Pink 3DS XL out now in UK!

Want a new 3DS XL and also like the colour pink?  Well now might be your lucky day, since Nintendo UK have mentioned on Twitter that the special pink 3DS XL variant is now available to buy in shops.  Here’s their Tweet about the subject:

So if you want a new 3DS and want to try a different colour one than normal, now’s your lucky day! Go out and get a pink 3DS XL now!

Pink 3DS XL coming to the UK!

It doesn’t tie in with any upcoming game or have a fancy limited edition design, but it’s a new colour of 3DS XL regardless.  It’s also only been confirmed for release Europe rather than the US or Japan, so don’t expect to see it for sale in GameStop any time soon.  This new model of 3DS XL will be released on May 31st 2013, and here are some pictures of said system:

Pink 3DS XLPink3DSXL3Pink3DSXL2

And here’s a picture of the box it’ll be sold in:


Either way, it’s a new 3DS XL design that’s currently exclusive to the UK and Europe, so it might be worth buying if pink’s your favourite colour or you just want a ‘different’ style of 3DS when buying one for the first time.

What do you think about this new pink 3DS XL?  Would you buy one?

Pink 3DS XL Release Date in the UK – Official Nintendo Magazine


Pink 3DS XL Is Released Again!


Missed your chance at getting a Pink 3DS XL back last year?  Well it may have been limited edition then and it may have sold out quickly, but you’ll be happy to know Nintendo are rereleasing this version of the system.  Here’s the comment about it on their Facebook page:

Are you hardcore enough to rock a Pink/White Nintendo 3DS XL? Yeah? You’re in luck: this new hardware color will become available this week at stores coast to coast.

Sounds good to me.  Heck, it sounds like it might not even be limited edition like it was the last time, so go out there and buy one if you want it!