Four 3DS Titles to be added to 3DS eShop in Europe

Nintendo confirms old 3DS Games to be available via eShop

Ten Things you probably didn’t know about the Mario series

Oh, and another rip off of Mario 3D Land!

Okay, so now there’s a Super Mario 3D Land rip off on the app store?

Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land coming to eShop

So Super Mario 3D Land was even stranger than before (Game Developer’s Conference)

Koichi Hayashida GameInformer Interview; Super Mario 64 Remake Planned?

If Super Mario 3D Land is supposed to be a Gateway Title for Mario fans…

Mario won’t become a yearly franchise like Call of Duty says Nintendo

Flight was Planned in Super Mario 3D Land but Scrapped; Other Interesting Mechanics were to return

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