The Frog Suit Comes to Super Mario Maker!

Well, sort of.  It’s actually a Costume Mario form unlocked by beating a NES Remix inspired level, and grants Mario no extra abilities whatsoever.

So in other words, a Frog Suit in name only.  None the less, here’s a video showing the suit being unlocked in the game (recorded just a few hours or so ago):

And here’s another video, this time by Youtube channel GameExplain, which shows the suit in action:

As you can see, it’s definitely only a visual thing, with no real effects on gameplay (as best seen in the underwater area).  But what do you think about it?  Is it a good idea that this Mario form was added as a Mystery Mushroom thing, or would it have been better if the powerup was added as an actual powerup complete with the abilities of the original one from Super Mario Bros 3?  Personally, we think the latter.

Awesome Smash Bros 4 Video Explains why Duck Hunt Dog is in the game!

Ever wondered why the Duck Hunt dog made it into Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U?  Well, this fan made video (by JudgeSpear of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Super Mario Fusion Revival fame) explains it really well:

Based on a comic about the game posted on DeviantArt, it’s touching, funny and all in all, makes a great explanation for why the dog and duck duo made it into the new game.

But what do you think?  Is it a good video about a potential backstory the characters may have had?  Should Nintendo’s own explanation be similar, for when the characters are officially announced in a new trailer?

3D Printed Game Boys Now?

Ever wanted an old school style Game Boy that could play games from various old Nintendo consoles?  Somehow manage to either own or have access to a 3D printer?  Well if so, check out this neat tutorial video, where the instructors have managed to make their own Game Boy consoles with just a few Raspberry Pis and some other homebrew style equipment:

Either way, it’s pretty impressive.  Possibly worrying for Nintendo too, since they now have to worry about people ‘pirating’ the console hardware as well as the games you run on it.

Yoshi’s New Island; Full Intro!

It’s a pretty amusing video too, so click the read more link and watch it for yourself.  Especially if you like seeing the ever more traumatic childhood of Mario and Luigi, who have officially gone from ‘fairly unlucky’ to ‘probably need lots of counselling by this point’.

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