Project Sonic 2017 Announced for Nintendo NX

It was revealed at Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party last night and is due out on various consoles in 2017. Here’s the trailer for the game:

As you can see, it follows on from Sonic Generations with the two versions of Sonic working together again this. In a game described as a new experience rather than a sequel, it asks you to ‘join the resistance’ against what seems to be Eggman’s rule of the world.

So it’s definitely going for a darker tone than before. Hopefully it won’t be another Sonic 2006 or Shadow the Hedgehog this time.

The game is coming to NX, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.

What do you think about the new game? Is it a title you plan on buying when 2017 rolls around?


Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter

New Mega Man Game Coming Soon?

Could Mega Man’s bad luck be coming to an end? Is the drought of new games in the series nearly over?

Maybe so! Because over at the Mega Man Network, they’ve posted a rumour stating that a new game might be in development to tie into the new cartoon. This game would be a 2D platformer with gameplay like the originals and HD graphics as well.

mega man

Above: Mega Man from the new cartoon

And it would make a few interesting changes to the characters too. Like how the Robot Masters would no longer have ‘man’ in their names, but be named after musical terms. Such as Flare Symphony, Frostbite Sonata and Saber Wultz. This would follow on from Mega Man’s pseudonym in the show (Aki Light).

What consoles would it be on?

Well, all the normal ones. There would be a ‘main’ version on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC and PlayStation Vita. In addition to this, another version (by a different team) would be announced for the 3DS.

So it sounds good. At least on a surface level.

But is it actually real?

Well, that’s the million dollar question right there. Over at the Mega Man Network, they’re heavily sceptical about the idea. And with the amount of fakes going around, I can’t blame them. ‘Anonymous’ sources have been accurate before, yes. But they’ve also led to reports of fake games and non existent glitches.

Add a lack of proof (in the form of images or videos), and it’s right to be skeptical here. Because at the moment, it’s not more credible than a random forum post.

In addition to that, the concept alone may be a worrying one. After all, games based on TV series do not have a good record. And as Sonic Boom and Street Fighter the Movie have taught us… nor do games based on adaptations of video game franchises. So even if it is real, there’s a very real chance someone will screw it up. Kind of like another project we all know about:


Above: If Kenji Inafune can screw it up…

Still, that’s the rumour anyway. Hopefully it pans out and the Mega Man series gets revived as a result of it.


Rumor: Details on Mega Man of Action Game? – Mega Man Network

Gaming Reinvented Has Now Launched!

Well, it’s been a while coming. We switched over from Nintendo 3DS Daily to Gaming Reinvented in 2015. We started adding more features to the site in 2016.

But now, it’s finally happened. Gaming Reinvented has gone live, and the site is starting up as its own business!

So what’s new on the site then?

Well for starters, our subscription system is now up and running. Only through PayPal so far, but we hope to get it working with Stripe and other systems in the near future.

subscription level example

Above: A monthly subscription from the list

Either way, for just $10 per month, you get access to all kinds of subscriber only articles and features relating to video games. Early looks at new titles, in depth editorials about game design and the industry, miscellaneous pieces about games in general; there’s lots here, and there will be even more in the foreseeable future.

In addition to this, we also now have a user submitted content system.

What does that mean?

Well in short, it means you can register and post your own articles and reviews on the site. Got a game you really want to see reviewed? Have some interesting thoughts about the industry and what’s going on at the moment (like the Counter Strike gambling fiasco)? Got an exclusive interview with someone in the industry?

If so, then you’re in luck. Just sign up to the site and post your work to your heart’s content. It’s all free, and we do not remove content on political grounds. Interviews, reviews and guides are supported along normal articles.

add content form

Above: Part of the ‘add new post’ form

Oh, and if it’s a live event you want to cover? That’s fine too. Make a normal post, select the option for a liveblog and you get a liveblog for that post. This lets you add updates from the frontend and them show up immediately.

early liveblog example

Above: An example liveblog

What’s more, you can also get paid for your articles. Just enter in your Adsense ID, and most of the revenue on your article will go straight to your Adsense account. You can also chose to make your content subscriber only. And in the future, this will also let you take a cut of the viewer’s subscription fee. So if they read your article and sign up, you’ll be able to get 20% of their registration payment too.

profile form

So those are the new features on Gaming Reinvented. Why are they implemented?

Well for subscriptions, it’s because ad supported journalism is becoming seriously unprofitable. Remember, AdBlock numbers are up significantly in the last few years, with around 55% of gaming site visitors not viewing any ads because of it.

That’s not sustainable. Gaming sites can’t survive on nothing.

Hence the subscriptions. We could use Patreon, sure. But what is Patreon really? A middleman for a subscription system. Well, it is for most people that use it anyway.

ANd why have user submitted articles?

As a way of avoiding bias and building trust among our readers. Because in recent times, people don’t generally trust journalists or the media. In 2015, Gallup reported than only 40% of Americans had a great deal of trust in the media (36% of those under 50). Another report (from the American Press Institute) said that 6% of Americans greatly trust the press. Which by comparison, is only 2% more than trust the US Congress!

This is partly down to opinion and social class differences. More people in the media skew to the left of the political spectrum. More writers are from wealthy backgrounds. There is a feeling (among all sides) that the media is an elite that’s out of touch with them. A feeling that social media filter bubbles are only making worse.

So to stop this, we allow anyone to contribute. To help make a site where different takes on gaming related issues are accepted rather than shot down in flames.

We also aim to fix problems relating to writers and video makers not disclosing conflicts of interest. Because as you’ve seen with the CS:GO Lotto fiasco, the gaming world has a big problem with people trying to trick their audience. They received review copies and not disclose it. They have personal dealings with a company or indie dev and don’t disclose it. And as in that case, they own gambling sites and pretend to be their own customers.

As a response to this, all content creators on Gaming Reinvented have to disclose any conflicts of interests up front. These are displayed in an alert box, like this:

disclaimer notice

Above: An example disclaimer

And if a user thinks they can cheat this?

Well, they get suspended the minute they’re found out, no exceptions. Ads on all their articles will also be deactivated, cutting out much of their income. Hopefully that encourages a bit more honesty here.

Either way, Gaming Reinvented is now live, and we hope the community can make it the truly great gaming site and media platform this industry so desperately needs. Sign up today and tell us what you think!

Call of Duty Roman Wars; The Call of Duty Game That Never Was

Ever wanted something a bit different from the Call of Duty series? To see what it’d be like if they moved away from modern warfare to something a bit different?

If so, then maybe this scrapped Call of Duty title could have been just the thing! Named Call of Duty Roman Wars, it had the player take control of soldiers in a Roman legion and fight battles in the days of antiquity! Heck, they even could ride elephants like tanks and fight in sea battles with boats!

Here’s a video about the title from Games Radar:

As you can hear, it was in development by Vicarious Visions around 2008, and might have become a launch title for the PS4 or Xbox One had it actually been made.

Unfortunately for some, it wasn’t to be. Activision themselves quite liked what they shown of a demo for the game, but were reluctant to attach the brand to the game. Not surprisingly (given how different Roman Wars looks from the other titles in the series), but disappointing none the less. The game’s development was then scrapped when the team didn’t want to change the branding away from the Call of Duty name and retool it into something else.

Activision went with a pitch that would eventually become Call of Duty Advanced Warfare instead. A much safer concept for sure, but less interesting as a result.

So that was Call of Duty Roman Wars. An interesting concept for a very different Call of Duty title with a more original setting and concept, but one which just didn’t seem right for the Call of Duty franchise because of it.

But what do you think? Would you have played a Call of Duty game set in Roman times? Would the series have worked better if it’d started going back to wars and eras prior to the 20th century?

Rockstar Shutting Down Channels about GTA Glitches?

Are you a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series?

Do you run a YouTube channel about it? Perhaps featuring videos of glitches in the game?

Well if so, you should apparently be very cautious when it comes to showing bugs in GTA V or GTA Online. This is because various YouTube accounts about the game have been hit with copyright strikes by Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games.

For example, GoldenGunsGames had various videos showing you how to use glitches in GTA V. As a result, his account was hit with multiple copyright strikes in a matter of weeks. Here’s one of the videos that was taken down:

And another popular YouTuber (RazorGamesHD) warned about this on Twitter:

So yeah, it’s gotten bad over there.

But do you know what’s worse?

How absolutely shortsighted this decision by Rockstar/Take-Two is. Why? Because of two things really.

First up, most people who look for glitches in games don’t look for them to ‘cheat’, they look for them because it’s fun. Because it’s interesting to find bugs in games and do things the developers may not have intended you to. Or heck, because it helps when speedrunning the game, like with Really_Tall and his videos about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam.

So shutting down these accounts and attacking their videos is damaging whatever glitch scene the GTA series has. Rockstar and Take-Two have basically shut down the game’s speedrunning community.

It also doesn’t really help the ‘problem’. I mean okay, let’s assume Rockstar and co were really determined to stop people using unpatched glitches to cheat in their games.

Guess what? Removing videos doesn’t do this.

Instead, they just go underground. So what could have been common knowledge and patched really quickly now becomes known only by hardcore fans on exclusive gaming forums and social media sites. The end result?

The bugs they seem to dislike so much never get patched, because no one’s stupid enough to post about them publically or get their YouTube account struck down to do the same. They might even become valuable enough that people start selling them to those that want to use them to ‘cheat’. So now not only don’t the company know about the bugs, they end up funding a black market for them.

The real solution is to leave videos with glitches alone, and offer a bug bounty for anyone who reports bugs that people can use to cheat at the game. That’s sort of what sites like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and GitHub do. You get paid money for reporting bugs and exploits, with rewards of up to around $40,000 if it’s serious enough. That’s a much better way to fix glitches in GTA Online or the likes, offer people an incentive to report any important ones and leave people’s YouTube accounts alone.

Either way, don’t post videos about GTA glitches on YouTube, unless you want them taken down. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what’s happening at the moment.


YouTube Channels Showing GTA 5 Glitches Get Shutdown By Rockstar