Activision Almost Bought Rare in 2002

Rare Shows off 2.5d Banjo-Kazooie Beta!

The 3D Platformer Comparison; Yooka Laylee, A Hat in Time or Lobodestroyo?

Banjo Kazooie, Battletoads and Perfect Dark Soundtracks Getting Vinyl Releases!

Rare Cofounders will receive Top Honour at Develop Awards

Microsoft E3 Summary, Pros, and Cons

Banjo Kazooie Might be Getting a Film Adaptation?

Banjo Kazooie Returns; An Awesome New ROM Hack of a Classic Game!

We Should Get Classic PC Games on the Virtual Console Too…

Nintendo Gives Out Rarest Ever 3DS XL for Pokemon Tournament Prize!

Microsoft thought they were getting Donkey Kong for buying Rare?

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