, and make Luigi sneeze to bring them to the foreground, with Mario now standing on them.  Climb up the green blocks to reach the yellow, green and orange platform.

While up here, make Luigi sneeze again to bring the red blocks to the foreground.  Now, make Mario stand on the right most red block and get Luigi to sneeze yet again.  This will bring the green blocks foreground and leave Mario standing on them.  With that done (and the puzzle now complete), jump across the small gap between green blocks and head through the upper right door in this room.

This goes to another large area with more Krubbishs and Cocoknight Rs wandering about.

So go right, defeating the Cocoknights as go.  Also, keep those parasol things in mind, those will turn out to be important in this area later.  Either way, go right all the way until the wall at the end, picking another Attack Piece from the block by the wall.  With this now in your possession, go back left and climb the platforms to reach the part with the Krubbish wandering about.

Defeat the monster as usual, and head left to the next area.

As per usual, this room revolves around the Luiginary Sneeze Wind mechanic.  Activate it as usual with Dreamy Luigi’s possession power, and climb up to one of the jump through platforms (next to a vertical green one).  Up here, make Luigi sneeze to bring the red platforms to the fore, and head left, hitting the ! block at the end.  This flips the upper most green platform around and makes it so you can stand on it.  Hea d back to the now horizontal green platform, and have Luigi sneeze to bring it into the foreground again.

Climb up on this now flat platform, and up to another platform to get yet another Attack Piece.  Once that’s done, drop down to the long platform below the Attack Piece block one, and head right again, which will lead you to the upper level of the room with the parasols.

These things act like trampolines when you hit them from above.  So bounce on one to reach yet another Attack Piece, and jump down where the coins are to the right to land on another ledge.  Cross the parasols and head to the right, exiting off the screen to another new area (collecting another Attack Piece as you go).

In this area, you’ll see some more enemies (the usual Krubbish and Cocoknight R monsters).  So climb up the platforms to the left to find another Attack Piece and then continue up to the top right of the room, going through the green pipe to progress to the next part of the area.

This takes you to a place with a Luiginary Constellation in the background, so activate it as usual to get the Luigi Stack ability working.  Now, go towards the right of the room to find a button.  This button drops a bomb from the ceiling, and like in your previous trip to Dreamy Wakeport, you’ll need to make the stack bounce back to launch it at the blocks, clearing a path to the green pipes underneath.  So hit the switch and bounce the bombs into the blocks to get rid of them all, and make your way down the leftmost green pipe.

The room you end up in houses the last Attack Piece in Dreamy Wakeport.  Grab it to unlock the Luiginary Wall attack, and head out the pipe again.  Now, back in the room where you flung the bombs into the blocks, go down the green pipe to the right to enter another new area.

In here, there’s a ton of parasols and enemies, with the goal being to climb up the platforms by the entrance pipe and bounce across the parasols to reach a higher up exit to the left.  However, you’ll immediately notice that none of the parasols are up and hence they can’t be bounced on.

To resolve this, you need to head to the left of the room (defeating any enemies in your way), and then go down the lowermost green pipe.

This takes you to an area with some moving platforms and some spikes.  Unfortunately, all bar the first one are in the background, so you’ll need to activate the Luiginary Sneeze Wind work with good timing to bring the next platform in the foreground just as you end up standing in the spot it’ll appear.  This is easier than it sounds though, since time stops whenever a Luiginary Work’s effect is activated (like the sneeze wind here), so you never have to worry about the platform you’re on or trying to transfer to moving away before you land on it.  Cross the set of platforms to reach the other side.

With this done, now you need to hit all the switches around the room with your hammer.  Each one makes a parasol open in the room above, so use the Luiginary Sneeze Wind and the different platforms to cross the room, hitting each switch as you get to it.  Once all four switches have been hit, return up to the room above.

You can now cross the parasols, so head back to the start of the room (where the green pipe is), and climb the platforms next to it.  Jump across the parasols until you reach the upper most pipe at the left of the area.

Doing this brings you out at a pipe underneath the building with the Nightmare Chunk, right at the beginning of the Dream World.  Head right across the conveyor belt, and save at the top.

You’ll then see a cut scene with the pi’illo collector where he explains about how he regularly visits the Nightmare Chunk.  Unfortunately, he also mentions the existence of a ‘giant, terrible guardian’ that attacks anyone who tries to retrieve said chunk.  Well, that’s as good a warning as any I guess.

With that cut scene over and done with, save again.  Seriously, save and prepare for the worst, since this boss is one of the most annoying, difficult to defeat monsters in the entire game and has been known to absolutely rip any unprepared player to spreads in its wake.  Once you’re ready, hit the ! blocks (ignoring the warnings that appear), and prepare for a boss battle against said guardian!

Boss: Earthwake

Oh god, it’s this boss.  Also known as one of the most annoying bosses in the entire game, Earthwake is a giant robot made of buildings that guards Bedsmith’s Nightmare Chunk in Dreamy Wakeport.  It also happens to have an extremely difficult to dodge hammer attack that can easily rip someone’s health in half in a single turn, comes completely out of nowhere and is the one giant boss in the game even Giant Luigi initially runs away from.

Read the boss guide to know how to defeat him, which can be done by clicking the link below:

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Boss Guide; Earthwake

Good luck, you’re likely gonna need it.

Once Earthwake is defeated, break the Nightmare Chunk like you normally do to free Bedsmith and teleport back to the real world.  You can read what to do next by checking out the next part of my guide below…

Time to Awaken the Zeekeeper in Somnom Woods!