The Legend of Zelda is Delayed til 2017

I’m afraid so, the game is now due to be released in 2017 rather than at the end of this year. Still, there’s some good news in it too, as the game is now heading to the Nintendo NX! Yep, just like Twilight Princess before it, Zelda U is now being released on both the Wii U and Nintendo NX systems. This should give early adopters for the latter a Zelda game to play on launch day, assuming it comes out around that time.

It’s also going to be playable at E3 2016, so hey, guess that’s something.

Nintendo have also released a ‘new’ piece of artwork for the game. Well, they say it’s new, it’s really just the same version of Link from the screenshots but in better quality. Here it is:

Zelda Wii U Link Artwork

Here’s a tweet from Nintendo backing up the delayed release date and Nintendo NX release:

So what do you think about this? Are you happy the game is also being released on the Nintendo NX? Or do you wish it had stayed a Wii U only game and been released this year? Post your thoughts in the forums here or on our social media channels now!

Star Fox Zero Credits Contain Satoru Iwata Tribute

Last year, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata died from a tumour connected to complications involving a tumour related to his bile duct. But while it was perhaps a bit late for 2015’s Nintendo games to pay the man tribute, it seems Star Fox Zero has done just that. Note this screenshot, showing part of the game’s ending:

star fox iwata tribute

The text is as follows:

This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle.

As you can probably guess, it’s a pretty clear reference to Iwata and his untimely demise, and is a really sweet way of paying him tribute in a game he sadly couldn’t see get released. Thanks Platinum Games (and Nintendo), for honouring Iwata’s memory in this game. And also for doing it in such an amazing way, with the tribute feeling like part of the game’s universe.

But what do you think? Are you happy with this tribute to Satoru Iwata in Star Fox Zero? And do you think we might see something similar in some other games Nintendo is going to be releasing soon?


Star Fox Zero Credits Pay Tribute to Satoru Iwata – Nintendo Everything

Wii U Production Likely Ending Soon

Nintendo is now denying this, and says Wii U production will continue through the next fiscal term and beyond. However, they have also said similar things about other rumours from this source, and quite a few of those rumours have turned out to be true.

It’s not been a good time for the Wii U. Launched in 2013 to a fairly tepid reaction and then quickly being overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft’s systems just months later, the console has mostly struggled on at a rate far below that of its predecessors. Indeed, as of December 2015, only about 13 million Wii U systems had been sold, a number just over half that of the Gamecube.

Wii U box art

Above: Even Super Mario Maker and Super Smash Bros couldn’t really save the Wii U

But now, it seems the end may be coming for Nintendo’s eighth gen system. A respected Japanese magazine has said that Nintendo will stop production of the Wii U before 2016 is up, and that the Nintendo NX is going to be revealed very shortly. They also say a few of the Wii U’s accessories have already left production.

Is this confirmed? Not really, but it definitely seems like the Wii U’s time is just about up. It didn’t really sell, and Nintendo just wants to move on to their next system.

Still, what do you think about this? Are you disappointed the Wii U is likely to be discontinued before the end of the year? Or do you think the system was doomed to fail from the get go?


Nikkei Magazine (as ‘translated’ by Dr Serkan Toto)

Next Nintendo Direct Announced for the 3rd of March 2016

Which for those who aren’t paying attention to the calendar, means tomorrow. Said Nintendo will start at 2pm PT (or 10pm GMT, for those in the UK), and will cover Wii U and 3DS games being released in Summer 2016.

Here are Nintendo’s official announcements about it on Twitter:

So what do we think is likely to be announced in this Direct? Well, Zelda seems to a sure fire inclusion. After all, it’s been ages since new footage of Zelda U was released, and even that was about 15 seconds worth. So it feels like we’ll be getting a proper trailer this time around, giving us some indication of how the game will actually work on a story level.

Star Fox Zero seems plausible too, though it could easily be an announcement that the game’s just been delayed again. Pokemon Sun and Moon could make an appearance here, given that we’ve only seen concept art and the logos rather than any of the actual gameplay or included Pokemon.

And there’s likely to be something new as well. Maybe Paper Mario for Wii U will finally be announced? It’s pretty much a sure fire bet at this point…

But what do you want to see in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct?

FreezeMe; Game Crashing Bug Discovered

Well, seems like Mario & Luigi Paper Jam isn’t the only new game to have game breaking glitches! Apparently, FreezeMe (a new 3D platformer for the Wii U) has a glitch that causes the game to crash if you run out of time above a bottomless pit in a certain bonus level. Here’s a video showing it in action:

So what can we say? Well, call us a bit immature if you will, but with a title like FreezeMe, what did you expect was going to happen? It’s like tempting fate in the most obvious way imaginable!

Still, the developers can always look on the bright side. It’s only one game breaking bug, it’s in a game made by a small indie studio rather than a large corporation with legions of testers and it’s pretty unlikely anyone will fall victim to it unless they’re deliberately trying to mess things up. And hey, as bad as this bug might be, it’s absolutely nothing compared to the hundreds or thousands of issues that Paper Jam’s glitchy physics engine and Luigi’s Mansion 2’s even glitchier ScareScraper can bring.

What do you think of this new issue in FreezeMe? Have you experienced it while playing the game? And what’s the chances that Rainy Night Creations will put out a patch for the game soon?


FreezeMe Game Crashing Bug Discovered – GoNintendo