Did Someone Try to Steal the Breath of the Wild Demo?

Since it was revealed, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been received extremely well. Acclaimed by journalists and fans alike, the game was the most discussed title on social media during E3. Heck, it’s trailer is currently Nintendo’s most popular video ever!

Above: 6,401,639 views!

But it seems like the game’s story could have got even more interesting. Rumour has it that someone tried to steal the demo from E3. That a hacker involved in modding Mario Kart 8 tried to take the demo from the event and release it.

Here’s the story about it on Kotaku:

The Rumor That Someone Tried To Steal The Zelda: Breath of the Wild E3 Demo – Kotaku

How was he going to do this in an event with such high security?

By grabbing the game over the network as it’s being played of course! Yes, the Wii U hacking community apparently has tools to do that now (like TCP Gecko, which can connect the Wii U to a PC). This guy was supposedly going to get someone to distract the attendants, then secretly dump the game demo with one of those tools.

As you can imagine, this wouldn’t be as easy as expected. The games were running on demo units, so the code had to be rewritten to work with those. People were quickly being cycled to the demo and out again, so the process had to be quick. The consoles weren’t connected to the internet, so that had to be setup in secrecy as well.

He then apparently ran out of time, and that was the end of the story.

But is it real?

Kotaku themselves provides some claims backing up both possibilities. There’s a Wii U software developer quoted as saying it’s plausible (albeit difficult to confirm). There’s the creator of the TCP Gecko saying the story is plausible. And there’s talk of the hackers talking about similar things on Twitter (albeit without any links to prove it).

So it’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility.

However, I’m still sceptical here.

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Is Nintendo Teasing More DLC for Mario Kart 8?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last DLC for Mario Kart 8 was the Animal Crossing pack, and that was released all the way back in April 2015. Since then, we’ve got nothing for Mario Kart 8. No tracks, no vehicles, no characters. Nought.

But it seems like the Twitter account for Nintendo of Europe is hinting that this might not be the end for Mario Kart 8 updates! Indeed, as seen below, there’s an interesting Twitter post saying that ‘good things come to those that wait’, with a picture of Kalimari Desert and the hashtag #MK8. Here it is:

So that seems like a DLC hint, at least if you ask me. But can it be? Would Nintendo of Europe really be the one to reveal it?

Well, possibly. Remember, the whole existence of these DLC packs was inadvertently revealed by Nintendo UK due to their online store having the listings up early. So as far as Nintendo of Europe being the one to reveal them goes, there’s definitely a precedent here.

And as far as DLC goes? Well, there were hints in Mario Kart 8’s code at more tracks that were cut, and hence more slots for DLC to fill. For example, there are slots labelled as ‘ReservedXX’ and ‘UnderConstructionXX’ in the track list, with XX being where the number would go. Given that these haven’t all been filled by DLC yet, there’s definitely the possibility that Nintendo were planning to release more than two track packs. There’s also the possibility that Nintendo might be planning DLC as a way to keep the Wii U going until its demise next year or so. After all, they don’t have many games planned for it, and Paper Mario Color Splash can’t tide people over till the Nintendo NX hits the shelves. Perhaps Nintendo see a bit of extra DLC as a way to get a bit more life out of otherwise abandoned Wii U titles.

Or it could all just be a Twitter joke or meme. There’s always that possibility too, regardless of how depressing it would be.

But what do you think? Is this a hint that a new DLC pack is coming to Mario Kart 8?

Sonic the Hedgehog Might Be Coming to LEGO Dimensions?

He may already have an Amiibo, but it seems Sonic isn’t quite done with the ‘toys to life’ thing just yet! Indeed, it seems like his next destination might well be LEGO Dimensions! Because you see, back in September 2015, an interesting ‘set’ list was ‘leaked’ for the game. Rumoured to be consisting of everything from Harry Potter to Ghostbusters and the A Team, two of the items on said list (codenamed S and KR) were rumoured to be Sonic and Knight Rider respectively.

More interestingly though, as LEGO news site Brick Inquirer points out, quite a few insiders seem to think this is true. For example, one called ‘Just2Good’ posted:

Hmmm S1, could that be Sonic?

In response to the news, before quickly it out for a simple “That looks interesting” afterwards. Another one (CM4Sci) said flat out that:

Sonic’s coming!

Before following up with:

I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything

Further more, Brick Inquirer says that these individuals are seen as very reputable in the LEGO community, with the latter’s word being ‘about as good as it comes’. Either way, there’s heavy insider evidence for Sonic being one of the next additions to the game, to the point that said site actually states it as fact based on those statements alone. Bit like the recent Nintendo NX rumours with all those great Nintendo IPs being announced for the system soon.

But while Sonic is now basically a given for the game at this point, what do I think of the situation?

Well honestly, I’m a tad confused. Sonic the Hedgehog is hardly a series many people associate with LEGO, and there hasn’t actually been any physical sets based on him as of this point. It’s also not really the best series for the average LEGO game formula, since Sonic focuses a lot on speed and tight level design whereas the average LEGO game (Dimensions included) have a slower paced setup with puzzle solving, combat and item collecting playing a major part.

Above: As you can somewhat see in the trailer

Still, the idea of Sonic running around Jurassic Park or Gotham City sounds pretty cool. As does the possibility of seeing Eggman/Robotnik teaming up with the Joker and Sauron.

What do you think about the idea of Sonic the Hedgehog coming to LEGO Dimensions?


REPORT: Sonic Is Coming To LEGO Dimensions, Plus Confirming “KR” Is Coming – Brick Inquirer

Potential Pokemon Sun/Moon Pokemon Trademarked?

We were right. These trademarks do indeed correspond to the Japanese names for the recently revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon starters. Based on this, it seems likely the legendary names are also correct too.

Have we possibly found out the names of our first generation 6 Pokemon species? Maybe so, since a few interesting Pokemon related names have been trademarked in the last few days, and they hint at things like the cover legendaries for the games.

Here they are, courtesy of a Twitter trademark bot:

The names are Solgaleo, Lunaala, Mokuroh, Ashimari, Nyabby and Marshadow.

So are they real? Well, from my attempts at searching the Japanese trademark database, they don’t seem to come up. Is it because the English version of the site doesn’t have them yet? Maybe, though I haven’t had much more luck trying to find them with the language set to Japanese and the search term changed to match.

But maybe the person posting the images is better than using the site than me. Are they relevant trademarks?

Well, I’m not sure to be honest. There’s been a few people talking about the registrants of the trademarks, and how they’re not associated with Nintendo. But that’s not exactly much evidence against it either. Before gen 6 came out, Pokemon from there (like Meowstic) were registered under different names too. So it’s possible that Nintendo and Game Freak are trying to keep these names under the radar as well as possible.

So it’s possible they’re Pokemon related. If so, what would they be like?

Well, Solgaleo and Lunaala sound a lot like cover legendaries. The former is based on the Latin words for sun (sol) and lion (leo), which hints at a lion like Pokemon to headline Pokemon Sun version. Lunaala is based on the Latin for moon (luna) and wing (ala), indicating a flying type bird Pokemon associated with Pokemon Moon version.

The others would be starter Pokemon. How do I know? Because according to a 4chan post associated with this rumour:

Mokuroh is based on the word moku (wood or tree in Japanese). Hence a grass type. Ashimari is based on the words ashika (sea lion) and mari (ball), which indicates a sea lion esque water Pokemon. And Nyabby is based on the words nyah and tabby. Which means a cat, and likely a fire type one. Either way, it’s likely these wouldn’t be the English names, since starter Pokemon tend to get renamed for each region. This is also why the two Pokemon above (and maybe the one below) have names that make sense in English, since legendary Pokemon keep the same basic name in all regions.

Source (4chan post picture on Imgur)

As for Marshadow? Well, it could be a third legendary Pokemon. Remember, since Ruby and Sapphire, cover legendaries come in trios rather than duos. We’ve had Rayquaza, Girantina, Kyurem and Zygarde so far, and they tend to be designed to stand up to the other two in battle. Presumably Marshadow is something to do with darkness or night, going well with the sun and moon. Or hey, since we’re in speculation mode… maybe some other celestial body, like a star?

So even if nothing else is confirmed, the names themselves seem to go well with a legendary trio and a set of three starter Pokemon. The choice of some cover legendaries and starters to trademark makes sense as well, since the first Pokemon to be revealed for a new generation tend to be those ones. It’s hence likely that the first five Pokemon listed would be shown off in the first teaser trailer for the games, sort of like how this was the first real footage of Pokemon X and Y:

Above: You can just picture something like this for Sun and Moon with the rumoured Pokemon.

But it’s still not confirmed, so take everything here with a grain of salt. Remember, trademarks don’t only get registered because companies want to use a name, but also because there’s the remote possibility they might in future. Neither Pokemon Grey or Pokemon Z ever existed, and nor did Pokemon Delta Emerald.

Still, what do you think about the trademarks? Are they real? And do Nintendo really plan to use them?


Possible Trademarks According to 2ch – Imgur (4chan post screenshot)

Why Not to Trust Nintendo NX Rumours

Over the last few weeks or so, the gaming world has been flooded with rumours about the Nintendo NX. One said it’d be double the power of the PS4. Another said Luigi’s Mansion 3 would be released on it. And for yet others, every possible Wii U game is apparently coming to the system. Smash Bros, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Zelda… You name it.

But whilst the situation has gone absolutely insane, and expectations got high enough that everyone is expecting the world, here’s why you should be skeptical. Why that recent ‘remote play’ rumour about the NX should be looked at with skepticisim. Read this article:

NX – ZhugeEX Blog

Basically, that guy on NeoGAF who posted the ‘leak’ was a tad dishonest about his sources. Remember how at one point, he said the system wouldn’t get a simultaneous worldwide release?

Well, he got that from ZhugeEX on Twitter. He didn’t get it from a source he knew, he just literally assumed it was likely and posted it anyway.

That, is poor sourcing. Just taking something someone has heard off the grapevine and reposting it because ‘you had a hunch’ that it was likely does not make for an accurate source. Disappointing, this is pretty much what most Nintendo NX speculation is nowadays. Some guy said something on the internet, it must be true!

And that’s all this poster did. His entire list of ‘rumours’ is stuff random video game journalists and internet folk have told him. He didn’t get shown anything. No evidence. Just ‘I’ll take their word that it’s true’.

Unfortunately, this was apparently enough for the actual media. Guy on message board posting stuff he heard over the grapevine is now considered a trustworthy source by the media. So we get a flood of NX speculation articles created on a random assortment of rumours told to a NeoGAF member by various other journalists and internet goers. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so depressing.

Either way, let this be a lesson. When people say they have sources, that doesn’t mean reliable or new ones. It also doesn’t mean they have any proof for their claims. Be skeptical of everything Nintendo NX related till E3 comes.


NX – ZhugeEX Blog