Art Academy Home Studio Has Amiibo Support?

When you think of games that have amiibo support, what ones immediately come to mind?

Super Smash Bros?

Mario Kart?

Maybe some sort of action adventure title with crossover elements?

Either way, Art Academy is probably not something you’d be picturing.  And really, who can blame you?  What use would amiibos have in an art program?  Why would you scan figurines into the video game equivalent of Photoshop?

But apparently Art Academy actually does have amiibo support.  No, we’re not kidding:


What’s more, it also apparently requires a Google account in order to use the online play.  Why?  What does Nintendo have to do with Google in slightest?  Absolutely haven’t got a clue.  The whole game just seems like it was designed with the most baffling set of system requirements ever known to man for some reason.

But what do you think?  Is Amiibo support in Art Academy Home Studio a rather ridiculous thing to have?  And why would it require a Google account?


Nintendo Releases New Micro Nintendo Direct!

What’s more, not only does it cover the exact same games shown at yesterday’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, but it has a few other ‘gimmicks’ present as well.  Here’s the video:

So what do we think of the video and its announcements?  Well, let’s go through the whole thing and see, shall we?

First up, the micro part.  They weren’t exactly kidding about that idea, were they?


That’s a very small version of Bill Trinen, isn’t it?  Where’s that Mario Paint style flyswatter when you need it?

And then… we get this Chibi Robo game again.  Does this series have some massive fanbase we’re not aware of or something?  Because as cool as the concept is, it’s not exactly the kind of million seller that ever took the world by storm.  Heck, where’s our Wario Land game?  That probably sold more than anything with this guy in it…

Questionable priorities aside (Wario?  Metroid?  F-Zero?  Nah, let’s go for the tiny robot from that Gamecube game we made), Chibi Robo’s new game does look interesting enough. For one thing, it seems like he’s gone from house cleaner to action hero this time around, with his adventures being like a 6 inch high version of Bionic Commando:


It seems like a nice change of pace if you ask us.  A platformer made entirely of Macro Zone style levels?  Where do we sign up?

It’s also apparently Amiibo compatible, with the Amiibo needed being specific to a certain 3DS bundle that includes the game.  Using it transforms him into Super Chibi Robo, who’s much stronger, faster and better in general.  Like Gold Mario from New Super Mario Bros 2.



But hang on, are we the only ones really worried about this?

Because come on.  You’re locking content away behind a free gift included in a 300 quid video game bundle.  You’re making people buy a whole new system just to get a single Amiibo for a single game for content which is presumably always on the disc…

That’s just plain greedy if you ask us.  Imagine how rightfully annoyed people would be if you told them they need to buy a special pack with an included television to get exclusive extras on their new DVD.  Or if you needed to buy a new computer in order to get all the features from a new program…

Dr Mario Miracle Cure is next.  It looks pretty good:


The new Miracle Cure mechanic is nice.

And hey, is that Dr Luigi in the multiplayer mode?  Glad to see Nintendo didn’t forget about that Year of Luigi title:


There’s also a multiplayer mode, which lets you screw up other people by using the cures to reverse controls, stop them rotating capsules or make them drop faster.  It’s certainly a unique idea, but our suspicion is that most serious players will turn it off pretty quickly, kind of like how pro players disable items in Super Smash Bros.

Oh, it’s available to get June 11th, with prepurchases open today.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon now.  Sounds like a decent enough game for those that like the series.

pokemonmysterydungeon2 Pokemonmysterydungeon1

pokemonsupermysterydungeonentei pokemonsupermysterydungeon

And then… Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Oh boy.

Maybe it’s just us being a bit close minded, but does anyone actually enjoy these games?

Because they’ve always been a bit… how we put it nicely… mediocre.  The gameplay is rarely ever anything special, thanks to overly gimmicky motion controls or other such things. The gameplay is about half interesting events and half poorly done versions of real world sports that are far more enjoyable to play in a dedicated game (or to watch on television).  And the cast list is going to include someone from Sonic Lost World?

What is the point of any of this?  I mean, you’ll get a nice enough soundtrack given the franchise history, but it’s never been more than a disposable yearly sequel that you’ll probably lose interest in within the month or two.

Either way, apparently Rugby and Golf are part of this one.  So it’s a little different we suppose.



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Nintendo is Actually Advertising Splatoon on UK TV

No, we’re not kidding. You know how Nintendo seems to be reluctant to advertise their new games on TV nowadays? Or how Nintendo UK seems to have forgotten how useful marketing offline can actually be?

Well, it seems like things have finally started to change. Just as I’m watching Ninja Warrior UK, a whole TV commercial for Splatoon starts. What’s more, this is a show on a normal channel like ITV rather than kids only or overly niche one, which shows that Nintendo are actually targeting prime time!

The commercial itself?

Well, I haven’t found it online yet.  The trailer above is just another Nintendo UK made video to show what the game looks like.  Either way, a brief break down of what happened in the advertisement:

1. A real world city view was panned over, with the words ‘not actual game footage’ in the bottom corner.

2. A ton of multicoloured ink was splattered all across the pavement, as well as some of the skyscrapers

3. A Splatoon style squid lept out of the wall of ink, turning it from a live action commercial to one showing actual video game footage.

It’s not the most exciting advert in the world (nothing like the awesomeness of a Zelda game trailer or the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon ads we saw in 2013), but… it’s actually on prime time TV! In the middle of a show watched by between 3 and 5 million people, of all different ages and demographics.

Thank you Nintendo, for finally seeing some sense and marketing the game in the real world. Maybe this time a new Nintendo IP might actually succeed and become a break out hit!


Twitch Banning Videos of Adults Only Video Games?

In a questionable move that we’re sure won’t go down too well with gamers, Twitch has actually banned all footage of adults only video games from their service.

In other words, if a game has anything more than an M rating, the game cannot be broadcast in a Twitch livestream.  This includes such popular games as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Manhunt 2, as well as various less popular and indie titles.

So what do we think of the idea? Well to be honest, we’re not a fan of it.  And there are a few distinct reasons for this:

1. Video games are going to get more and more ‘edgy’ as the medium becomes more popular.  Remember, a lot of what was considered ‘obscene’ or ‘offensive’ in the 90s or 00s is now seen as rather tame, and that’s only going to get more and more the case as time goes on.  By banning games with a certain rating, Twitch is losing out on the popularity than games with said rating might bring, especially if they’re part of an extremely popular franchise like the GTA one.

2. It’s overkill to ban a whole rating worth of video games from a service just to be more ‘family friendly’ or ‘mainstream’.  Wouldn’t the easiest answer be just to add an age gate before videos of certain games and make the viewer enter their date of birth to continue?

Actually, doesn’t that already happen?  We swear we something similar on one of these live streaming services.  Why change it?

3. Wasn’t at least one of the mentioned games only hit with an age rating because of a hidden mini game that was supposedly cut before the release date?  Shouldn’t that just be ignored as far as age ratings go?

But yes, Twitch has banned video games of AO rating games.  It won’t apply to those only rated as such elsewhere (so no censorship because of the overly harsh German or Chinese censors then), but we think it’s still a questionable move that has no real positive effects for the service.

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Luigi Wins Against Every Level 9 in Super Smash Bros 4… by doing Nothing

It’s been a trend for a while.  We’ve had Luigi win Mario Kart battles by doing nothing.  Luigi win Mario Party mini games by doing nothing.  Heck, we’ve pretty much had every possible combination of Luigi and doing nothing that you can possibly imagine by now.

But here’s… a slightly more interesting one.  Behold Luigi defeating every level 9 CPU in Super Smash Bros for Wii U by doing absolutely sod all:

So how does he do it?  Well, some will say very careful staging of the matches so the AI makes a complete fool of themselves and fails miserably in every possible respect.

But you have to wonder why they’d even make these errors.  I mean, he’s not moving.  He’s not attacking.  A Goomba walking in a straight line could theoretically take him out.

Hence why do the AI have so much difficulty with the idea?  Is it really hard to just go towards him in a relatively straight line and just punch him off a cliff?  Why do they all seem to do stupid things like go flying to the other side of the level or doing a ton of acrobatic maneuvers?  Shouldn’t test 1 of any new game be ‘if the player does nothing, make sure he can’t win’?

Ah well.  It’s an amusing enough video.  Just one that kind of shows the Smash AI for being utterly brain dead on a ton of occasions.