LEGO Dimensions; Doctor Who Trailer

Everyone loves Lego, and everyone loves Doctor Who, right?  So what better crossover idea than to put the two together in the one game! Behold the newest Lego Dimensions trailer, featuring Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor teaming up with the likes of Batman and Homer Simpson:

Yep, it sure is something to behold isn’t it?  Indeed, it’s got the feel of Doctor Who down perfectly, along with all the comedy value we’ve come to expect from the Lego adaptation games.

And did we mention how they included his regeneration mechanic?  No?  Well they did!  If you die as the Twelfth Doctor, you respawn as the First one. And so it continues through all his different incarnations from over the years, including the Day of the Doctor specific War Doctor.

So yes, what do you think of the newest Lego Dimensions trailer?  Are you excited about the possibility of playing as the Doctor in a Lego crossover game?  And for that matter, about what is arguably the first good Doctor Who game ever made?

Microsoft E3 Summary, Pros, and Cons

Microsoft impressed me with a great display of technological prowess at E3 this year. However, I was not so much impressed by  the other developers, for the most part.


The conference began with the unveiling of backward compatibility which will even allow the use of all Xbox One’s features, such as Twitch, screencaps, and voice commands. Even the multiplayer from Xbox Live will remain in tact. Pretty impressive start to the conference, I must say!


The next showing was of Bungie’s  Halo 5. They teased at the question ‘Is Master Chief a traitor?’ before showing scenes of the new game. I’m not really a fan of this series, but I didn’t see anything new or outstanding to pull me into it since the second game, which was the last one I enjoyed. The graphics were sub-par for the potential of the Xbox One and the gameplay doesn’t look to have gotten any new features that will make people talking up a storm. Armor Abilities are replaced by Spartan Abilities, allowing players to use all of the given set of skills rather than being character-specific. Things such as sliding, or pulling one’s self up a ledge; everything games liek Medal of Honor and Call of Duty have been doing for years. Still awaiting the day they tell me head-shots can OHKO someone, then I’ll come back to the series.


Bethesda announced Fallout 4 and with a doozie of a side treat for Fallout fans; modding! Fallout 4 will allow you to take mods created on the PC and play them on the Xbox One. This is the first time anything like this has been officially done (without tampering with the system in some way) and can open up a whole new door for console gaming! They also showed the real-life Pip-Boy in action, and it was your run-of-the-mill side application, but with a realistic polish on it; I’d like to see more games get this kind of treatment.


Electronic Arts told the audience that Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to the Xbox One. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is releasing next spring. The teaser trailer showed Zomburbia having an epic battle with Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’ playing in the background. Not exactly sure how I feel about that as I don’t see what it has to do with revving engines or a highway when the game’s setting is a suburb, but whatever. Parodying Titanfall, we watched as a robot (that looked like the one built by the Irkin Elite which Invader Zim uses to destroy his own planet in the first episode) crashes to the Earth at the end of the video.


The preview for Forza Motorsport 6 took my attention from the game and to an actual Ford GT that was slowly descended in the center of the audience. Releasing September 15th, Fora Motorsport 6 will be including this fine vehicle. As always, the graphics look right at home on Microsoft’s current-generation console.


Keeping with the theme of teaser trailers without gameplay footage this year, Dark Souls III was shown with and early 2016 promise for release. Knights, fire, darkness.. all the normal elements from the series atmosphere was there in a cinematic trailer that told nothing about the game. Hopefully, they will fix the crappy multiplayer connection and just make a traditional friend invite system. So sick of playing these games with such troublesome “did you see my chalk mark? no? Let me lie it back down”. Let’s hope they remove that aggravation and the feeling of wanting to face-plant a nail that comes along with it.


Ubisoft announced  a new action RPG; Tom Clancy’s The Division. The beta will be available on Xbox One in December 2015. Also announced,  Rainbow Six: Siege releases in November with Vegas and Vegas 2 – thanks to the backward compatibility -to come free with purchase.


Gigantic, a windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive, reminds me of Team Fortress if it were set in a desert valley with eccentric animal-based anthromorphs. Textures in this game are very bland and lacking detail, making it feel almost like a Skylanders game or other similar cartoony games – which it is. Kids and furry lovers might enjoy this alternative to the more violent Halo or  Battlefield style games. The game will feature arena-based combat with the ability to call forth upon ‘gigantic’ creatures such as Chinese dragons to aid you in pulverizing your foes, will be free to play, and have a beta releasing soon.


Tacoma teaser explains nearly nothing and graphically reminded me of mid-to-late 1990’s PC games. From what was shown you appear to be a holographic silhouette humanoid of some sort that is trying to find out why they are alone in a spaceship-based galactic museum.


Aurora 44’s Ashen also looks visually unstunning, fitting somewhere between Tacoma and Gigantic. The game is said to focus on ‘friend or foe’ choices within its tomb Raider-like dungeon exploration and puzzle solving base.


Beyond Eyes was a very short yet colorful teaser. he way a lot of the graphics appeared within the wall of white made me recall The Unfinished Swan’s artistic creativity. Other than a child walking around in pastel glass-like grass and flowers, not much else was really shown.


The game I am most interested in from Microsoft’s E3 unveiling is Cuphead, a game inspired by 1930’s cartoons. They recreated the look and feel of some of my favorite classic cartoon styles from such minds as Chuck Jones and Tex Avery, or in particular Disney’s Silly Symphony (especially The Skeleton Dance), with spot-on precision. Cuphead will feature arcade-style action side-scrolling similar to Gunstar Heroes and Castle Crashers. The game is said to be ‘Coming 1936 (plus eighty more years)’.


Xbox Game Preview is a new feature coming to the Xbox One which allows people to buy and play games while they are still in development.  This will allow gamers to experience the games they are interested in before deciding whether to fund them on Kickstarter or whatever other means is used. Another nice little concept from the PC being moved to console.


Dean Hall’s Day Z is an MMO that will allow players to experience gaming in a variety of new ways, so many that the game may be a bit too ambitious for the Indie Developer to get all of it out right away. the game will be part of the Xbox Game Preview line-up coming out, so some hands-on time to experience these ‘new ways’ will not be out of the question.


Rise of the Tomb Raider is the first game to be shown with impressively life-like graphics since the start of the presentation, and sadly, it was shown near the end. It is a cold day in Hell for Lara as she and her friend have catastrophe after catastrophe whilst scaling an ice-clad frigid mountain of death which seemingly has an extreme prejudice for those wanting to climb it.Look for the game to release in time for the holidays.


Rareware is making a come-back with Rare Replay, a collection of 30+ games from retro days. Also shown was a new multiplayer share-ware game exclusive to Xbox One entitled Sea of Thieves. A pirate game with environments which remind me of ones seen in aforementioned games on this list – very blank and lacking detail in a cartoony way – focusing not only on arena-like combat but cannon-firing ship-to-ship battles as well. It actually seems pretty enjoyable and though I am not a huge pirate fan I have a particular friend who is which I know would enjoy playing this with me if local co-op or versus is allowed.


Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive Fable Legends looked pretty sweet, but the sugary-sweet toothache of awesome is not the graphics, but rather that it is free-to-play AND cross-platform! for those confused between cross-console and cross-platform, the latter means Xbox One users can play with friends on Windows 10 and the former would be Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but the game is exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One, so don’t expect cross-console gaming here, in case I confused someone.


Microsoft and Mojang’s Minecraft update displaying the new HoloLens was simply amazing! A person wearing the HoloLens can not just play the game displayed on their wall for them to see, but place it on a table-like surface and bring it to life as though it were a Lego display. Once on the table the game can be zoomed in or out, pulled upward to see what is under where you are, and even pierced by a pillar of light to mark a particular location for other people in game (even those without the HoloLens) to see! The presentation was closed by a simple voice command telling the game to strike a pig pen with lightning, creating zombie pigmen much in the same way as creepers get upgrades or townfolk turn into witches.


Gears of War Ultimate Edition, a  GoW remastering to release August 25th, was spoken about briefly before Gears of War 4  (simply called Gears 4) was shown. I’ll admit, the game does look pretty nice, despite the series being one of my least-liked franchises due to the controls and a story that does not keep me interested. Gears 4, however, seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from older 3rd-person shooters with some of the action scenes. I’ll definitely be trying this one out with much optimism.



On the part of Microsoft themselves they are apparently listening to their fans with the inclusion of backward compatibility, some pretty slick new ways of utilizing augmented reality gameplay with the HoloLens, and (though I didn’t mention it earlier) a new metal-cast controller with interchangeable and customizable parts.


Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, and Fallout 4, Gears of War / Gears 4, Forza 6, Dark Souls 3, and Rainbow 6: Siege are  coming soon for fans of those pre-existing franchises.


Rare is making a return to the development scene after what felt like forever!


Unlike Sony, the majority of games shown actually included release dates.




Most of the games were very ‘smooth’ and ‘bland’ texture-wise, lacking the details we’ve come to know from Sony and Microsoft. Rather, they felt as though they belonged on the Wii U.


Too many teaser trailers – even more-so than Sony’s E3 performance – and not enough actual in-game footage.











X-Box One To Get Built-In Emulator For 360 Games

In a faster move than Sony, Microsoft pulls ahead of the game by announcing at E3 they are to update the firmware for the X-Box One so it plays X-Box 360 games. That does not include just the digital library, but the disc-based variants as well!

Sony had rumors going around for what seems like forever that they were going to do the same thing; update the PS4 to allow for the digital library of the PS3 to be played on it. Well, it’s your move now, Sony. Will you further fail at Next-Gen features as Microsoft passes by you as you have been (such as not porting over the abilities to store and view music, images, and videos on your console or stream from a computer as you could with the PS3)? Perhaps you’ll actually include all of those aforementioned missing elements of last gen – as well as others – and pull a saving grace.

In the meantime, however, things are looking up for Microsoft fans; especially the ones who have had an Xbox 360 library of extensive size such as myself. Kudos, Microsoft, hopefully you keep making smart moves like this and can increase sales to catch up with Sony’s PS4.

I don’t own an X-Box One, but this certainly makes me want one a whole lot more than before, I can tell you that! How about everyone else? Are you an X-Box One owner eager to port your 360 library or perhaps this news is making you want to buy one when you were uncertain before, such as myself? Tell us about it on the forums or comment below!

Splatoon has been Recreated in Minecraft

Yes really:

What’s more, this isn’t just mimicking the feel of the game either.  The makers of this mod have actually gone and implemented many of the features from the original game, like painting the arena in your team’s colour, turning into a squid to go up and down walls and the ink having different effects based on whose team generated it.

It’s a pretty cool mod overall, I just wonder how long it’ll last before Nintendo gets all annoyed about it.  What do you think about this recreation of Splatoon in Minecraft?

Twitch Banning Videos of Adults Only Video Games?

In a questionable move that we’re sure won’t go down too well with gamers, Twitch has actually banned all footage of adults only video games from their service.

In other words, if a game has anything more than an M rating, the game cannot be broadcast in a Twitch livestream.  This includes such popular games as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Manhunt 2, as well as various less popular and indie titles.

So what do we think of the idea? Well to be honest, we’re not a fan of it.  And there are a few distinct reasons for this:

1. Video games are going to get more and more ‘edgy’ as the medium becomes more popular.  Remember, a lot of what was considered ‘obscene’ or ‘offensive’ in the 90s or 00s is now seen as rather tame, and that’s only going to get more and more the case as time goes on.  By banning games with a certain rating, Twitch is losing out on the popularity than games with said rating might bring, especially if they’re part of an extremely popular franchise like the GTA one.

2. It’s overkill to ban a whole rating worth of video games from a service just to be more ‘family friendly’ or ‘mainstream’.  Wouldn’t the easiest answer be just to add an age gate before videos of certain games and make the viewer enter their date of birth to continue?

Actually, doesn’t that already happen?  We swear we something similar on one of these live streaming services.  Why change it?

3. Wasn’t at least one of the mentioned games only hit with an age rating because of a hidden mini game that was supposedly cut before the release date?  Shouldn’t that just be ignored as far as age ratings go?

But yes, Twitch has banned video games of AO rating games.  It won’t apply to those only rated as such elsewhere (so no censorship because of the overly harsh German or Chinese censors then), but we think it’s still a questionable move that has no real positive effects for the service.

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