Mother 3 Might Be Getting Localised Soon?

Yes, it’s another rumour, but this one is certain to interest a few people! To cut a long story short, known gaming writer Emily Rogers (who apparently has a fair few insider contacts at various companies) has been posting messages on Twitter hinting at an official localisation for Mother 3. Presumably done in the same style as Earthbound Beginnings (which was released on the Wii U eShop last year), the game would apparently be released on the eShop to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the title’s Japanese release.

mother 3 localisation hint

Above: Seems like a pretty big hint if you ask us…

One last thing before I vanish: Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year…Just some food for thought.

Above: As does that one (from a deleted tweet)

But is it true? Well to be honest, that’s a hard one to judge. On the one hand, Emily Rogers has shown some legitimacy as far as leaking information about new games goes, and hey, it does seem like a good time to finally bring this game to the Virtual Console. But on the other hand… there’s also a lot of talk that Mother 3 is a legal nightmare for Nintendo, and that a significant amount of the music would have to be altered to avoid risking a lawsuit from the artists who inspired the pieces in the first place. Are Nintendo really going to go through all that effort for a game with a limited (albeit enthusiastic) fanbase and no existing English script?

What do you think about the possibility of Mother 3 getting an official localisation this year?


Rumours Start to Swirl about Mother 3 Localisation – GoNintendo

Pokemon Gen 1 Games on eShop; File Sizes Revealed!

With Nintendo releasing details about the 2DS bundles for the games and related download cards (and showing pictures of said cards in the process), the file size of the first four Pokemon games has been revealed.  But how big are they?  How much space does it take to download Pokemon Red, Blue, Green or Yellow to your 3DS from the Virtual Console?

Pokemon bundle box

Above: It might also be on this box, if you can read it.

11MB per game.  Doesn’t that sound a bit excessive for original gen Game Boy titles?

Yes, yes it does.  In fact, as a quick search of the internet wil tell you, the file size for a Pokemon Red or Blue ROM is under 1MB in size.  For example:

Pokemon file size

That’s the ROM size as per Data Crystal, a ROM Hacking wiki giving information about the original games the mods are based on.  So somehow, adding the game to the Virtual Console and making its link cable functionality work with the 3DS wireless system has made the game ten times larger.

No, that’s not the emulator, at least if it’s a moderately well written one.  The likes of VisualBoy Advance (a Game Boy emulator that plays games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance and comes packed with extra features) is merely 2MB in size. Somehow, Nintendo’s minor edits and built in emulator have somehow made a single Pokemon game bigger than all four ROMs running on one of the most complicated emulators ever released.

Either way, that’s 11MB you’ll need per game, and 44MB if you want to own Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow for the 3DS.  Hope you’ve got some extra room on that SD card…

Is Twilight Princess HD Possibly in Development?

Don’t take this as a fact, since it’s based on a data mined graphic found in the Wii U eShop. Either way, the icon and text shown in the tweet below was found on the Wii U eShop, and talks about the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD as if it’s actually a real thing.  Here it is:

So is it real? To be honest, I’m not sure. I mean, the text and image were certainly found in the place the message says they were found in, but there’s always the possibility that this is some sort of test for Nintendo. Remember when Miiverse was ‘hacked’ back in 2012 or so? Someone found listings for Super Mario Wii U, Metroid and Metal Gear Solid, among other things. But not all of those games actually came to fruition, and a certain amount may have merely been dummy data to test out Miiverse functionality. Perhaps Twilight Princess HD (or whatever it is) was used to test out Wii U or eShop functionality and wasn’t removed when no longer needed.

But hey, it could just as easily turn out to be real. And who really wouldn’t want to see Nintendo give Twilight Princess the Wind Waker HD treatment?


Twilight Princess HD Rumour – Reddit

Ironfall Invasion Has Been Removed from the 3DS eShop…

Remember how a while back, Ironfall Invasion was being suggested as a game to use in 3DS hacking?  How Smealum’s latest project let gamers use eShop versions of Ironfall Invasion as a means to run homebrew games and emulators through something called IRONHAX?

Well, it seems like Nintendo was paying some sort of attention, since the entire game is now temporarily gone from the eShop.  Because apparently, letting people choose how they want to use their own games is a perfectly reasonable thing to use as a reason to take down an indie title…

Personally, I think it’s kind of sad that Nintendo goes to these stupid lengths to prevent homebrew and stuff on their systems. I bought a 3DS, I choose what programs I run on it. If you don’t like that, then tough luck. None of your business to tell people what they can use devices they bought themselves for.

Either way, Ironfall Invasion is now not on the 3DS eShop, and Nintendo says you should ‘stay tuned for further information’

Ironfall Invasion Might be Useful for 3DS Homebrew?

It’s only a hint from 3DS hacker Smea, but it’s definitely looking to be an interesting one for anyone interested in 3DS homebrew. Basically, he says that anyone with an interest in homebrew should download Ironfall Invasion from the 3DS eShop for free, likely due to the game having some sort of bug that can be abused to run custom code on the system.

Here’s his Tweet on the matter:

So, is anyone out there willing to download the game in order to take advantage of this mystery bug? Is homebrew a good reason to download Ironfall Invasion for free?