X-Box One To Get Built-In Emulator For 360 Games

In a faster move than Sony, Microsoft pulls ahead of the game by announcing at E3 they are to update the firmware for the X-Box One so it plays X-Box 360 games. That does not include just the digital library, but the disc-based variants as well!

Sony had rumors going around for what seems like forever that they were going to do the same thing; update the PS4 to allow for the digital library of the PS3 to be played on it. Well, it’s your move now, Sony. Will you further fail at Next-Gen features as Microsoft passes by you as you have been (such as not porting over the abilities to store and view music, images, and videos on your console or stream from a computer as you could with the PS3)? Perhaps you’ll actually include all of those aforementioned missing elements of last gen – as well as others – and pull a saving grace.

In the meantime, however, things are looking up for Microsoft fans; especially the ones who have had an Xbox 360 library of extensive size such as myself. Kudos, Microsoft, hopefully you keep making smart moves like this and can increase sales to catch up with Sony’s PS4.

I don’t own an X-Box One, but this certainly makes me want one a whole lot more than before, I can tell you that! How about everyone else? Are you an X-Box One owner eager to port your 360 library or perhaps this news is making you want to buy one when you were uncertain before, such as myself? Tell us about it on the forums or comment below!

Splatoon has been Recreated in Minecraft

Yes really:

What’s more, this isn’t just mimicking the feel of the game either.  The makers of this mod have actually gone and implemented many of the features from the original game, like painting the arena in your team’s colour, turning into a squid to go up and down walls and the ink having different effects based on whose team generated it.

It’s a pretty cool mod overall, I just wonder how long it’ll last before Nintendo gets all annoyed about it.  What do you think about this recreation of Splatoon in Minecraft?

Twitch Banning Videos of Adults Only Video Games?

In a questionable move that we’re sure won’t go down too well with gamers, Twitch has actually banned all footage of adults only video games from their service.

In other words, if a game has anything more than an M rating, the game cannot be broadcast in a Twitch livestream.  This includes such popular games as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Manhunt 2, as well as various less popular and indie titles.

So what do we think of the idea? Well to be honest, we’re not a fan of it.  And there are a few distinct reasons for this:

1. Video games are going to get more and more ‘edgy’ as the medium becomes more popular.  Remember, a lot of what was considered ‘obscene’ or ‘offensive’ in the 90s or 00s is now seen as rather tame, and that’s only going to get more and more the case as time goes on.  By banning games with a certain rating, Twitch is losing out on the popularity than games with said rating might bring, especially if they’re part of an extremely popular franchise like the GTA one.

2. It’s overkill to ban a whole rating worth of video games from a service just to be more ‘family friendly’ or ‘mainstream’.  Wouldn’t the easiest answer be just to add an age gate before videos of certain games and make the viewer enter their date of birth to continue?

Actually, doesn’t that already happen?  We swear we something similar on one of these live streaming services.  Why change it?

3. Wasn’t at least one of the mentioned games only hit with an age rating because of a hidden mini game that was supposedly cut before the release date?  Shouldn’t that just be ignored as far as age ratings go?

But yes, Twitch has banned video games of AO rating games.  It won’t apply to those only rated as such elsewhere (so no censorship because of the overly harsh German or Chinese censors then), but we think it’s still a questionable move that has no real positive effects for the service.

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