Rumour; Pokemon X and Y Introduce New Fairy Type, Xerneas and Sylveon will use it?

Here’s another interesting Pokemon X and Y rumour!  Yes, according to a source who apparently leaked accurate info about Gen V Pokemon, a new Fairy type is being added to Pokemon X and Y and will be used for various new and existing Pokemon.  Here’s exactly what they say:

  • Xerneas and Sylveon are going to be Fairy type
  • Yveltal is dual Dark and Flying type
  • Clefairy and its evolutionary line will have their types altered to Fairy Type


Above: These two Pokemon will apparently be type Fairy

Now I do stress that it’s entirely a rumour as of this point in time and has zero evidence to back it up. Could it be accurate?  Potentially, the source who says this apparently leaked quite a few pieces of info about gen V and apparently has contacts within Nintendo.  But it’s currently only a rumour and should be taken with at least a small grain of salt.

Either way, do you think this is accurate?  Is a new Fairy type going to be added to the gen 6 Pokemon games and used as the main typing for Sylveon and Xerneas?  Is Yveltal a Dark/Flying Pokemon?  What do you think?


Rumour: Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon’s Typing – Pokemon Jungle