Yveltal is getting a Mega Evolution in a Future Pokemon Game?

Well, the Spanish press release for Pokemon Art Academy sure seems to be ‘hinting’ at it.  Have a read of this:

cuando seamos expertos podremos dibujar hasta MegaEvoluciones de Yveltal

Now, I don’t speak any Spanish, but that sounds an awful lot like ‘Yveltal is getting Mega Evolutions’.  Perhaps this is hinting at some new form being revealed alongside the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes?  Or a special event version being released over wifi?

But what do you think?  Is this evidence that Yveltal is getting a Mega Evolution soon?



Rumour; Pokemon X and Y Introduce New Fairy Type, Xerneas and Sylveon will use it?

Here’s another interesting Pokemon X and Y rumour!  Yes, according to a source who apparently leaked accurate info about Gen V Pokemon, a new Fairy type is being added to Pokemon X and Y and will be used for various new and existing Pokemon.  Here’s exactly what they say:

  • Xerneas and Sylveon are going to be Fairy type
  • Yveltal is dual Dark and Flying type
  • Clefairy and its evolutionary line will have their types altered to Fairy Type


Above: These two Pokemon will apparently be type Fairy

Now I do stress that it’s entirely a rumour as of this point in time and has zero evidence to back it up. Could it be accurate?  Potentially, the source who says this apparently leaked quite a few pieces of info about gen V and apparently has contacts within Nintendo.  But it’s currently only a rumour and should be taken with at least a small grain of salt.

Either way, do you think this is accurate?  Is a new Fairy type going to be added to the gen 6 Pokemon games and used as the main typing for Sylveon and Xerneas?  Is Yveltal a Dark/Flying Pokemon?  What do you think?


Rumour: Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon’s Typing – Pokemon Jungle

Pokemon X and Y; More Screens and Art

Including good quality pictures of the main legendary Pokemon and starters, straight from the Pokemon official site!  Here they are:

xy_starter_types_en yveltal_72dpi xerneas_72dpi fennekin_feunnec_fynx_72dpi froakie_grenousse_froxy_72dpi chespin_marisson_igamaro_72dpi froakie_grenousse_froxy_2 fennekin_feunnec_fynx_2 froakie_grenousse_froxy_1 fennekin_feunnec_fynx_1 chespin_marisson_igamaro_2 chespin_marisson_igamaro_1

As you can see, a lot of nice screens and bits of artwork there, right?  It’s a shame we’ve only seen five species as of this point in time, but it’s still nice to have some more artwork and screenshots, especially at this higher level of quality.

Pokemon X and Y; First Ever Legendary Pokemon Official Art!

Xerneas and Yvelta may be the cover legendaries for Pokemon X and Y, but we don’t really have any clear pictures of either yet, right?  After all, the only images we’ve seen of them to this point are from the blurry trailer video.

But thanks to some new Coro Coro magazine scans, we’ve now got some actual decent pictures of these two legendary Pokemon.  Here are the pages:

Xerneas Scan 421px-CoroCoro_February_2013_Yveltal


Now you can see what these two legendary Pokemon look like as a whole without having to try and piece it together from second long clips of footage.  They definitely do seem to resemble an X and a Y when you see their entire bodies, don’t they?

Pokemon X and Y’s Legendary Pokemon Named!

Game Freak have just revealed the names of Gen VI’s legendary Pokemon. As you may have already guessed from the trailer, these are the bird and stag like Pokemon seen at the end of the announcement trailer.  Here they are:

xerneas yveltal


The stage like creature is called Xerneas, the bird like one is called Yveltal.

So yeah, what do you think of these legendary Pokemon and their names?  Seems like they’ll be the ones featured in the box art this time around!