Rumour; Pokemon X and Y Introduce New Fairy Type, Xerneas and Sylveon will use it?

Here’s another interesting Pokemon X and Y rumour!  Yes, according to a source who apparently leaked accurate info about Gen V Pokemon, a new Fairy type is being added to Pokemon X and Y and will be used for various new and existing Pokemon.  Here’s exactly what they say:

  • Xerneas and Sylveon are going to be Fairy type
  • Yveltal is dual Dark and Flying type
  • Clefairy and its evolutionary line will have their types altered to Fairy Type


Above: These two Pokemon will apparently be type Fairy

Now I do stress that it’s entirely a rumour as of this point in time and has zero evidence to back it up. Could it be accurate?  Potentially, the source who says this apparently leaked quite a few pieces of info about gen V and apparently has contacts within Nintendo.  But it’s currently only a rumour and should be taken with at least a small grain of salt.

Either way, do you think this is accurate?  Is a new Fairy type going to be added to the gen 6 Pokemon games and used as the main typing for Sylveon and Xerneas?  Is Yveltal a Dark/Flying Pokemon?  What do you think?


Rumour: Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon’s Typing – Pokemon Jungle

Possible Evidence Sylveon/Ninfia is Flying Type?

It’s only a theory I found online, but it’s fairly plausible.  Here’s an infographic explaining it:

Eevee forms


Or in simple terms, each Pokemon in the diagram is shown opposite one they’re either good against or weak too.  Espeon vs Umbreon, Leafeon vs Vaporeon, Flareon vs Glaceon… and Sylveon is shown opposite Jolteon.  This means either Jolteon is good against Sylveon or the other way around.

So what’s good against Electric?  Only Ground types.  Sylveon does not look remotely like a Ground type.  And weak against Electric?  That’s either Water or Flying.  Given than we’ve already got a Water form of Eevee in Vaporeon, it only makes sense by process of elimination that it’s a Flying type.

Does this theory make sense for anyone else?  And for anyone curious, here’s the original picture from the Pokemon website:



Looks like Sylveon will be a Flying Type then.