Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Lets You Switch From Modern Style to Retro Style At Any Time!

As is obvious from the trailers and videos, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a great looking 2D platformer with a clean and modern art style. It’s still familiar to the fans sure, but it’s modernised and brings the series inline with the likes of Rayman, Shantae and various other platformers on newer systems.

But what if you don’t want any of this fanciness? What if instead of detailed, HD graphics, you want something a bit more traditional? Something like say, the eight bit graphics the older games used?

Well, no problem! Because with a flick of a switch, you can literally have the game change from a modern art style to an eight bit retro one on the spot! Here’s a new trailer showing exactly how the mechanic works:

As you can see, it’s a really cool feature, and literally lets you switch art styles without any restrictions whatsoever. So if you like eight bit graphics more, you can pretty much play the whole game in that style, and the same with the more modern aesthetics. Kind of like an in level version of Super Mario Maker’s style switcher.

It’s an amazing looking feature, and one I really hope more developers think about trying somewhere down the line. After all, imagine if New Super Mario Bros did this for its next game. Or if a Sonic Mania sequel could go between retro style Sonic and modern style Sonic so easily? The possibilities are endless!

But hey, what do you think? Do you like the idea of being able to switch between modern and eight bit graphics at the press of a button? Or is there some downside to this idea that we haven’t pointed out in the article?

Square Enix Announces new RPG ‘Project Prelude Rune’

As pretty much everyone knows, Square Enix is the RPG company. They’ve made Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games for more than 30 years. They’ve worked on the Mana games and Chrono Trigger in the SNES days and beyond. And well, if there’s a classic RPG you’ve got any nostalgia for at all, it’s likely Square Enix had some part in its development.

So now they’ve got another project underway! Nicknamed ‘Project Prelude’, the title is developed by the newly established Tokyo studio Studio Istolia, with former Tales series producer Hideo Baba at the helm. Here’s the outline of the project illustrating what it aims to be:

The project aims to build a new RPG with a new fantasy: unfolding across a vast land teeming with life. Nurtured by the earth, the many peoples of this land dare to dream, fighting for what is just—and this is their tale.

As you can tell, it’s pretty ambitious as a game. Vast world filled with life and things to do? An epic battle between good and evil?

And well, that sounds exactly like the kind of big budget fantasy RPG Square Enix and co are known for. And it’s gonna have a pretty big team too. Since Studio Istolia are actually looking for a ton of staff to work on the game. In roles such as:


  • Battle Planner
  • Map Planner
  • UI Planner


  • Character Designer
  • Map Designer
  • Monster Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Effect Designer
  • UI Designer


  • Battle Programmer
  • Tool Programmer
  • Event Programmer
  • Sound Programmer
  • UI Programmer
  • Technical Support

So if you’ve got any of those relevant skillsets, go and talk to the studio via their official website or social media channels. If not… well at least you can enjoy some of the artwork they released for the game:

But hey, what do you think of the title? Does it sound like it could be a classic RPG like those in the Final Fantasy series? Or do you worry about the new studio that’s working on it?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!


Square Enix Announces new RPG ‘Project Prelude Run’ (Gematsu)

Activision: Call of Duty is Going Back to its Roots

When Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was announced, fans were not too pleased. They downvoted the trailer to hell, which actually made it the second most disliked video on YouTube. They complained about the content being too different, and the space theme not really working in the Call of Duty series.

And when it came out, the game drastically undersold compared to past titles too, with its sales being down 50% compared to the (much better received) Blacks Ops III.

Fortunately for them though, it seems Activision has been listening. Why?

Because according to their latest business report, the next game will literally be ‘heading back to the series roots’:

Activision Franchise Details (earnings report)

This follows quite nicely from their comment last year that the ‘space setting didn’t resonate with players’. As well as that Infinite Warfare ‘wasn’t the success that they planned’.

So as a result, Call of Duty is going back to its roots again.

But what are those roots?

Well, it’s hard to tell at the moment. Activision do mention that ‘traditional combat will once again take centre stage’ (hence implying any recent gimmicks aren’t returning here). But that’s pretty vague on its own. After all, every setting in the first five or six games had traditional combat taking centre stage. That’s why it was called traditional combat.

Still, the prevailing wisdom online is that either World War 2 or Modern Warfare is a likely theme this time around. Both are part of the most beloved games in the series, both leave very little room for unusual mechanics and either one would be a drastic shift away from Infinite Warfare’s space themes to boot.

Regardless of the one chosen though, it’s quite clear that Activision is done with Infinite Warfare and its ideas now. So what do you think about it all? Are you happy that Activision is taking Call of Duty back to its roots? Or would you have rather seen an Infinite Warfare follow up after all?


Activision Q4 Earnings Report

Netflix Announces Castlevania TV Show!

There’s been quite a few video game related TV shows and films announced recently. From the Tetris trilogy to Nintendo’s work in TV shows and many more besides, it seems like both Hollywood and the TV networks have taken an interest in adaptating video games to other mediums.

And today, it turns out that Castlevania has joined the queue! Why? Because in today’s Netflix announcement, guess what this series was listed on the paper?

Yep, a 2017 Castlevania TV series!

So what’s it going to be like? Well, Netflix isn’t giving anything away just yet. There’s nothing in the announcement talking about the characters or storyline or cast that are part of the show, nor how it connects to the rest of the series.

Well, unless we look at other related stories that is! Because about a year ago, Adi Shankar posted a very interesting message about a Castlevania series on Facebook.

Here it is:

Breaking News: I’m producing a super violent Castlevania mini-series with my homies Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. It’s…

Posted by Adi Shankar on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

As you can see, it’s talking about a ‘super violent’ Castlevania mini series involving Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. What’s more, this series was previously mentioned on a Nick Animation podcast, where he talked about making a series based on a ‘world-famous video game of the last 30 years’.

And that’s not all. Oh no, he also mentioned a few details about the adaptation earlier today as well. There he described it as a Netflix Original Series with a season 1 in 2017 and a season in 2018. As well as the ‘western world’s first good video game adaptation’.

Here’s the post about that in case you haven’t seen it:

Castlevania is a Netflix Original Series with Season 1 launching in 2017 and Season 2 in 2018. Furthermore,…

Posted by Adi Shankar on Wednesday, 8 February 2017

So yeah, it seems we’ve got a real interesting series coming up here. Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype!