Mario Party 10 Box Art Revealed

It’s a tad blurry given that it was used for a thumbnail photo on an internet shop website, but it’s still clear enough to figure out what’s going on.  Here it is:


It’s a pretty simple design, but hey, it does seem to get the game’s themes across.  You’ve got Bowser right there in the middle using the GamePad (illustrating the new Bowser Party mode in the simplest way possible), a bunch of other Mario characters doing Mario Party esque stuff next to him and a setting which appears to be whatever board you first start on in the game.

So yeah.  Nothing flashy, but it works fine at illustrating the game and its new central mechanic.

Majora’s Mask 3D; Official Box Art!

The game itself may have been announced just a day ago or so, but now we also have the official box art for the game!  So here it is, the box art for the UK and US versions of The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D:



I have to say, it looks absolutely amazing.  With all the characters shown around Link, the menacing look moon in the background, the dark and ominous looking colour scheme… it’s actually got to be one of the best box art designs Nintendo have ever created.

But what do you think?  Does the official box art for the game look awesome or what?


E3 2014; Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

Remember those special Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World?  The ones in which you had to get the Toad Captain from Mario Galaxy to the end of a square course without hitting enemies, while collecting three Green Stars? The ones in which you couldn’t jump because Nintendo wanted it to be all about ‘puzzle solving’?

Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is basically that as a full game.  If you liked those levels and wanted to see what a full game based around them would be like, head inside and keep reading!

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; E3 Trailer and Info!

What’s more, it all starts by confirming one nice thing we already knew; that the Hoenn starters really would be getting new Mega Evolutions and that the designs and changes mentioned in the latest Coro Coro Magazine really were for real.  So Mega Sceptile with Dragon typing and super bulked up Mega Swampert are now confirmed to be the real deal, along with the new Team Magma and Aqua redesigns and the so called ‘Ancient Devolution’ that’s said to occur to Grouden and Kyogre.  Here’s the video:

But if you want to see the official art and more media, keep reading!

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Wii Sports Club getting retail release in Japan

You can see the box art for the game in either the post thumbnail or the full post.  As for why it’s actually being released in stores rather than as an eShop game… well, that seems to be a pattern with Nintendo and Wii Sports games in Japan.  The original one wasn’t actually packaged with the Wii and was too being sold in shops at full price.

Guess some people over there seem to prefer buying games in actual physical boxes rather than as digital downloads.

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