Magearna’s Typing has Been Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

A few months back, we got our first look at a generation 7 Pokemon called Magearna. Known as the artificial Pokemon, it was supposed constructed by a human civilisation 500 years ago.


But what we didn’t get, was any information about its typing. Well, that’s now changed. Thanks to an update on the official Pokemon website, it can now be revealed that this is a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon. Which was kind of obvious based on the design, but it’s nice to know regardless.

Also, it’s apparently 3’3 tall and 177.5 lbs. In case you wanted more useless Pokemon trivia that doesn’t really affect the actual game.

But what do you think of this Pokemon’s type combination? Is it a good choice?


Magearna’s Two Types Have Been Revealed – Official Pokemon Website

Pokemon Sun and Moon Announced in Nintendo Direct

Well, it was already discovered yesterday thanks to an early trademark application, but now it’s official. The Pokemon Direct has come and past, and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon really are the next generation of Pokemon titles. What’s more, they’ll be out later this year and will be released exclusively for the 3DS in late 2016.

Here’s the presentation, if you somehow missed it the first time around:

US Pokemon Direct

UK Pokemon Direct

Japanese Pokemon Direct

As you can see, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been announced for 2016, they’ll be available in 9 languages (with Chinese traditional and simplified being the new ones) and Pokemon can be transferred from the Virtual Console games to the new ones via Pokemon Bank.

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Missingno Glitch Kept in Pokemon Virtual Console Games

As people who’ve played the original Pokemon games back on their release date probably know, one of the best things about it was all the glitches that weren’t really supposed to be in the game. And out of those glitches, Missingno was the most notable. Seen as likely the first (or at least most notable) ‘unintentional’ character in a video game, Missingno was a glitchy block like creature that was findable via an often known bug in the game.


And for those who don’t remember what said bug was… well you basically spoke to the old man in Viridian City, watched him catch a Pokemon, then flew to Cinnabar Island and surfed up and down on the coastline until strange Pokemon appeared.  Like ‘random’ monsters at over level 100.  Or the Missingno and M glitch Pokemon. Sometimes, Missingno even had forms based on the fossils and ghosts found elsewhere in the game!

Aerodactyl Fossil (Missingno)

Kabutops Fossil (Missingno)

Ghost (Missingno)

But with the rerelease of the games on the 3DS Virtual Console, there was a few worries that the… more interesting aspects of the games would be cut.  That for some strange reason, Nintendo would decide to remove the glitches that made the generation 1 games so memorable.

Fortunately though, that’s not the case.  As you can see in this video from a French Youtuber, the Missingno glitch returns intact, complete with Missingno and M as catchable Pokemon in the same way as ever:

It also retains the ability to clone your items until you have more than 128 of whatever’s in the sixth slot.

So yeah, seems like these rereleases will keep in all the amusing bugs from the original games. Good news for anyone who liked the Mew glitch, Safari Zone glitch or Glitch City too I guess!

Pokemon Red/Blue Splatfest Results Announced for Splatoon

To commemorate the anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, the latest Splatoon Splatfest (read, special event where players can choose teams and battle it out) was based around the Pokemon series, with the choices being between Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

And now, the results are in! In no particular order:


Pokemon Red had 61% popularity, 36% win rate
Pokemon Green had 39% popularity and 64% win rate

Result: Pokemon Green team wins


Pokemon Red had 64% popularity, 43% win rate
Pokemon Blue had 36% popularity, 57% win rate

Result: Pokemon Blue team wins

North America

Pokemon Red had 55% popularity, 41% win rate
Pokemon Blue had 45% popularity, 59% win rate

Result: Pokemon Blue team wins

As you can see, an all round win for the people who voted for Pokemon Blue in this event.

Interestingly enough, it seems like while the Blue team won the contest, the Red team had far more people voting for it. Part of this makes sense (Pokemon Red was more popular than Blue in the olden days, since Charizard was featured on the former’s box), but it still doesn’t explain why the less popular choice won. Are Pokemon Red fans somehow worse at Splatoon than Pokemon Blue fans? What’s the deal here?

Either way, those are the results for the latest Splatfest. Pokemon Blue wins in all regions.

New Pokemon Magiana Revealed by CoroCoro Magazine!

Wait, is gen 7 coming already? Perhaps so, since a brand new Pokemon has just been revealed by Japan’s CoroCoro magazine! Named Magiana, it’s known as the ‘Artificial Pokemon’, is 3’03 tall and weights 80.5 KG.

According to the magazine description, this Pokemon was created by humans 500 years ago, and contains some sort of secret inside its body. In other words, it’s basically like a cross between Mewtwo and Porygon, at least concept wise

Here’s a picture of it, courtesy of a magazine scan:


So what can I say about Magiana and its concept? Well to be honest… I’m not at all sure. It’s certainly got an interesting design, and given how likely it is to be Steel/Fairy in terms of typing, it’s at least got a cooler design than Klefki or the likes.

But come on, a robot Pokemon, really? Okay, we’ve had some virtual reality Pokemon in the form of the Porygon family and both Mewtwo and Genesect are the result of a ton of genetic engineering and scientific experiments, but it seems like we’re getting further and further away from Pokemon as equivalents to animals and mythical creatures and more into the realms of ‘every single thing in the universe that isn’t human is now a Pokemon’. But hey, maybe I’m just too old fashioned or something.

Still, what do you think of Magiana? Is it an interesting Pokemon concept? Is it a sign that the seventh Pokemon generation is right round the corner, and that we won’t be getting a Pokemon Z or anything similar this time around? And what about the idea of robot type Pokemon created by humans?


Magiana Revealed by CoroCoro Magazine – BulbaNews