Nintendo 3DS XL Discontinued in Japan

With the 2DS released a while back and the New Nintendo 3DS being the new handheld on the block, it was inevitable this would happen.  Either way, Nintendo have now officially discontinued the 3DS XL in Japan.

However, do you know what’s odd here?

The original 3DS is still in production over there.  So apparently, you can buy a really old fashioned 3DS, yet not buy its better and more modern counterpart.  Interesting choice of hardware there Nintendo…


Oh hey, Japanese Pokemon fans can win another special Edition 3DS System…

In a raffle.  That you get an entry for by spending over 1000 yen at the Denny’s and Famil family of restaurants in Japan.  Apparently, there are ten of said systems to be won via the raffle, and another five to be won via an email campaign on the official website.  Here’s a picture of the system design in question:


As you can see, it’s a pretty nice design!  Decent colour scheme, decent styling around the edges, a pretty neat picture showing off Yveltal and Xerneas (alongside Ash and Pikachu from the Pokemon anime series).  Pity it’ll never be released to the public, or made available to buy or win outside of Japan.

So yeah, what do you think?  Are you a bit jealous that Japanese Pokemon fans are getting yet another exclusive 3DS XL design?  Do you wish Nintendo would sell these outside of Japan, like through Club Nintendo or something?  If so, post your thoughts here or at Nintendo 3DS now!


Curry’s and PC World selling 3DS Xl for £80!

Which if you’re in the UK, is quite a lot lower than the prices you’d get in most stores for this system, especially given it’s general level of popularity.

So why’s it being offered so cheaply?

Put simply, they’re just clearing out old Nintendo stock. So if you need a new 3DS XL and live in the UK, now’s your chance to buy one at a ridiculously low price without any strings attached!


Man Arrested in Japan for Stealing Pokemon 3DS XL

And not from a large store or anything either.  Nope, this 32 year old guy in Japan was arrested for stealing a rare Pokemon edition 3DS XL from a ten year old kid in the city of Nishinomiya, near Kobe in Japan.

He was caught because he tried to pawn off the console and five games (that were stolen with it) at a used game shop, which was close enough to the victim’s house that one of his friends spotted the system in the store.  The warranty was used to confirm that the console was indeed the stolen one, and the suspect owned up shortly afterwards.

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New Mickey Mouse 3DS Model Unveiled!

So how many different 3DS designs are there by now?  Because we’ve had a ton of Pokemon style ones, one for every game in the Year of Luigi and enough rare Japan only models to last a lifetime.  But none the less, now another unique design has been revealed.  Behold, the new Mickey 3DS XL design that’s coming soon!

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