Bravely Second Censors Tomahawk Class to Cowboy Class?

Okay, take this with a grain of salt at the moment, since the only reference for it is an image from a Spanish retailer.  But even so, it looks like Nintendo or Square Enix has swapped out the in game ‘Tomahawk’ class with a ‘cowboy’ one, presumably to avoid offending native Americans.  Here are some comparison pictures:


As you can see, it’s not the biggest change in the world (the most notable edit seems to be changing the headband for a cowboy hat), but still.  It’s 2015 people, we don’t need to censor away any mention of native Americans/American indians/whatever else in the name of political correctness.  Even less so given that it’s merely a character class in a video game.  What next, are we going to censor Turok so he’s not one either?

What a stupid as hell change, and one we genuinely hope doesn’t start becoming the norm in video games and other media.


Rumour – Bravely Second Swaps Out Tomahawk Class for Cowboy – GoNintendo

Win Your Very Own Island by Playing Just Cause 3?

We’ve seen some pretty insane contests here at Gaming Reinvented.  Whether it’s winning games, winning systems or winning merchandise, plenty of other companies have run contests based on their video games and things achieved within them.

But now, this is just insane.  Square Enix are offering an actual island to the person who racks up the most ‘chaos’ points in the upcoming Just Cause 3 video game.  And no, we’re not talking a virtual island.  Or a symbolic prize.

We’re talking an actual island.  You know, the kind you find in the middle of large lakes, rivers, seas and other bodies of water, that’s presumably big enough to build a house on (or do whatever else you want to do).  And while it’s not the biggest island in the world that they’re giving away (the $50,000 dollars its worth would barely buy you a small apartment in some parts of the world), it’s still big enough.  I mean, we’ve done a quick bit of research, and here’s what you can buy for that amount on a specialised website:

Islands for Sale under $49,000 – Vladi Private Islands

Small Island, Atlantic Coast – Private Islands Online

Hemlow Island – Private Islands Online

That’s a pretty impressive prize.  Either way, here’s the trailer announcing the contest:

As it notes, the contest is only open to people in the US, Canada, Mexico and Chile, and you’ll need a Day One Edition of the game (on either the PS4 or Xbox One) to be elligible.  You’ll also have to enter the marked code inside the box into their website form in order to register for it as well.

Here’s the official website for the contest, in case you want to find out more.

Either way, it’s real.  You can actually win a private island by playing a video game.  Who would have thought?

What do you think about the possibility of winning a private island by doing well in Just Cause 3?  Would you want to see contests this insane start being held for other games?


You Can Win An Island by Playing Just Cause 3 – Gamnesia

New Dragon Quest Game to be Revealed on July 28th

That’s according to Japanese gaming magazine V-Jump anyway, who state that the announcement will be live streamed online.  Here’s a picture of the magazine page announcing it, for those who happen to read Japanese:


So what do we think?

Well, we would like to say that there’s no evidence this is going to be a brand new main series installment. Okay, the live stream thing might suggest that, but then again… didn’t quite a few less notable Dragon Quest games and spinoffs get Nintendo Direct showcases and what not?  For all we know this could be some sort of obscure spinoff that hardly anyone ends up paying attention to.

But hey, we’ll just have to wait and see about that.  Perhaps it really is a new main series RPG, and the hype’s so massive it brings Japan as a whole to a standstill.

What kind of game do you think Square Enix will be announcing on July 28th?


Dragon Quest New Title Presentation Announced – Gematsu

Bravely Default’s Future relies on Success of Second Game?

Oh dear. In another move that’s bound to be unpopular with quite a few people, Square Enix have told Japanese magazine 4Gamer that the future of the Bravely Default series rests on the success of the second game.  So in other words, if it sells, the series can continue.  If not, then it’ll presumably be cancelled/ended, like how Nintendo were planning to stop making Fire Emblem if Awakening didn’t perform well enough.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call; Latest Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, the sequel to Square Enix’s hit 3DS music game:

It was shown at the Tokyo Game Show and reveals quite a bit of new footage about the game, so it definitely seems like it’s worth watching.