Pokken Tournament Unlikely to Come to the Nintendo 3DS

It may have happened to Donkey Kong Country Returns, Xenoblade and Hyrule Warriors, but it seems you shouldn’t expect to see Pokken Tournament get a 3DS port any time soon. In a interview with Gamespot featuring Katsuhiro Harada and Masaaki Hoshino, the duo mentioned a few (fairly obvious) reasons the game was unlikely to get a 3DS version. Here are said reasons, in their own words:

It’s definitely a challenge to get it on the Wii U with what we’re doing right now and it definitely would be a challenge to have the same graphical experience on the 3DS. – Hoshino

“Programmer does not need technology. Programmer needs budget. (laughing)” – Harada

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? It’s a fairly graphics intensive game, so downscaling it to work on the weaker portable system would be a significant challenge, and finding the money and manpower for such an effort would be a bit of a challenge (especially given how little we know about how the game will do in the market). But hey, maybe it’ll appear on the Nintendo NX or something! After all, the 3DS’ successor needs a few fighting games as well, right?

What do you think?


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German Let’s Player Starts Let’s Play of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

As you probably know from the recent Nintendo Direct (and other news about the game), Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is scheduled to be released on December 4th in Europe and January 2016 in the US.  So as per the norm, the media is keeping pretty tight lipped about the game and how it plays, given that there’s a whole month away and Nintendo likely doesn’t want people knowing about the final boss and ending before it’s even out in Japan.

But somehow, it seems German Youtube Let’s Player Domtendo has a found away around these restrictions, and is actually beginning a full Let’s Play of the game, a whole month ahead of schedule!  Here are his videos so far:

He’s not very far into the game as of this point, and both the original game and commentary is all in German (so a good number of our readers likely won’t be able to understand any of it), but it’s still a very detailed look a game that’s actually quite a while away from being released in any part of the world.  Heck, give it two weeks or so, and we might even be able to see the game’s later bosses and ending before the game even hits the shelves!

So yes, what do you think?  Are you enjoying the early Let’s Play of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam? And what’s the chance Nintendo will let him get to the game’s ending before cracking down on the videos?


The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes; New Commercials!

From all parts of the world too!  So here they are, here are some of the new TV commercials and trailers Nintendo is releasing to advertise the game in various regions.  Let’s start with the Japanese ones, which seem to continue the weird trend of having random people act out video games in a ‘comical’ fashion:



There’s also a more serious video, where Eiji Aonuma himself talks about the gameplay and shows how everything works:

It’s nice to see a game designer and producer talk about a game like this, though perhaps it’d be better if Nintendo actually translated the video and posted it on their worldwide Youtube accounts as well.

On a more serious note, the UK commercials and trailers are surprisingly awesome:

Just showing the game in action?  Not having annoying kids and actors talking over it and acting like everything’s the ‘best game ever’?  It’s like Nintendo UK finally realised that the Cartoon Network demographic wasn’t their only one.  Or that trying to advertise directly to kids just annoyed them and stopped them caring about Nintendo’s games due to the perceived immaturity of the adverts.

Either way, those are the latest adverts for the game.  Do you think the Legend of Zelda Tri Force heroes looks like a game you care about based on them?  Is it the kind of game that’s actually likely to sell?

Post your thoughts on this (and more) over at the Gaming Reinvented forums today!



Ironfall Invasion Might be Useful for 3DS Homebrew?

It’s only a hint from 3DS hacker Smea, but it’s definitely looking to be an interesting one for anyone interested in 3DS homebrew. Basically, he says that anyone with an interest in homebrew should download Ironfall Invasion from the 3DS eShop for free, likely due to the game having some sort of bug that can be abused to run custom code on the system.

Here’s his Tweet on the matter:

So, is anyone out there willing to download the game in order to take advantage of this mystery bug? Is homebrew a good reason to download Ironfall Invasion for free?

AMD Designing Chip for 2016 Games Console?

Well, isn’t this news going to get the rumour mills going?  Apparently, Devinder Kumar of microchip maker AMD has announced that the company is working on a chip for a console that’s due to be released in 2016.  A quote:

The design wins are interesting because the funding, the R&D dollars for customizing the parts for the products to our customers is precisely pre-funded by the customer and like I said the workload is started and we are spending the money and the resources and the work to go ahead and design the parts to be introduced sometime in 2016.

We didn’t say at which space it is in. I’m not going to give too much detail. I’ll say that one is x86 and one is ARM, and atleast one will be on gaming, right. But that’s about as much as you going to get out me today, because the customers from the standpoint to be fair to them. It is their product. They launch it. They announce it and then just like the game console or the parts you find out that its AMD’s APU that’s been used in those products.

That’s interesting enough, but look at the facts a minute.  What companies already use AMD chips in their consoles?

Sony and Microsoft.  Chips by this manufacturer can be found in the PS4 and Xbox One.

XBOX ONEPS4 PS4-Console-wDS4

Which one doesn’t?

Nintendo.  This opens up a few intriguing possibilities for what hardware the chip could be used for.  Here are some possibilities:

1. Nintendo is releasing a Wii U replacement in 2016

First up, the obvious.  Nintendo knows the Wii U is failing, they know the third parties like to use different console hardware as a reason to not support the Wii U… so they’ll just gonna replace the old system with one that’s more on par with the PS4 and Xbox One.


It’s an interesting idea, but it’s hard to tell how likely it’d all be. On the one hand, we don’t really know of many Wii U games planned for 2016 and beyond, do we?  So on that front, it’s possible that development of games beyond Zelda U and Xenoblade Chronicles X has been shifted to a new system and Wii U development tossed aside in the process.

One issue does arise with the idea of Nintendo giving up on a console platform in just a few years or so (the argument being that less than about 5-6 years will cause a lack of faith in the company and their products), but I’m not sure that’s a massive issue.  I mean, the Virtual Boy got scrapped in way less time than the Wii U did… and no one gave up on Nintendo because of it.

And while four years would be a bit short for a generation, it’s not that ridiculous.  I mean, add another year or two of minimal support (like the DS or Wii got while the 3DS or Wii U was being first sold) and you’ve got a fairly standard console lifespan, especially in these days of quicker moving hardware upgrades and what not.

So that’s possibility 1.  That the Wii U’s successor is being introduced in 2016 and will use this chip.  But that’s not the only possibility…

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