Resident Evil 7 is a Traditional Survival Horror Game!

Generally, the consensus is that Resident Evil has lost its way in recent years. After the fourth game masterfully combined horror and action like never before, the fifth and sixth titles have gotten a lot of criticism for being unlike the series beforehand. For throwing away the ‘survival horror’ aspect to focus on Hollywood style action movie experiences where the player blasts away enemies like in a standard FPS game.

But according to notable gaming insider and translator Dr Serkan Toto, it seems thing are finally getting back on track. Apparently, Capcom is working on a new Resident Evil game, and this one will be a return to its traditional horror game roots. Here are a few tweets about it:

So what’s interesting here? Well as mentioned above, Resident Evil 4 will be going back to its ‘horror roots’, which should give us something more like the first few games. Additionally, P.T. and Metal Gear Solid V designer Jordan Amaro will be involved as well, indicating that the people at Capcom are trying to hire people with experience in actually making horror games rather than mimicking Call of Duty. Finally (and most interesting), it’ll apparently be shown off at E3 this year.

But will it be enough?

Well, I’m not sure. On the one hand, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 were pretty much exactly what the series needed. Traditional horror game experiences where the player has to solve puzzles and exploring deserted locations filled with horrifying undead monstrosities. So Capcom does still know how to make good horror games. They still have the potential to make something good here.

Above: A fine, traditional Resident Evil game.

On the other one, I hear that Capcom also considered Resident Evil 5 a horror game. Yet while that had some horror elements, it was a far cry from what any actual Resident Evil fans wanted for the series. Running around shooting zombie hordes in a weird version of Africa was a thousand miles away from the slower, more methodical gameplay of Resident Evil 0-3. You were surviving, sure. And there were a few horrifying looking creatures in it. But survival horror is a genre, not just a theme, and the fifth and sixth games didn’t fall under it.

Still, here’s hoping they do something decent here, and actually give us the Resident Evil game the fans have wanted for years now. More mansion and town exploring and less Hollywood style shoot outs please Capcom!


Report: Resident Evil 7 is a Back-to-Roots Horror Game, and Capcom’s Showing it at E3

Capcom Reveals a New Mario Party Game for Arcades

As you may or may not know, Capcom is currently working on a Mario Party game for the arcades. Titled ‘Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World’ (or Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World in English), the game is apparently based on Mario Party 10 and includes various mini games, board games and gambling games in one package. You can see a picture of the machine here:

mario party arcade machine

The game’s advertising flyer here:

mario party arcade flyer

And some footage of it in action here:

But did you know that this whole idea isn’t a new thing? That Mario Party has already become a bit of a fixture in the Japanese arcade scene.

We’re not kidding. Capcom has been working on arcade ports of Mario Party games for quite a while now, with ports of Mario Party 5 hitting Japanese arcades back in the Gamecube era. For example, this is a game called Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party. It’s a version of Mario Party 5 for the arcade, which comes complete with six player mode:

MP Arcade Logo

Above: It’s an awful lot like the new one, isn’t it?

As you can see, it’s a hybrid of a traditional Mario Party game and an arcade ticket machine, with slot machine functionality being included. And the mini games? Well, I can’t find any footage of those yet, but Mario Wiki does have a picture showing Will Flower being played in this version:

will flower six players

And it’s not the only example either. Just a year or so later, Capcom also came out with Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2. A sequel to the first game, this one was also based on Mario Party 5 and came with the ability for up to eight or even sixteen people to play at once. Here’s some media for that title:


There was also yet more ‘games’, like this claw machine based on Mario Party 8:

Above: Mario Party Fushigi no korokoro catcher 2. With a Mario hat like grabbing claw!

This one was a bit more like a traditional arcade machine though, with the focus being on the crane game, slot machine and pachinko type modes. Still, it did have the odd mini game, with Cardiators, Boo-ting Gallery and Kartastrophe being among the ones brought over from Mario Party 8, and the Mario aesthetics were just as strong here as they were in any of the other titles.

Either way, try and keep your expectations toned down a bit for this game. Remember, Capcom has made a ton of arcade games based on the Mario series, and the vast majority of them are more traditional gambling with some Mario content included on the side rather than standard video games.


Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher – Mario Wiki

Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party – Mario Wiki

Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2 – Mario Wiki

Capcom Teases New Game in Series We’ve All Been Waiting For…

Is this potentially a new chance for Mega Man?  Unlikely, but Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi has teased a ‘new entry in a series that we’ve been waiting for’, which is certainly something to feel a tad excited about.  Here’s the original quote:

Since releasing Sengoku Basara 4 on January 23, a year has already gone by in a flash. In November, we released a nostalgic title in HD with Resident Evil HD Remaster, and I still have fond memories from when we released it, and I also feel that the game itself is one of high quality.
In July of 2015, it will be Sengoku Basara‘s 10th anniversary, so I believe there will be plenty to be excited about. Also, in 2015 we’ll also have Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, and the newest title from a series you guys have been waiting for, and [even] more titles to be announced that we hope you’ll enjoy.
So… what could this series be?  Mega Man? Devil May Cry?  Breath of Fire?  Ghosts n Goblins?
There are certainly a lot of potential franchises that could be due for a new game or revival.  The questions are just whether A; what franchise is actually getting a new installment and B; whether it’s a decent seeming console game or a half assed smartphone app that no one gives a toss about.  Something like Mega Man 11 on the 3DS or Wii U?  Awesome.  Mega Man Xover 2 for iOS devices in Japan?  Absolute crap.
What do you think Capcom’s new mystery game will be?

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Luigi’s Mansion Arcade being tested?

From Capcom no less, which is an interesting choice of developer.  But yeah, apparently they’ve been doing a ‘location test’ for an arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, known only as ‘Luigi’s Mansion Arcade’.

Here are some pictures showing it in action:




So what do we think about this?  Well to be honest, we’re a bit confused about the whole deal.  Keep reading if you want to know why…

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to the West!

It’s already been out in Japan since April, but now Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games for the 3DS) has now been confirmed for regions outside of Japan!  So if you want to read Capcom’s official overview of the game, and see various other bits of information about it, head inside!

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