Mario Kart Tour



Nintendo is keeping their mobile games racing with their latest announcement, Mario Kart Tour.


The only thing they went on to confirm was that it will release on iPhone and Android devices sometime in March 2019.

Mario Returns to the Big Screen



As indicated in the image above, Nintendo will be partnering with famous Despicable Me studio Illumination to bring you a brand new Super Mario animated movie.


Not much else is known other than Shigeru Miyamoto will be co-producing the project which means it should be faithful to the source material.

Is Nintendo Trying to Take Down ‘Adult’ Fan Art?

As anyone who’s used the internet for a while knows, rule 34 always holds true. If something exists, there’s porn based on it. No exceptions.

And as anyone who’s a gamer might know, this also applies to any Nintendo series you can think of. Fan art on sites like Tumblr and DeviantArt featuring Mario and Zelda characters is endemic online, and just about any character you can imagine seemingly gets it.

But it seems like Nintendo might not be so happy with all that! Indeed, if people on Twitter and Tumblr are to be believed, they’re filing DMCA notices against ‘adult’ Princess Peach fan art online!

Here are some images showing what appears to be Tumblr artists get takedown notices relating to their artwork:

Basically, Nintendo are saying that the images are ‘harmful’ to their brand and might confuse people into thinking they’re sponsored by Nintendo. Which as anyone knows, is pretty ridiculous. No one in their right mind would confuse a piece of adult fan art with an official Mario picture.

But it is kind of worrying non the less. Why? Because up until now, Nintendo has been fairly hands off with the fan work community. Okay, they’ve taken down the odd film that’s charged for tickets or game that’s remade an official work. But they’ve mostly ignored fan art and fiction, and never bothered people for ‘offensive’ fan works.

If this take down is real however, it proves that Nintendo is indeed worried about ‘adult’ works based on their franchises. And this is where it gets scary.

You see, it’s not just fan art that has ‘adult’ themes. Fan fiction and fan games have them too. Like Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 1 and 2 actually having in game hentai unlockable by beating the secret world, and castles where you swim through the blood of murdered Toads and Pikachus.

Above: I wish I was making this up

Are they going to try and take down games like that too?

How about games with ultra violent content and gimmicks, like Super Mario World Dark Horizon? Or the mods that let you go Grand Theft Auto on the citizens of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time? Neither have sexual content, but both can be heavily disturbing. What’s to stop Nintendo getting angry about that type of stuff too?

Of course, it could all be fake. People have used Nintendo lawyer names to send fake notices like file sharing sites and stuff before. Just ask Jason Allen and his fan game takedowns!

But it could also be real, and if so, represent a worrying sign that Nintendo might be cracking down on ‘offensive’ or ‘adult’ fan works using Mario characters.
What do you think about them taking down Mario related ‘porn’ content?

A New Kind of Mario Game is Coming in a Year or Two?

It’s only been three years since Super Mario 3D World, but it seems like we’re already about to see the next Mario platformer! Here’s Shigeru Miyamoto’s comment about a new Mario game, straight from a recent IGN interview:

we’re always challenging ourselves to create something new, so hopefully you’ll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two.

Maybe next E3 we’ll be able to share something.

So what is this ‘new kind of Mario’? Well, the Nintendo fanbase has been kind of split in regards to that question.

On the one hand, some people are thinking it might be something akin to a Mario 64 style 3D platformer. You know, more open levels with multiple stars to collect in any order, except with shiny HD graphics. Which makes sense; there’s certainly demand for that sort of game now.

However, it’s not the only possibility. For example, could this mean another genre hybrid instead? Like a Mario First Person Shooter or a Mario Action Adventure akin to the Zelda series? Maybe, it’d certainly be a ‘new kind of Mario’.

It’s also quite possible that it could refer to the content or tone instead. Perhaps its an ultra violent M rated Mario title. That’d be pretty original, at least for an official Nintendo game. Or maybe it just drops most of the current characters (Peach, Bowser, traditional enemies, Toads) and introduces a whole new setting. Imagine seeing Mario get a full blown dark reboot!

Above: Or maybe like that.

Or it could just mean a few new powrups or stuff. After all, one of Miyamoto’s previous quotes about the future of Mario was:

Who knows what Mario will look like in the future? Maybe he’ll wear metallic clothes!

And lo and behold, five years later we got Metal Mario:

Sm64 metal mario

So anything could happen here. Anything from a full blown Mario reboot to an extra power up or two in a traditional Mario platformer.

But what do you think? What is this ‘new kind of Mario’ that Miyamoto is referring to?


E3 2016: Nintendo: ‘A New Kind of Mario’ Is Coming – IGN

New Mario Amiibo Coming November 4th 2016!

Getting a bit bored of all those Super Smash Bros Amiibo? Feel your Amiibo collection needs a bit more variety in it?

Just desperately want a Wario Amiibo based on his traditional outfit instead of the biker one?

Well if so, you’re in luck! The Super Mario Amiibo series is getting new figures on November 4th! Here’s a list of the characters appearing in this lineup:

  • Wario
  • Waluig
  • Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Boo

Mario Series Amiibo

Above: The various new Mario series Amiibo

That’s good news for fans of Waluigi and Daisy, since them getting an Amiibo means they’ll be more likely to show up in future games. Like say, the next Mini Mario & Friends esque game, or Super Smash Bros, or what not.

For anyone who likes Wario… it means they can have a version of the character representing the Wario Land series rather than WarioWare or Super Smash Bros. Useful for the folk over at Wario Forums, don’t you think?

But the most interesting one here isn’t any of those. No, it’s Boo, who also somehow shows in the form of a glow in the dark Amiibo.

Why is this interesting?

Because Boo isn’t quite as common a playable character in the Mario series as the rest of those on the list. It does appear in some spinoffs, usually party games and sports games. But it pretty much never appears in Mario Kart or various other spinoffs, and only shows up in some of the Mario Party or Mario Golf/Tennis games in general. So why is it getting an Amiibo? Do Nintendo plan to use regular Boos as playable characters in more games than before?

Does it potentially tie in with a future Luigi’s Mansion title?

It really does raise some interesting questions about Nintendo’s future gaming plans.

Still, what do you think? Are you buying any of these new Mario series Amiibo?


Daisy, Waluigi, glow-in-the-dark Boo & more new amiibo coming Nov. 4th