Shinesparkers working on Harmony of Heroes; A Smash Bros Fan Music Album!

It’s well known that the music in the Super Smash Bros series is fantastic, made of some of the greatest orchestrated remixes and covers of tunes from all throughout Nintendo history.  It’s also fairly well known that Shinesparkers’ last project, the Metroid fan album ‘Harmony of a Hunter’ was a great series of fan remixes and covers of music from the Metroid series.  So what happens when you put two great things like this together?

This new album they’re working on, that’s what!  Yes, they’re working on a new music album based on the Super Smash Bros series  and are covering music from every single series represented within!  There’s going to be new versions of Mario music, Zelda music, Pokemon music, Star Fox music… and yes, even some Metroid music as well!  So yes, this should be absolutely brilliant.  I mean, I didn’t quite have the interest in their Harmony of a Hunter album that others did due to a general lack of interest in the Metroid franchise, but damn I love hearing fan takes of classic Mario or Zelda series tunes!  And if they decide to cover some of the great Smash Bros exclusive themes like the below, it’ll be even better!

Now they don’t have to cover all the music in the series (although darn that would be nice), but seriously, 30-50 fan redone versions of classic Super Smash Bros themes and tunes from the Nintendo franchises represented in?  I don’t think anyone can say no to that.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

This project looks to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen Nintendo music wise.  I’m definitely looking forward to its release in 2014, is anyone else?

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