The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; Unreleased E3 Trailer!

Remember the awesome trailer we got for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? The one that got over a hundred thousand likes on Youtube and made it the most popular game of the whole event? That was pretty amazing, right?

Well, apparently that wasn’t the only trailer Nintendo made for the game. Oh no, they also showed a different trailer to people actually at E3! So to get everyone even more excited for the game, here’s that previously unshown trailer. The full length, expanded version of the E3 trailer that actual attendees got to see:

Above: Thanks to FinnGamer for uploading this!

It almost makes you wonder why this version wasn’t posted on their Youtube channel, eh? The social media hype for the game could have been increased even more if they did post it!


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Unreleased E3 Trailer – Reddit

Paper Mario Color Splash Coming to E3 Livestream!

So, is anyone excited for Paper Mario Color Splash? Anyone really want to see more of this game before it gets released later this year?

Oh, okay then. Guess not.

Yeah, I really guess not. People hated this game off the bat.

But it’s coming to E3 anyway! Tomorrow, Paper Mario Color Splash will be shown in Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream. And do you know what I think?

That this is the game’s big chance to try and win over the doubters. This is the one in a million chance the game could have to get people interested in the concept and world. It’s a time for Nintendo to say that no, this is not just another Sticker Star.

There are various ways they could do that. They could show off some new characters, like NPCs that aren’t generic Toads. There could be a new villain who’s responsible for sucking the area dry of colour. Heck, they could come out and say that no, Bowser has no major role as the main villain in this title and people would immediately be more interested in the game.

But if this doesn’t happen, if we just see more Sticker Star elements…

Then that’s it. Paper Mario is pretty much finished there and then. Remember, you can fool people once. Sticker Star did sell about 2 million copies overall.

You can’t fool them twice or more. People didn’t like the generic concepts in Sticker Star (and then Paper Jam). How do we know this? Well, Paper Jam bombed hard. Hopefully not enough to take the Mario & Luigi series with it.

Paper Jam scene

Above: Not what people wanted. The sales proved it.

If Color Splash doesn’t impressive tomorrow, it will fail. There’s pretty much no doubt about it, since Joe Average doesn’t own a Wii U. Casual mum and kids moved from the Wii to iPhone app games, not to Nintendo’s current system. The hardcore Nintendo fan is basically the Wii U’s only fanbase. Those people hate Sticker Star style Paper Mario games, they hate generic Toads and themes, and they won’t buy another game like that. If they don’t buy it, this game will probably sell worse than Star Fox Zero did.

Either way, it’s being shown off at Nintendo’s E3 stream tomorrow. Let’s see if the game has improved enough for anyone to buy.


Paper Mario: Color Splash to be shown on Treehouse Live

Pokemon Sun and Moon; New Pokemon Revealed!

Well, we did already know that Pokemon Sun and Moon was going to have more info revealed at E3 this year. And hey, what do you know? It happened, and we now have information about three new Pokemon from the Alola region!

First up, is Pikipek. This woodpecker like Pokemon is presumably the one we saw in the original dev video, and acts as the common bird species in the region. It’s a Normal/Flying type, is described as the Woodpecker Pokemon and has the abilities Keen Eye and Skill Link.
Keen Eye stops it losing accuracy, Skill Link causes multi-hit moves to always hit five times. The first is likely much more useful for Pikipek and its evolutions in battle, since multi-hit moves aren’t particularly powerful in this franchise.


It’s also confirmed that it evolves twice, like Pigeot and its other earlier counterparts.

Yungoos is the second new Pokemon announced. Said to be the ‘Loitering Pokemon’, it’s a Normal type with either Stakeout or Strong Jaw as its abilities. The latter is pretty obvious in its effect, but the former is a new ability which causes its attacks to do double damage to any Pokemon that enters the field mid-battle. Bit like Pursuit as an ability really.


We’ve also got Grubbin. A larva Pokemon with the Bug typing, it has the Swarm ability. This increases the power of Bug moves by 1.5 if it has less than a third of its health remaining.


You can see all the Pokemon above (and more) in this video:

In addition to them, we also got two new formes for the legendary Pokemon of the Alola region. These give Solgaleo and Luanala a new appearance (and likely) better stats and abilities. Here are some pictures showing them off:


These ‘Radiant Sun’ and ‘Full Moon’ phases seem like they won’t be normal Mega Evolutions or what not, and could act similar to Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre/Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Either way, we’ll have to wait for more info there.

There’s also a bit more info about Magearna. Yeah, the artificial Pokemon we saw when the game was first announced. It’s apparently a Steel/Fairy type with the ability Soul-Heart, which boosts Special Attack by 1 when another Pokemon in the area faints. What’s more, it’s apparently also gotten through the QR code scanning feature for the game, which is an interesting touch. Hope it’s not too overpowered for the early game!

And that’s all the new Pokemon announcements for a while. Are more to come? Well, probably. This is the Pokemon series after all, and these announcements are a dime a dozen with it. But still, we get three interesting new Pokemon and two new legendary formes in one livestream, which is a decent enough announcement for the game.
What do you think of the new Pokemon shown above? Or the new info revealed for the region’s legendary Pokemon?

Pokemon Sun and Moon To be Shown at E3!

Has all the controversy been in vain? Is Zelda not the only game that Nintendo’s going to be showing at E3 this year?

Seems so, since it’s now been announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be shown during the Nintendo Treehouse live stream at E3 2016. Apparently, Pokemon GO will also be shown off there too. Here’s the post about it on Twitter, via the official Japanese Pokemon account:

But what’s more interesting are the implications of this. Basically, back when Nintendo’s E3 plans were announced, Zelda was the only thing mentioned. The whole event would be about Zelda, the livestreams would be about Zelda, that’s the only game at the actual event location.

Yet now, three Pokemon games are being shown off as well, at least during the Treehouse live thing. Does this signal a change in direction?

Possibly. I suspect Nintendo have realised that a ‘one game event’ wasn’t the best use of resources. Then again, maybe they just realised they needed to market Pokemon Sun/Moon a bit more. Or got strong armed into it by the Pokemon Company or something.

Either way, it provides a tiny glimmer of hope that this E3, this Nintendo might not be completely stupid and might show off a few more games than they were otherwise planning to.

What do you think about this announcement?

Resident Evil 7 is a Traditional Survival Horror Game!

Generally, the consensus is that Resident Evil has lost its way in recent years. After the fourth game masterfully combined horror and action like never before, the fifth and sixth titles have gotten a lot of criticism for being unlike the series beforehand. For throwing away the ‘survival horror’ aspect to focus on Hollywood style action movie experiences where the player blasts away enemies like in a standard FPS game.

But according to notable gaming insider and translator Dr Serkan Toto, it seems thing are finally getting back on track. Apparently, Capcom is working on a new Resident Evil game, and this one will be a return to its traditional horror game roots. Here are a few tweets about it:

So what’s interesting here? Well as mentioned above, Resident Evil 4 will be going back to its ‘horror roots’, which should give us something more like the first few games. Additionally, P.T. and Metal Gear Solid V designer Jordan Amaro will be involved as well, indicating that the people at Capcom are trying to hire people with experience in actually making horror games rather than mimicking Call of Duty. Finally (and most interesting), it’ll apparently be shown off at E3 this year.

But will it be enough?

Well, I’m not sure. On the one hand, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 were pretty much exactly what the series needed. Traditional horror game experiences where the player has to solve puzzles and exploring deserted locations filled with horrifying undead monstrosities. So Capcom does still know how to make good horror games. They still have the potential to make something good here.

Above: A fine, traditional Resident Evil game.

On the other one, I hear that Capcom also considered Resident Evil 5 a horror game. Yet while that had some horror elements, it was a far cry from what any actual Resident Evil fans wanted for the series. Running around shooting zombie hordes in a weird version of Africa was a thousand miles away from the slower, more methodical gameplay of Resident Evil 0-3. You were surviving, sure. And there were a few horrifying looking creatures in it. But survival horror is a genre, not just a theme, and the fifth and sixth games didn’t fall under it.

Still, here’s hoping they do something decent here, and actually give us the Resident Evil game the fans have wanted for years now. More mansion and town exploring and less Hollywood style shoot outs please Capcom!


Report: Resident Evil 7 is a Back-to-Roots Horror Game, and Capcom’s Showing it at E3