Yoshi’s Island DS; A Kaizo Game Made Official

Not in a satanic or literal sense mind you, but more in a ‘this game is actively trying to sabotage your attempts at winning’ one. Yes, Yoshi’s Island DS is pretty much the nearest thing Nintendo have ever made to a kaizo style ROM hack, and seems to be designed by someone who thinks the best measure of game quality is how much it can predict its players behaviour and make their experience a living hell.

That said, it isn’t a bad game in itself, just an annoying one. The graphics are very well done and mostly match the style of the original (while still updating it to look good on modern systems). And while the music is often rather poor compared to the amazing soundtrack of the original title, it’s most bad in a bland and inoffensive rather than ‘ow my ears are burning in agonising pain’ way.

But it does start to falter a bit in the level and game design in general. For one thing, the difficulty curve is basically non existant. It starts out easy for a world or two, then hits about halfway through world 3 and ends up at roughly Yoshi’s Island 1 endgame level. And past world 5-1? God help any player who even attempts it.

You can see this best in how many insta kill elements get chucked in your face as you progress through the adventure. Whereas in the first game the levels generally went light on the ‘kill Yoshi in one hit’ traps and made somewhat logical looking levels that could still challenge the player, Yoshi’s Island DS just chucks them all over the place. Hell, some levels like Moltz the Very Goonie’s Castle:

Above: How many spikes did they shove in there?

And Bowser’s Castle itself feel like they’re made of nothing but spikes as a crutch to cover poor level design. That only gets worse in the secret and extra levels where any pretense of the game being legitimately fair go flying out the window.

Take A Light in the Dark for instance. Interesting secret level, but it’s just too long and too difficult to be even remotely fair. You’ve got a huge maze filled with darkness and spikes, then a blind skiing section with lots of precision jumps to make and then even more platforming before the level’s over. Let there be Light? You have to jump off a switch over a spike pit, something which requires literally frame specific precision. And when you see things like the lava trap in another secret level (of the ‘mess up and go back three rooms and try again) kind or the damn near impossible to predict with any accuracy egg platform in Yoshi’s Island Easter Eggs, you realise that the game was blatantly made by someone who didn’t really know what they were doing.


Above: I don’t think anyone even knows how to beat this room without dying at least once. Heck, I don’t think the likes of Professor Layton could figure out the ‘legit’ strategy…

Indeed, that whole room shown above is just so ‘random’ there’s no real way of even judging it. You fire eggs at the platform wheel, it moves. Fire quicker and it moves/accelerates quicker. Hit the wheels above the spike barriers and they move up. But the control scheme is so imprecise and the ways to mess up so easy that nearly every attempt ends in certain failure. Go too slow and you run out of eggs. Go too fast and the platform shoots straight past the barrier and leaves you stuck in an unwinnable situation. It’s not well thought out or designed at all.

And honestly, much of the game is kind of like that. You’ve got areas and bosses like the first few which are too easy to the point they probably weren’t tested well, you’ve got parts of levels where traps you can’t see or predict in advance get sprung on you at random and a general zero acceptance for minor mishaps (no items here, if you run out of points or eggs, you’re literally incapable of getting a good score or sometimes beating the level).

But despite what I said about poor level design, the game is still pretty fun. The platforming is fun, the basic game mechanics work about as well as they did in the original and there are brilliantly unique ideas in here (like the boss fought in freefall), it’s just that the game is just a little too frustrating for most people.

Above: Probably one of the most interesting bosses I’ve seen in a 2D platformer. Maybe Super Mario Galaxy 3 should use a similar concept except in 3D...

The extra modes are pretty good as well. Time Trial is neat to have, although the whole ‘get items to lower your time’ kind of kills the point of it all, the mini games are fairly decent if you like that kind of thing and the enemy museum is actually pretty cool if you want to see how the monsters act without getting hurt in the process.

And there’s one more important piece of advice for you. So listen up! Time keeps on ticking even as you are reading this message!
Above: The Time Trial messages are… funny too.

And while the transformations and things are fairly rare this time around, some of the new stuff involving them is pretty cool. A rocket that takes you up into the stratosphere and has you avoid planets on the way to the next part of the level? That’s pretty unique for a Yoshi game. As is the kangaroo riding and mine cart related gameplay.

All in all, Yoshi’s Island DS is a fairly decent game if you like difficulty and has some pretty fun concepts. It’s got some good boss battles and levels, some fairly nice music and some clever new ideas in general, so it’s definitely had some effort put into it. Just keep in mind that the difficulty does severely ramp up during the later stages and that it’s not a game for the faint hearted.

If you don’t like difficulty? Just seriously play something else, because this isn’t the game for you.

Note: This review was originally posted on Talk Nintendo before it’s closure, and the opinions of the author may have changed since that time.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Has More New Characters Yet to be Announced

Just a few weeks ago, Tetra and the King of Hyrule were announced as new playable characters in the 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors, titled Hyrule Warriors Legends.

3DS_HyruleWarriorsLegends_char_02 3DS_HyruleWarriorsLegends_char_01

But while both of these are indeed interesting choices for characters with a wide variety of attacks, it seems like they’re not going to be the only ones.  Oh no, Famitsu has revealed that more newcomers are on the way as well, with fan favourites and ‘surprising’ characters soon to join the fray.  Here’s a translation of producer Yosuke Hayashi’s comments about these newcomers and their role in the game:

I can’t go into details yet, but we plan to add new character(s) [can mean one or several] other than Tetra and King of Hyrule. There are fan favorites and surprising characters in the game, so I’d be happy if you kept guessing who will join the fight while waiting for follow-up information.

Seems like we could see quite a possible newcomers in this edition, with a few perhaps not even being from The Wind Waker.


Above: Some of the many possible choices for extra characters in Hyrule Warriors.

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New Pac-Man Glitch in Super Smash Bros lets him drop characters through the Floor

As we mentioned in a previous article, Pac-Man has already been seen as a bit of a glitchy character, with abilities that can be used to cheat in online mode thanks to developer oversights.  But now, it seems like he may have an even more broken trick up his sleeve.

Behold, Pac-Man’s new one hit kill move; dropping the opponent straight through the stage floor:

As you can see in the video by popular Youtuber MasterofHyrule, moving Pac-Man’s trampoline when someone is landing on it seems to send them straight through the floor of the stage.  Which if they don’t have multiple jumps or aren’t prepared, is a pretty quick KO for them.

It’s a pretty good trick to use in multiplayer, especially against characters using a transformation style Final Smash.

What do you think of Pac-Man’s interesting ‘trick’ to effortlessly KO his opponents?

Have Some of the Yarn Yoshi Amiibos been destroyed?

Nintendo aren’t having much luck with Amiibo related crimes, are they?  First we had a whole lorry full of Splatoon amiibos taken by thieves back in May, and now it seems a whole ton of Yarn Yoshi Amiibos have gone missing as well.


Above: These Amiibo have seemingly been destroyed in Europe.

Worse still, this doesn’t seem to be a simple theft case.  Instead, it seems like the Amiibos in question have been outright destroyed.  Is it deliberate?  A mere accident by someone at the factory or shipping area?  Hard to tell, but reports are coming in of cancelled Yarn Yoshi pre orders all over the place in Europe, hinting that something a tad untoward has happened to the Yarn Yoshi pre order bonuses.

Here are some samples of supplier/shop messages going around about this:


See more after the break!

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Let’s Super Mario! Nintendo Accepting Mario Videos on the Official Anniversary Website

Got a Mario related clip you just need to advertise to the world?  Want to help Nintendo celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary by providing them with free content?

If so, Nintendo has just the deal for you!  Put simply, their official website has a section where you can submit videos to feature on the site as part of the anniversary celebrations.  These videos have to be posted on Youtube and a maximum of about 4 minutes long, but can otherwise be anything you like that’s related to Mario and his games.

Here’s the official site for the ‘project’:


Above: On the bright side, Mario RPG content seems to be welcome.


So, what can we say about this project?

Well to be honest, as a Mario anniversary gimmick, it’s not a very good one.  Showing people pictures of Mario related thing is the job of Tumblr or DeviantArt or Youtube, not a company like Nintendo with an actual marketing budget.

It also makes us wonder what they’re going to do about the inevitable flood of… not so ‘safe’ Mario related videos sure to come flooding in.  Would they want the Brutal Mario or Mushroom Kingdom Trailer on their official site?  Maybe not…

Above: That said, I would probably take something like Brutal Mario over most of Nintendo’s actual E3 announcements this year…

And while part of me wants to submit The People’s Mario video just for kicks, I suspect Nintendo wouldn’t be too pleased with that either:

Above: Somehow, I don’t think it’s Nintendo’s own political opinion…

But hey, while the more interesting kinds of Mario videos will always be found elsewhere, I guess it could be a good for a few laughs if you’re really bored.  What do you think about Nintendo’s Mario video ‘showcase’ website and its announcement at E3?