Have Some of the Yarn Yoshi Amiibos been destroyed?

Nintendo aren’t having much luck with Amiibo related crimes, are they?  First we had a whole lorry full of Splatoon amiibos taken by thieves back in May, and now it seems a whole ton of Yarn Yoshi Amiibos have gone missing as well.


Above: These Amiibo have seemingly been destroyed in Europe.

Worse still, this doesn’t seem to be a simple theft case.  Instead, it seems like the Amiibos in question have been outright destroyed.  Is it deliberate?  A mere accident by someone at the factory or shipping area?  Hard to tell, but reports are coming in of cancelled Yarn Yoshi pre orders all over the place in Europe, hinting that something a tad untoward has happened to the Yarn Yoshi pre order bonuses.

Here are some samples of supplier/shop messages going around about this:


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Let’s Super Mario! Nintendo Accepting Mario Videos on the Official Anniversary Website

Got a Mario related clip you just need to advertise to the world?  Want to help Nintendo celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary by providing them with free content?

If so, Nintendo has just the deal for you!  Put simply, their official website has a section where you can submit videos to feature on the site as part of the anniversary celebrations.  These videos have to be posted on Youtube and a maximum of about 4 minutes long, but can otherwise be anything you like that’s related to Mario and his games.

Here’s the official site for the ‘project’:


Above: On the bright side, Mario RPG content seems to be welcome.


So, what can we say about this project?

Well to be honest, as a Mario anniversary gimmick, it’s not a very good one.  Showing people pictures of Mario related thing is the job of Tumblr or DeviantArt or Youtube, not a company like Nintendo with an actual marketing budget.

It also makes us wonder what they’re going to do about the inevitable flood of… not so ‘safe’ Mario related videos sure to come flooding in.  Would they want the Brutal Mario or Mushroom Kingdom Trailer on their official site?  Maybe not…

Above: That said, I would probably take something like Brutal Mario over most of Nintendo’s actual E3 announcements this year…

And while part of me wants to submit The People’s Mario video just for kicks, I suspect Nintendo wouldn’t be too pleased with that either:

Above: Somehow, I don’t think it’s Nintendo’s own political opinion…

But hey, while the more interesting kinds of Mario videos will always be found elsewhere, I guess it could be a good for a few laughs if you’re really bored.  What do you think about Nintendo’s Mario video ‘showcase’ website and its announcement at E3?


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Announced

Yes, it was an E3 announcement.  But due a lack of time, we thought we’d cover the less important games a day or so later instead.

So here’s Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, a new Mario sports game announced for the Wii U:

What can we say about it?  Not a whole lot to be honest.  You’ve got footage of a single generic court with your typical Mario characters.  You’ve got the new gimmick, in this case Mushrooms that make your characters bigger and more powerful… and that’s about all you get so far.

So is it going to be a good game?  Yeah, probably.  The previous Mario Tennis titles were pretty fun to play and had a lot of cool Mario themed courts and gimmicks in them.  Does the game look decent already?  Again, yes, though we only see a single court and four characters.

But perhaps it’s not a good idea to show a trailer for a game that’s this early in development.  Because a game with barely any completed content just doesn’t make a good E3 video and gives people writing gaming sites absolutely nothing to talk about.

Star Fox Zero Announced for Wii U

It’s been a long time coming.  With the Star Fox series being utterly devoid of new games ever since the disappointing Command on DS, many had pretty much given up all possible hope in the series ever getting any sort of revival.

Now though, it seems their prayers have finally been answered.  Behold Star Fox Zero, a new Star Fox title by Nintendo and PlatinumGames (the makers of the Bayonetta series and Wonderful 101):

WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn01 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn02 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn03 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn04 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn05 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn06 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn07 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn08 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn09 WiiU_StarFoxZero_scrn10

But what makes this game even more interesting are the new features and additions it has.  For example, the Arwing can now become both a drone type plane called a Gyrowing and a walker/mech, meaning that more kinds of combat are now possible.

And with classic characters, a simple and intuitive control scheme (analog controls instead of gimmicky motion ones) as well as plenty of side missions to attempt in your runs through the story, it seems this might well be the type of Star Fox games the fans were hoping for.  Not to mention Platinum’s involvement, given how every single game they’ve ever made is a hardcore gamer favourite with a hard as nails level of difficulty and nary an annoying gimmick or stupid plot twist to be found.

Here’s some more media of the game:

WiiU_StarFoxZero_char01_E3 WiiU_StarFoxZero_illu01_E3





And what will be the official box art when the game’s released:


But what do you think about Star Fox Zero?  Can Platinum Games do the series justice and provide a Star Fox game that Nintendo fans can be proud of? Or will this be another misfire like Command was?


Super Mario Maker; New Info and Screenshots!

It’s been only a day or so since Mario Maker was rebranded Super Mario Maker and used in the Nintendo World Championships, yet now they’re already showing off even more of the game at E3!

And boy, what an improvement it seems to be from the last version.  Remember how previously, you could select maybe five enemies, not really use warp pipes and have little in the way of gimmicks or bosses to use?

Well Super Mario Maker has gotten a bit better now, to the point it may actually give Lunar Magic some competition for once.  So what’s new?  This:

Multiple playable characters, through Amiibos and challenge mode.  Yes, this means you can actually use Link or Samus in your Mario levels.  Or Wario probably, if you’re like us and really love the Wario Land series.

Rideable clown cars

Bowser and Bowser Jr as bosses that can be combined with any other enemies, including Hammer Bros.

Pipes and warps to make multiple part levels with different rooms.

Boos, Monty Moles, Firebars, Podoboos, Grinders and other neat enemies.

Oh, and you can also share your levels online.  So that’s a thing too.

Here are some pictures and videos showing the game in action:

WiiU_MM_E32015_07 WiiU_MM_E32015_08 WiiU_MM_E32015_09 WiiU_MM_E32015_10 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_01 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_02 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_03 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_04 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_05 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_06 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_07 WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_course_08

Want to see more?  You’ll have to click the read more link we’re afraid.  Nintendos supplied so many resources for Super Mario Maker that actually showing them on the home page would probably kill 99.99% of visitors’ web browsers due to the sheer amount of bandwidth used.  So if you want the rest of this game’s resources, click read more and you’ll get it…

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