Splatoon 2 First Paid DLC

Looks like Nintendo is ready to add some fresh ink to their Splatoon 2 game, as they announced the first expansion for it, Octo.

It’s a single-player mode that casts you as an octoling named Agent 8 who has to make her way through 80 test facilities connected by a subway. Once you finish, you’ll get to play in multiplayer as an octoling.

This DLC will go for $20 USD and be out this summer. Before that the game will get an April free update which comes with new weapons, outfits, stages and a new X rank.

Hyrule Warriors Legends; Final DLC Characters Leaked!

With Marin in the Link’s Awakening DLC pack, just two DLC packs remain for Hyrule Warriors. One based on Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (with one new character). And one based on A Link Between Worlds (with two new playable characters).

As a result, speculation has been rife. Who’s important enough to represent the DS games? Which one of the three major new characters in A Link Between Worlds will be included?

But now we know, thanks to a sprite ripper finding placeholder data in the game. As a result, it seems like the new characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends are…

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Is Nintendo Teasing More DLC for Mario Kart 8?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last DLC for Mario Kart 8 was the Animal Crossing pack, and that was released all the way back in April 2015. Since then, we’ve got nothing for Mario Kart 8. No tracks, no vehicles, no characters. Nought.

But it seems like the Twitter account for Nintendo of Europe is hinting that this might not be the end for Mario Kart 8 updates! Indeed, as seen below, there’s an interesting Twitter post saying that ‘good things come to those that wait’, with a picture of Kalimari Desert and the hashtag #MK8. Here it is:

So that seems like a DLC hint, at least if you ask me. But can it be? Would Nintendo of Europe really be the one to reveal it?

Well, possibly. Remember, the whole existence of these DLC packs was inadvertently revealed by Nintendo UK due to their online store having the listings up early. So as far as Nintendo of Europe being the one to reveal them goes, there’s definitely a precedent here.

And as far as DLC goes? Well, there were hints in Mario Kart 8’s code at more tracks that were cut, and hence more slots for DLC to fill. For example, there are slots labelled as ‘ReservedXX’ and ‘UnderConstructionXX’ in the track list, with XX being where the number would go. Given that these haven’t all been filled by DLC yet, there’s definitely the possibility that Nintendo were planning to release more than two track packs. There’s also the possibility that Nintendo might be planning DLC as a way to keep the Wii U going until its demise next year or so. After all, they don’t have many games planned for it, and Paper Mario Color Splash can’t tide people over till the Nintendo NX hits the shelves. Perhaps Nintendo see a bit of extra DLC as a way to get a bit more life out of otherwise abandoned Wii U titles.

Or it could all just be a Twitter joke or meme. There’s always that possibility too, regardless of how depressing it would be.

But what do you think? Is this a hint that a new DLC pack is coming to Mario Kart 8?

Marin Confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends!

As many fans of Hyrule Warriors know, Nintendo is releasing four special DLC packs for the game, most of which come with a new character. One of these packs will be based on the Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, and will feature characters and elements from Link’s first ever Game Boy adventure.

And now, thanks to a discussion panel they held about Hyrule Warriors Legends yesterday, we know just what new character will be added in said DLC pack! Yes, it’s Marin, the love interest and main NPC in the Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening! Here’s Nintendo’s tweet about it, with some art showing Marin’s design in this game:

So how will she work as a new playable character? Well, isn’t that the million dollar question! In the original game there was a Chain Chomp called BowWow, so people have been thinking that it could be used as an item or attack for Marin in this game. But no, that’s already one of Link’s special attacks, as shown here:

Hyrule Warriors Chain Chomp

Above: Link’s smile looks kind of disturbing in that image.

Other amusing suggestions including the possibility of summoning the Windfish to attack all the enemies on the battlefield, dropping a Yoshi doll on them via an oversized claw game or using the music instruments for some reason or another.

Either way, she’s going to be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends, and presumably have an interesting moveset based on her original appearance.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Getting DLC Based on Handheld Zelda Titles!

We may have already gotten such fan favourites as Tetra, Skull Kid and the King of Hyrule, but it seems like that won’t be all that Hyrule Warriors Legends will be getting! Oh no, the DLC plan for the game was posted online today, and it has some very interesting inclusions.

Namely, DLC based on various handheld Zelda titles!

The packs will be based on Link’s Awakening, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks and A Link Between Worlds. And they’ll have at least one new playable character each, straight from their respective Zelda game!

Here’s the full list of DLC packs and what’s included in them:

The Master Wind Waker pack. This merely includes a new Adventure mode map and various ‘My Fairy’ costumes.

The Link’s Awakening pack. Due Summer 2016, this will include more costumes, as well as a new adventure mode map, a new weapon for Linkle and a new playable character.

The Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks pack. This will come Autumn 2016, and include a new character, new adventure map, new costumes and a new weapon for Toon Link.

Finally, there’s the A Link Between Worlds pack. With TWO new playable characters, a new adventure mode map and yet more costumes.

It’s a pretty impressive lineup, isn’t it? But as you can guess, the most interesting part here is the addition of yet more playable characters, who will be probably be based on the Zelda game each pack is designed around. Could Marin or Tarin be the playable character for the Link’s Awakening pack? Will we get Linebeck as a character in the Phantom Hourglass pack, or Chancellor Cole as another villain representative? And for the Link Between Worlds one, will it be Ravio, Hilda or Yuga that makes their playable debut? Cause personally, I want to see the latter as a new character, with art based attacks and abilities.

So that’s the DLC that we’re getting for Hyrule Warriors Legends. Do you like it? Are you interested to see what new characters and maps the packs will bring? Or are you one of those people who’s a little angry that the Oracle games seem to be ignored here?