Rare Shows off 2.5d Banjo-Kazooie Beta!

As you may or may not know, Banjo-Kazooie went through several different phases in its development. From its origins as Project Dream to its beta form as a 2.5D platformer on the Nintendo 64, the game changed many times as Rare considered all these different possibilities. But while we know this from hearsay, we never really got to see much of these early plans. No pictures, no video footage, the odd vague hint here and there… the days of Banjo-Kazooie between Project Dream and the final game were never exactly expanded on much by anyone at the company.

But now, things seem to have finally changed. Rare has announced that it’ll be showing off more footage of Banjo-Kazooie’s beta content via their YouTube channel and Twitter, and have just released the first ever pictures of Banjo-Kazooie’s 2.5 beta version!

So what do you think about this game? Could Banjo-Kazooie have been as great of a game if it was a 2.5d platformer in the style of the Donkey Kong Country series, Kirby 64 or Yoshi’s Story? How good does the beta version look in your opinion?

Crazy Taxi 4 Was Under Consideration By SEGA?

Over the last couple of years or so, SEGA’s arcade taxi game series hasn’t really had a whole lot in the way of new titles.  Okay, you had a compilation in 2007 and a mobile only game in 2014, but as far as major installments go?  You’d have to go back to 2002 for one of those.

Above: The last main installment this series ever had

But regardless of that gap between releases, did you know that Sega had plans for a fourth game at one point?  Indeed, at one (currently unknown point in the past), their Australian branch actually pitched Crazy Taxi 4 to the rest of the company, complete with some basic concept art and ideas that suggest a home console game more in line with the originals.  Here’s the artwork they used for to pitch this undeveloped game:

Crazy Taxi 4

Above: A basic piece, but it seems to share the madcap style from the earlier games quite well.

So what come of this mystery game?  Well for reasons unknown, SEGA declined the pitch and the idea was scrapped.  Was it due to the mobile game market?  A lack of confidence in older IPs?  Who knows, but what we do know is that such a game could well have been an amazing title had it actually gotten into development and a certain level of effort put into the game’s design.

But what do you think?  Is the idea of a fourth Crazy Taxi game something you’d have been interested in?


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Twitch Plays Dark Souls; God Help Us All

If you’ve been reading up on gaming news any time within the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of Twitch Plays Pokemon.  A series/experiment where a ton of Twitch members try and complete a Pokemon game by using certain chat key words as in game commands, it became popular due to how so many people could play the same copy of a game at the same time yet still somehow get to the end.  This was hundreds of thousands of people trying to play the same game on the same virtual ‘controller’ at the same time.  Yet they completed it.

But now, it seems the next Twitch Plays series is not going to be quite so easy.  Why?  Because as the title suggests, they’ve picked the infamously difficult Dark Souls games as their title to ‘crowdsource’ playing.  You know, a game which destroys many a player trying to beat it on their own without a couple of hundred thousand people all trying to do different things via the same controller.  But they’re trying, and you can watch the series here:

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysDark on www.twitch.tv

But what do I think? Find out… after the break!

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Mighty No. 9 Delayed until 2016

It’s been pretty obvious for a while, but today it was officially confirmed that Mega Man successor Mighty No. 9 has been delayed until 2016.  So what’s the reasoning for this?


Above: Why is this game delayed?

Well, as the company puts it themselves, “there are still bugs and issues pertaining to the online features that are included in the game.”  There’s also a bit of a longer explanation on the Kickstarter page, if you prefer reading that:

Mighty No 9 Delayed – Kickstarter

Either way, the game will now be targeting a Q1 release, with no specific date being set as of this point.  Hopefully that means we should see it sometime between January and March 2016.

What do you think of Mighty N0 9’s delay?

Banjo Kazooie, Battletoads and Perfect Dark Soundtracks Getting Vinyl Releases!

They have some interesting choices of covers too.  Have a look and see if you can tell us what’s different about Banjo and Kazooie on their soundtrack cover…


Above: Banjo… something looks different about you…

Either way, these vinyl OSTs can be ordered from store.iam8bit.com and will go on sale tomorrow.  Just remember, only 3000 copies of each are available, so you’ll have to be pretty quick to get your order in.


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