Free Web Game Steals Nintendo Character Art for Advertisements?

Apparently, these banners for a game calling ‘Cyber Quest’ have been popping up all over the internet recently.  But wait, take a look who’s featured on them…


Yep, Link from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising.  Because I’m so sure that Nintendo really authorised you to use their intellectual property to advertise your crappy free online MMORPG, right?  Oh wait, they didn’t.

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No More Kid Icarus Uprising SpotPass Gem Deliveries

It’s been a while coming, but Nintendo have just now announced that they’re stopping the distribution of Kid Icarus Uprising weapon gems this March.  It doesn’t mean they’re impossible to get (StreetPass will still work), just that official Nintendo support for the game has ceased now that the title is about a year old and that it’s not really worth it any more.

Either way, enjoy the game, keep playing online and just consider official Nintendo support for it pretty much over.


Kid Icarus Uprising; Hades Trailer

Yes, Nintendo has just uploaded a new trailer for Kid Icarus Uprising, despite the fact the game’s been out for months.  Still, it shows the true villain of the game, aka Hades and shows footage of the final levels, so it is pretty interesting regardless.

What do you think about this new trailer?

Kid Icarus Uprising for Wii U?

And next in the ‘unbelievable video game rumours that will probably turn out to be completely wrong’ list, we’ve got a rather interesting Wii U game.

Put simply, Amazon France lists Kid Icarus Uprising for Wii U as coming some time in the future.  The listing seems to have been up a while two, there’s already a satirical French review of the game that was written back in May.  Here’s a screenshot of the site for proof that they really are listing it:

As well as a link to the listing on their website:

Additionally, it seems the game was previously listed on Amazon’s Italian website as well, since at least one article on GoNintendo talks about a listing for the game there back in August:

All I can say here is that this is most likely not a real game and Kid Icarus Uprising is most likely not being ported over to the Wii U any time soon.  How Amazon got it through their heads that it is on the other hand, now that’s a good question…


Looks like Nintendo is selling Kid Icarus Uprising cards in the UK now…

These ones were apparently available to buy at WH Smith’s, a fairly well known major bookstore/chain.

They’re supposedly only sold at ‘select stores’ currently, but I guess Nintendo have decided to start making the cards available the same way as the Pokemon cards and just sell them in booster packs over here too.

So that’s different ways of purchasing the cards/packs directly in Japan and the UK, when will the US follow suit and let you go into a store and just buy packs of Kid Icarus Uprising cards?